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Lot. 559 Jeffrey Taylor. Old English Sayings newly expounded, 8vo. bds. Lond. 1827 560 Boccacio's Genealogy of the Gods, folio, original oak binding, with brass knobs. 1481 • A splendid specimen ofearly printing. 561 M. Casaubon. A true and Faithful relation of what passed for many years between Dr. John Dee and some spirits. Folio. Cf., with curious plates, very rare, Lond. 1659 562 Nathan Drake. Mornings in Spring; or a retrospect Biographical, Critical, and Historical. 2 vols. Bds. 8vo.

Lond. 1828 563 Do. Evenings in Autumn, a series of essays, narratives, and miscellany. 2 vols. Mus. 8 vo. Lond. 1822

564 Heads ofthe people. Plates. 2 vols. Hf. mor. 8vo. Lond. 1841 565 The Metropolitan Magazine. 10 vols. Hf. shp.8vo. N. Haven

566 The Young Wife's Book. Mus. Phila. 1835 567 The Franklin Library, 3 vols. hf cf. N. Y. 1834 568 John Bernard. Retrospect of the Stage. 2 vols. Bds. 12mo Bos. 1832. 569 D. Lardner. Cabinet Encyclopedia. 5 vols. Mus. 8vo. Lond. 1830

570 Erasmus. Eloge de la Folie, nouvellement traduit du Latin d'Erasme, par M. de la Veaux, avec les figures de Jean Holbein, gravees d'apres les dessins originaux, 84 curious plates, extremely rare and beautiful. Svo. cf. gilt. Basle 1780 571 Pavli Macci. Emblemata. 100 exquisite engravings. Cf. 1620 572 The Tatler. 4 vols., cf. Plates. 12mo. Tonson, Lond. 1759 573 Index to the Edinburgh Review, from 1802 to 1812. Hf. mor.

8vo. N. Y. 1816 574 A Voice from America to England. By an American Gentleman. Bds. 8vo. Lond. 1839 575 Forty numbers of the Library of Entertaining Knowledge. Incomplete sets. Lond.

576 Twenty-eight Nos. of same, forming complete works on Trigonometry, Art of Brewing, Manufacture of Iron, Commerce, Vegetable Physiology, Botany, Animal Mechanics, Animal Physiology, Account of Bacon's Novum Organum, History of the American Revolution, and the Study of Mathematics. Lond.

576 Bundle of22 Pamphlets, of various kinds.

578 Dublin University Magazine, 12 numbers complete for 1842.

579 Naval Magazine - - - 11 do.

Lot .
580 American Monthly Magazine, 16 numbers.

581 Blackwood's Magazine, 1844, vol. 19; 1845, vols. 20 and 21, unbound, and two odd numbers.

582 Foreign Quarterly Review, 7 numbers. 583 Magazine ofUseful and Entertaining Knowledge, 8 numbers. 584 Reminiscenses of Bishop Chase, 8 numbers. 585 Evergreen, 1848, 7 numbers. 586 Church Record, 1842, 7 numbers. 587 National Gallery, 1 number. 588 Views of City of New York, 3 numbers. 589 Rural Cemeteries, 7 numbers. 590 Knickerbocker, 22 numbers. 591 Church Review, vols. 1st, 2nd, in 8 numbers.

593 do do. vols. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, and 3 numbers of vol 4. In all 15 numbers.

Mathematics. 593 Baron Dupin. Mathematics practically applied to the Useful and Fine Arts, pls.bds. 8vo. Lond. 1827 594 Mathematical Tables, bds. 8vo. Phila. 1814 595 N. Bowditch. Useful Tables, hfbd. 8vo. N. Y. 1844 596 Chas. Hutton. A Mathematical and Philosophical Dictionary. pls. 2 vols. 4to. shp. Lond. 1796

597 Olinthus Gregory. Mathematics.for Practical Men ; being a Common-place Book of Principles, Theorems, Rules, and Tables in various Departments of Pure and Mixed Mathematics, with their most useful applications, especially to the Pursuits of Surveyors, Architects, Mechanics, and Civil Engineers. Illustrated by pls. and 230 woodcuts,

8vo. cl. 598 F. J. Grund. Hiersch's Arithmetical and Algebraic Problems and Formulae, mus. 8vo. Bost. 1831 599 Rev. B. Bridge. An Elementary Treatise on Algebra, cf. 8VO. Lond. 1818 600 Rev. G. C. Whitlock. Elements of Geometry, Theoretical and Practical, shp. 8vo. N. Y. 1848 601 Geo. R. Perkins. Elements of Geometry, shp. 12mo. Utica,

602 John Playfair's Euclid's Elements of Geometry, #. 8vo. N. Y. 1830

Lot. 603 F. J. Grund. Elementary Treatise on Geometry, shp. 12mo. Bost. 1830 604 S. W. Wand. Treatise on Algebraic Geometry, mus. 8vo. Lond. 1835 605 J. G. Garnier. Elemens de Geometrie, hf cf. 8vo. Paris, 1812 606 Rev. Geo. C. Whitlock. Elements of Geometry, Theoretical and Practical, shp. 8vo. N. Y. 1848 607 C. Crozet. Treatise on Descriptive Geometry, for the use of the Cadets of the U. S. § Academy, West Point, cf. 8vo. N. Y. 1821 608 J. G. Garnier. Geometrie Analytique ;. ou Application de l' Algebre a la Geometrie, hf cf. 8vo. Paris, 1813 609 F. R. Hassler. Logarithmic and Trigonometric Tables, shp. 12mo. N. Y. 1830 610 Tables of Logarithms, pocket-book form, mor. 12mo.

611 Wm. Dealtry. Principles of Fluxions, designed for the use of Students in Universities, cf. 8vo. Cambridge, 1816 612 S. F. La Croix. Traité Elementaire de Calcul Differential et de Calcul Integrel, hf cf 8vo. Paris, 1820 613 Keith's Introduction to the Theory and Practice of Plane and Spherical Trigonometry, 2 vols. cf. Lond. 1820 614 Practical Geometry, by Thomas Bradley.


615 Report on Steam Carriages by the Select Committee of the House of Commons of Great Britain, hf cf. 8vo, Wash.

1832 616 Prof. Renwick. Lardner's Steam Engine familiarly explained and illustrated, pls. mus. 8vo. Phila. 1836

617 Jas. Smith. The Panorama of Science and Art, engravings, 2 vols. mus. 8vo. Lond. 1833 618 Prof. Renwick. Application of the Science of Mechanics to practical purposes, hf bd. 12mo. N. Y. 1840 619 Rev. II. Mosely. A Treatise on Mechanics applied to the Arts, pls. mus. Lond. 1834 620 Jas. Pilkinton. The Artist's Guide and Mechanic's Own Book, mus. 8vo. , N. Y. 1841 621 Hugo Reid. The Steam Engine, illustrated, mus. 12mo. Edinb. 1840

622 M. Christian. Traité de Mecanique Industrielle, 4 vols. hf. cf. 1 vol. pls.4to. Paris, 1822 Lot. 623 M. Hachette. Traité Elementaire des Machines, pls.4to. cf. aris, 1819 624 C. A. Coulomb. Theorie des Machines Simples, pls. hfbd. 4to. aris, 1821 625 G. Goury Aine. Souvenirs Polytechnics, pls. 3 vols. hf bd. 4to. Paris 1827 626 Dr. D. Lardner. The Steam Engine, pls. mus. 8vo. Lond. 1836

627 Robertson Buchanan. A Practical Treatise on Propelling Vessels by Steam, 16 engravings, hf cf. 8vo. Glasg. 1816 628 Olynthus Gregory. Treatise on Mechanics, Theoretical, Practical, and Descriptive, pls. cf. 2 vols. 8vo. Lond.

1815 629 Borgnis Traités complet de Mechanique, 10 vols. 4to.(1 thick vol. of pls.) cf. backs, Paris, 1821

This is the most extensive work on Practical Mechanics, and the application of mechanics to the useful arts, ever published, embracing every species of moving power, and the various applications of power, under distinct heads. It is seldom seen in this country, and is now becoming rare, even in Paris.

630 The Young Millwright and Miller's Guide, illustrated by 28 descriptive pls., by Oliver Evans, of Philadelphia. The eighth edition, with additions and corrections, by Thomas P. Jones, Member of several learned Societies, large 8vo. - - Phila. 1826 631 A Popular and Descriptive Account of the Steam Engine, comprising a general View of the various Modes of employing Élastic Vapour as a Prime Mover in Mechanics ; and on Steam Navigation ; with an Appendix of Patents and Parliamentary Papers connected with that Subject, by Charles F. Partington, author of several Scientific Works, 3d edition, corrected and enlarged, and illustrated by 43 diagrams and finely engraved plates, and 350 pages of text, 8vo. Lond. 1836 632 Chevalier G. de Pambour's Practical Treatise on Locomotive Engines upon Railways, on the Resistance, Inclined Planes, Curves, of the Friction, Practical Formulae of Locomotive Engines, Expenses and Repairs of Engines, Profit and Loss, &c. &c., 8vo. 633 Buchanan on Mill Work and other Machinery ; with examples of recently made Tools. Edited by Tredgold, and reedited by George Rennie, 25 pls. 2 vols. 8vo. cf. Lond. 1823

. 634 Alex. Gordon. A Treatise on Elemental Locomotion and

External Communication, pls. mus. 8vo. Lond. 1836

635 A. Duleau. Essai Theorique et Experimental sur la Resistance du Fer Forgé, 4to. Paris, 1820 Lot. 636 M. Lanz and Betancourt. Essai sur la Composition des Machines, pls. 4to. Paris 1819 637 Ch. J. Blunt and D. McDonald Stephenson. The Civil Engineer and Machinist, 2 parts in 4to., and 5 parts, pls., in imp. fol. Lond. 638 Plates to the Treatise on Mechanics, by Chev. de Gerstner, 101 pls. fol. paper, 1834 639 Grier's Mechanics' Calculator, useful to Millwrights, Engineers, and Artizans in general, 12mo. cl. Glasg. 1836 640 Grier's Mechanics Pocket Dictionary, a Note Book of Technical Terms, Rules, and Tables, in Mathematics and Mechanics, 12mo. cl. Glasg. 1837

Astronomy and Optics.

641 John Robertson's De la Caille's Elements of Astronomy calf 8vo. Lond. 1750

642 P. Kelly. A Practical Introduction to Spherics and Nautical Astronomy, plates, cf. Lond. 1822

643 Sir Isaac Newton. Treatise on Optics, hf cf. 12mo. Lond. 1730

Physiology, Psychology, &c.

644 O. S. Fowler. Practical Phrenology, mus. 12mo. N. Y. 1845

645 Fred. A. Rausch. Psychology ; or a view of the Human Soul, mus. 8vo. N. Y. 1840 646 Dr. S. S. Smith. , Essay on the causes of the variety of com

plexion and figure of the human species, sheep 8vo. New Brunswick, 1802

647 T. S. Barrett. Kitchener's Invalid's Oracle, mus. 12mo.

N. Y. 1831 648 B. Rush. Medical Inquiry and Observations upon Diseases of the mind, shp, 8vo. Phil. 1830

Chemistry. 649 Drs. J. L. Comstock and Blake. Conversations on Chemistry, 12mo. Hartford, 1829

650 Wm. Henry. An Epitome of Chemistry, 8vo. N. Y. 1808

651 C. Frances. Chemical Experiments, plates, hf cf. 8vo. Lond. 1842

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