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Keats begins “Endymion,” May 1817; his health suffers in

Oxford ; finishes “Endymion ” in November ; his friend,
Charles Armitage Brown; his brother George marries
and emigrates to America ; Keats and Brown make a
walking tour in Scotland and Ireland ; returns to Hamp-
stead, owing to a sore throat ; death of his brother Tom;
his description of Miss Cox ("Charmian '), and of Miss
Brawne, with whom he falls in love ; a difference with



Influence of Spenser discussed; flimsiness of Keats's first

volume ; early sonnets ; “Endymion”; Shelley's criti-
cisms of this poem ; detailed argument of the poem ; esti-

mate of “Endymion ” as to invention and execution ;
estimate of “ Isabella”; of “The Eve of St. Agnes”; of
“The Eve of St. Mark”; of “Hyperion” ; of “Otho the
Great”; of “ Lamia”; “La Belle Dame sans Merci”
quoted and estimated ; Keats's five great odes-extracts;
“ Beauty is truth, truth beauty"; imagination in verbal
form distinctive of Keats ; discussion of the term “fault-
less” applied to Keats; details of execution in the “Ode
to a Nightingale"; other odes, sonnets, and lyrics ; treat-
ment of women in Keats's last volume ; his references to
swooning”; his sensuousness and its correlative senti-

ment; superiority of Shelley to Keats; final remarks as to

the quality of Keats's poetry . . . . . 163

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