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plement the practical knowledge obtained as a repairman by a careful observation of the experiences of others.

With the object of outlining the entire subject, the various items of equipment, tools and special appliances to facilitate repair work are covered fully and a concise review of the various mechanical processes, such as autogenous welding, brazing, soldering, etc., is given as well. Many Tables and Formulæ are included pertaining to things the repairman should know or have available for ready reference. Special attention has been given to the electrical system, because it is on this point that many repairmen and motorists desire enlightenment. It is assumed that the reader is familiar to a certain extent with automobile construction in general. If information is wanted on points of design, etc., the reader is referred to “The Modern Gasoline Automobile," a previous work of the writer.

As many establishments are being started from time to time to care for the increasing number of motor vehicles sold, some suggestions for planning and equipping various sized shops should be timely and of value to those intending to start such an enterprise. There are many conditions to be considered, and no hard or fast rule can be made to cover all contingencies. The equipment needed to do work in a most satisfactory manner will vary with the size of the shop and character of cars repaired. The writer will confine this discussion to useful suggestions that can be applied specifically to the machine or other shop that specializes in repair work.

Most of those outlined have no facilities for doing a garage or storage business, but the plans may be modified and applied to shops operated in connection with a garage or agency for cars as well. While the equipment proposed is most comprehensive in the case of the larger establishment and sufficient to build all parts of a motor car if necessary, the facilities may be increased or reduced as the capacity of the shop requires. In planning a new shop or enlarging a business, some of these suggestions may be of value, and it is well to note that proposals made for tools or equipment and floor plans described are based on actual experience of successful shops.

November, 1919.

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Taking Down the Motor-Examination and Marking of Parts—Defects

in Cylinders—Carbon Deposits, their Cause and Prevention-Use

of Carbon Scrapers-Denatured Alcohol-Burning Out Carbon

with Oxygen-How Oxygen is Produced-Repairing Scored Cyl.

inders—How to Repair Cracked Water Jacket-Inspecting Cylin.

der Packings—Valve Removal and Inspection-Reseating and





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