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Cracks of the Day. Edited by Wildrake, with 65 illustrations [of the finest hunters and racers.] Royal 8vo. 85 75

Hunting Reminiscences; comprising Memoirs of Masters of Hounds ; Notices of the Crack Riders ; and Characteristics of the Hunting Counties of England. By Nimrod. l vol. royal 8vo., fine plates. 85 00 RADcLYFFE.—The Noble Science : a few general ideas on Fox Hunting, for the use of the rising generation of Sportsmen. 1 vol. royal 8vo., with very fine illustrations. 87 00 Life of a Fox : written by Himself. With illustrations, by T. Smith, Esq. 12mo., plates. 82 25

Life of a Sportsman. By Nimrod. With 36 finely colored illustra

tions, by Aiken. Royal 8vo. S12 00 LLoyD.—Field Sports of the North : comprised in a Personal Narrative ofa Residence in Sweden and Norway. 2 vols. 8vo., many plates. 84 75 MARTINGALE's Sporting Scenes and Country Characters ; with numerous illustrations on wood. 1 vol. 8vo, 86 00 SHOOTING. GREENER.—The Gun ; or a Treatise on the various descriptions of small Fire-Arms. 1 vol. 8vo., plates. 84 00

HAwKER, LIEUT.-CoL.-Instructions to # Sportsmen in all that relates to Guns and Shooting. 8th edition, corrected and enlarged, with numerous plates and wood cuts, 1 vol. 8vo. 85 75 LAcx, CAPT.—The Modern Shooter ; containing Practical Instructions and Directions for every description of Inland and Coast Shooting. l vol. large 8vo., plates and wood cuts. 86 25 Shooter's Hand-Book. By the Author of" The Oakleigh Shooting 81 38

Guide.* 1 vol. 8vo., plates. WILsoN.—The Rod and the Gun ; two Treatises on Angling and 83 00

-- • Shooting. 1 vol. 8vo., numerous plates.

Sporting Scenes and Sundry Sketches ; being the Miscellaneous Writings of J. Cypress, Jr. Edited by Frank Forester. 2 vols. 12mo., fine engravings.

New.York. Reduced to 81 75 Sporting Almanac, and Oracle of Rural Life, for 1842. Very fine

plates. - - 75c. New Sporting Almanac for 1843. Very fine plates. 75c, SWIMM1NG.

Hand-Book of Swimming. 18mo. 25c.

Mahomed. A Treatise on Bathing. 12mo. 87C.

Wild Sportsofthe West; with Legendary Tales and Local Sketches. l2mo., platee. $l 87

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Annales des Mines, ou Recueil de Mémoires sur l'Expoitation des Mines, et sur les Sciences et les Arts qui s'y rapportent, for 1842 2 large vols. 8vo. 85 75

ARTIs.—Antediluvian Phytology, illustrated by a collection of the fossil remains of the Plants of Great Britain. 1 vol. 4to., plates. Reduced to 83 00

BAKEwELL.—An Introduction to Geology, intended to convey a practical knowledge ofthe science. 3d American from the 5th London edition. 1 vol.8vo. 83 50

BEcHE.—Researches in Theoretical Geology, with a Preface and Notes, by Dr. Hitchcock. l vol. 12mo. New-York. 81 25

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Bo† of New-York ; # detailed descriptions of the Minerals hitherto found in the State of New-York, and Notices of their Uses in the Arts and Manufactures. Large 4to., numerous engravings. New-York. 84 00

BEUDANT.—Cours Elementaire de Minéralogie. 12mo. 50c. BIscHoF.—Physical, Chemical, and Geological Researches on the Internal Heat of the Globe. Vol. 1,8vo. (All published.) 83 00 BoAsE.—A Treatise on Primary Geology, being an Examination, both Practical and Theoretical, of the older sormations. 1 vol. 8vo. 82 00 BUCKLAND.—Geology and Mineralogy considered in reference to Natural Theology, 2vols. 8vo., plates. Reduced to 89 00

American edition. 2 vols. 8vo. Philadelphia.........................................87 00 Bulletin de la Société Géologique de France. Tom. X, 8vo., maps. sl 50

BURAT.—Géologie Appliquée, ou Traité de la Recherche et de l'Exploitation des Mineraux Utiles. 8vo., fine engravings. 83 00

BURR.—The Elements of Practical Geology, as applicable to Mining,

Engineering, &c. ;;with Notices of the Mines and Mineral Productions of Great Britain. 12mo. cuts and colored maps. 81 88

CLEAvELAND-—An Elementary Treatise on Mineralogy and Geology. 2d edition,2 vols. 8vo., halfbound. Boston. Very scarce. 85 50

CoAL.—The History and Description of Fossil Fuel, the Collieries, and

Coal Trade, of Great Britain. 2d edition, large8vo., many cuts. 84 50 WILLIAMs.—The Combustion of Coal, and the Prevention of Smoke chemically and practically considered. 8vo., atlas and plates.

Report on the Prevention ofAccidents in Coal Mines. Folio. si 50

CozzENs.—A Geological History of Manhattan or New-York Island, together with a Map of the Island, and a suite of sections, tables and columns, for the Study of Geology. 8vo. New-York. 81 50 CUvIER.—Essay on the Theory of the Earth ; with Mineralogical Notes,by Prof. Jameson. To which are added, Observations on the Geology of North America, by Prof. S. L. Mitchill. 8vo. New.York. 82 00 DANA.-A System of Mineralogy, including an extended Treatise on Crystallography. A new and enlarged edition, with numerousillustrations : forming the most complete treatise ofthe kind extant In Press. Wiley & Putnam, N. Y DARwIN.—The Structure and Distribution of Coral Reefs. Being the First Part of the Geology of the Voyage of the Beagle, during the years 1832 to 1836. 8vo. maps. 85 00 EMMoNs.—Geology of New-York, Part 2, comprising the survey of the Second Geological District Large 4to., with numerous engravings. New York. 84 00 Geology and Geologists : or, Visions of Philosophers in the Nineteenth Century. 8vo. London. 88c.

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FoRBEs.—(Geological) Travels through the Alps of Savoy, and other Parts of the Pennine Chain, with Observations on the Phenomena of Glaciers. 1 vol. 8vo. many cuts and fine plates. 88 : Geological Cosmogony ; or, an Examination of the Geological Theory of the origin and antiquity of the Earth, and of the causes and object of the changes it has undergone. By a Layman. 18mo. New York. 42c Geological Report of the State of New-York. See Beck, Emmons, and Vaeluxem. Geologist (The) ; a Monthly Record of Investigations and Discoveries in Geology, Mineralogy, and their associate sciences. Edited by Charles Moxon. Vol. l, Svo., plates. 34 00 GRIFFIN.—A System of Crystallography, with its application to Mineralogy. 1 vol. 8vo. 83 75

Outlines ofMineralogy, Geology, and Crystallography. 12mo. 25c. Hand-Book of Geology ; being a concise and general view of the science. 18mo. 25c— The Little Geologist : or First Book of Geology. By Rev. T. Wilson. 32mc. col'd maps. S8c.

— The Little Mineralogist : or First Book of Mineralogy. By Rev. T. Wilson. 22mo. colored plates. 8Sc. HARcoURT.—The Doctrine of the Deluge, vindicating the Scriptural account from the doubts which have been recently cast upon it by Geological Speculations. 2 vols. 8vo. S9 00 HAwKINs.—The Book of the Great Sea-Dragons, Ichthyosauri, and Plesiosauri, Extinct Monsters of the Ancient Earth. With 30 plates, copied from skeletons in

the author's collection of Fossil Organic Remains. 1 vol. folio. Scarce. S11 00 HITCHcocK.—Elementary Geology. 2d edition, with an Introductory Notice by John Pye Smith, D.D. l vol. 8vo. New York. 81 25

| — Final Report of the Geology of Massachusetts; containing the

Scientific and Economic Geology. 2 vols. 4to. plates. Northampton. Published at 8l3, now offered at 87 00

Report on the Geology, Mineralogy, Botany, and Zoology of Massachusetts. 1 thick vol. royal Svo. numerous cuts, with a book os views. Amherst. 83 50

Address to the American Geological Association. 8vo. i: 25c.

HIGGINs.—The Earth ! its Physical Condition, and most remarkable Phenomena. 1 vol. 12mo. New York. 50c,

Book of # ; being an Elementary Treatise on that Science., To which is added, an account of the Geology of the English Watering-Places. 12mo. colored plates. 82 00 HUMBLE.—Dictionary of Geology and Mineralogy, comprising such terms in Botany, Chemistry, Comparative Anatomy, Conchology, Entomology, Palaeontology, #oss, and other branches os † History,as are connected with the study of Geology. 8vo. 83 HUMBoLDT.-A Geognostical Essay on the Superposition of Rocks in both Hemispheres. 1 voL 8vo. 82 25

JAMEsoN.-Mineralogy according to the Natural History System. [Re. printed from the Encylopaedia Britannica.] Small 8vo. 8l 50 KoRELL.-Instructions for the Discrimination of Minerals by simple Chemical Experiments. 8ve. 50c. LEITHART.-Practical Observations on the Mechanical Structure, Mode of Formation, the Repletion or filling up,and the Intersection and Relative Age of Mineral Veins ; with the application of several new Theoretical , principles to the art.of Mining. With numerous illustrations, 8vo. 8l 50 LYELL.-Elements of Geology. First American edition, 8vo.bound, numerous engravings. Philad. | 81 25

LYELL.—Elements of Geology, or a Description and Classification of

Rocks and Fossils, illustrating the ancient changes of the earth and its inhabitants. 2nd edition, 2 vols. 8vo. Boston. 83 75

Principles of Geology : being an inquiry how far the former changes of the Earth's sursace are referable to eauses now in operation. 2 vols. royal8vo. numerous engravings. Philad..

Principles of Geology ; or the modern changes of the Earth and its inhabitants,considered asillustrative of Geology, 6th edit. revised, 3vols.8vo. Boston. 85 50

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MAMMATT.—A Collection of Geological Facts and Practical Observations, being the result of30 years' experience and research. 1 vol.4to. 102colored plates. Pub.

at E5.5s. Reduced to 810 00 MANTELL.—The Wonders of Geology : or a familiar exposition of Geological Phenomena. 3d edition, 2 vols. 12mo. 34 50

bound. Scarce.

The Geology of the South-East of England. 1 vol # 85

The Fossils of the South Downs, or Illustrations of the Geology

of Sussex. 1 vol. 4to.plates. 815 00 Thoughts on a Pebble, or a First Lesson in Geology. 6th edition, 18mo.plates. 88c.

MATHER, PRoF.—Elements of Geology, for the use of Schools and Academies. Fourth edition, 18mo. New York. 50c,

MILLER.—The Old Red Sandstone ; or New Walks in an Old

Field. Second edition, enlarged, 12mo., colored map and engravings. 82 50 | Mining Journal. Various numbers on hand. Each 12c.

| Mining Review : a Monthly Record of Geology, Mineralogy, and | Metallurgy. Various odd numbers. --- ach 12c.

| Morning Walks; or First Steps to the Study of Mineralogy. 12mo., plates. 81 25

MUDIE.—The Earth, popularly described. 12mo. 2 col'd plates. sl 50

MURcHIsoN.-The Silurian System, founded on Geological Researches in the counties ofSalop, Hereford, Radnor, Montgomery, Caermarthen, Brecon, Pembroke Monmouth, Gloucester, Worcester, and Stafford; with descriptions of the c§l Fields d overlaying formations. 2 vols. large 4to. with numerous engravings and wood cuts, and large colored map. Reduced to 838 00 Ordnance Survey of Ireland, Geological, Botanical, &c. Vol. 1. 4to.plates. Reduced to 84 00 | OwEN.—A History of the British Fossil Mammalia and Birds. By Prof. R. Owen. In Press. To be completed in about 10 parts. Each 75c,

— Description of the Skeleton of an Extinct Gigantic Sloth, Mylodon robustus, Oucen, with observations on the osteology, natural affinities, and probable habits of the Megatherioid quadrupeds in general. 4to. fine plat§. 812 50 PHILLIPs.—An Elementary Introduction to Mineralogy; comprising a notice of the Charactersand Elements of Minerals. 4th edition, considerably augmented by Robt. Allen. 1 vol. 8vo, 83 50

A Treatise on Geology. (From the Encyclopaedia Britannica.)

1 vol. 8vo. plates. 81 50 A Guide to Geology. (In Lardner's Cyclopaedia.) 2 vols. 12mo. 83 50

PHILIP.—Figures and Descriptions of the Palaeozoic Fossils of Corn| wall, Devon, and West Somerset 1 vol. 8vo. with 60 plates, comprising very numerous figures. 83 00

RAMsAY.-The Geology of the Island of Arran, from original survey. 8vo. plates and cuts. 81 25

RAMMELsBERG.—Handworterbuch des Chemischen Theils der Miner- | alogie. 2 vols. 8vo. 84 50 |

Reports of the First, Second, and Third Meetings of the Association of American Geologists and Naturalists. Royal8vo. many plates. Boston. 84 00

RICHARDsoN.—Geology for Beginners, comprising a familiar explanation of Geology, and its associate sciences, Mineralogy, Physical Geology, Fossil cone # Fossil Botany, and Palaeontology. Thick vol. small Svo. many engravings. 82

RoBERTs.—An Etymological and Explanatory Dictionary of the Terms and Language of Geology. 1 vol. 12mo. 82 25

SHEPARD.—Treatise on Mineralogy, consisting of descriptions of the

species, and tables illustrative of their natural and chemical affinities, with 500 wood cuts. 2 thick vols. 12mo., (pp. 950.) New-Haven. 82 50

SILLIMAN.—Address before the Association of American Geologists and

Naturalists. April, 1842 8vo. New Haven. 25c, SMITH.—On the Relation between the Holy Scriptures and some parts of Geological Science. By J. Pye Smith, D. D. 12mo. New-York. 31 25

SoPwITH.—An Account of the Mining Districts of Alston Moor, Weardale, and Teesdale, in Cumberland and Durham, comprising Descriptive Sketches ofScenery, Antiquities, Geology, and Mining Operations, in the upper dales of the Rivers Tyne, Wear, and Tees. 1 vol. 12mo. 8l 25 Account ofthe Museum of Economic Geology and Mining Records Office. 12mo., engravings. 38c.

TAYLoR.—Two Reports of the Stony Creek District, and of their Ge

ological Examinations. Svo., colored plates. 81 50 THoMPsoN.—Outlines of Mineralogy, Geology, and Mineral Analysis. 2 thick vols. 8vo. Reduced to 85 50

Transactions of the Manchester Geological Society. Vol. I, 8vo. 1841. 83 Oo TRIMMER.—Practical Geology and Mineralogy, with Instructions for the qualitative Analysis of Minerals. 1 vol. 8vo., 200 wood cuts. 84 25 American edition, with a complete Glossary. 8vo. Philadelphia........................ 82 00

URE.—-Dictionary of Arts, Manufactures and Mines ; containing a clear exposition of their principles and practice. l thick vol. Svo., many engravings, bound.

New-York. 85 00 VANUxEM.—Geology of New-York. Part 3, comprising the Survey of the Third Geological District. Large 4to., with many engravings. New.York. 84 00 ZoRNLIN.-Recreations in Geology. 1 vol. 12mo., cuts. 31 00 | PERIODICALS |


Supplied regularly by W. & P., at the prices annexed. Payments (strictiy) in advance. Geologist (The). ........ • ------- • • • • • • • • •------- ... ..........................Monthly 84 00 |

Transactions of the.Geological Society..........................................per Part |

Moog *ournal...............................................................Weekly 8 00 -0

Annales des Mines.... ...................................................Bi-monthly 5 75

2 50 6 00

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