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Replying to a member of Grand Junction, who belong to the Firemen who think if Colo., would like to state that the United they go among strange people they might Brotherhood of Locomotive Enginemen think he was still firing. But to a common would not cover all, as above stated. Ifl fireman it would be an honor and he would understand his article in the April issue be proud to wear his Brotherhood pin, any thoroughly, he wishes to form an amalgama- place. Now don't misunderstand me and tion between the engineers and the firemen. think I mean all young runners, beause I Why can't the engineers take as good care don't. I simply mean the “swell-head" of their brothers as the firemen, and if they class. I hope and pray that our delegates need any assistance, who is it they will call at our next convention will fight to still reupon ? Is it not the Brotherhood of Loco- tain our old name. BURT D. THOMPSON. motive Firemen? And you will always find Garrett, Ind. them ready to lend a helping hand. A resolution adopted by the Twelfth Annual Convention, found on page 162, says:


Change of Name. solved, That it is the sense of this body that we do all in our power to cr:ate and main- I HAVE been watching with interest the let

ters from different brothers on the subject tain a harmonious feeling between the Broth

Change of Name." I would ask these erhood of Locomotive Engineers and the

brothers, do you stop to think what it would Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen."

cost the Organization to have such a change Have you any reason to be ashamed of made?" It looks to me as foolishness. If the protection furnished by the Firemen's

a man gets so far above the firemen when order ? I believe it is just for every runner,

he once gets to pulling the throttle, that the as well as one aspiring for that goal, to have

Brotherhood of Locomotive Fireall the protection that is guaranteed him,

men" is too common for him, let him step and I believe the Firemen is ever ready to

down and out. I am not railroading and give its loyal support to any brother having have not been for the past two years, and a grievance, providing it is a just one.

never expect to, but I am proud to say I am I sincerely trust this discussion will come

a member of the Brotherhood of Locomotive to an end and never come up again, and let Firemen. I can't attend lodge, but I hear the name of the Organization stand as it is, from there every few day and know that 381 and always has, and from prospective views is in first class running order. it is to be elevated higher — The Brother

I notice, also, that the kickers on the exhood of Locomotive Firemen.

railroad members being elected as delegates Salida, Colo.

R. F. Burns.

to conventions have not noticed that the extra 75 cents every quarter only benefits

the actual rai road man, but we all pay it. I Change of Name.

think it is unjust to bar us from any office

that we are capable of filling, and our IT IT HAS come to my notice in the May brothers see fit to elect us to, because we

number of our Magazine that a few have been fortunate, or unfortunate enough brothers want our name changed to Locomo

to lose our position on the railroad. tive Enginemen. I would suggest the same

Scalp Level, Pa. W. L. SIMMONS. thing as Bro. Smith, of Big Springs, Tex., viz.. If the Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen isn't good enough let them with

Railroad Woe. draw and start something themselves and

HERE are things we can't account for, been prosperous and successful since our there are things we can't explain, but organization as the Brotherhood of Locomo- here's a tale of railroad woe that's come to tive Firemen, some twenty-seven years, and us again. we have the honor of being one of the The company thought they'd money save strongest railroad labor orders that exists. by lengthening the division, and wealth was And now after having gained the good all they thought about, and gold their brightreputation and respect of others under our est vision. old name some want to change it.

They did not stop to think about the Of course, there are some young runners homes they were to ruin, nor did they ever

name it what they please. We have always THE

give a thought to the trouble that was brew- But the time will come —'tis not far offing

when stockholders will cease to brag, and But, yes, the changes had to come, and the boys who made all these men rich will with it lots of grief; they board us at a have a chance at the bag. beanery, where we get roast pork and beef. So let us look for better times, when

Our divisions, near two hundred miles, money won't be king; when railroad men seem lengthened out to space, as the fire- will have a chance to make the eagle sing. man shovels Illinois rock till he's black- We'll stand together like one man - -- we've yes, black in the face.

stood all man can bear -- and put our shoulThe engines are — well, you might know- ders to the wheel, and make them do what's one hundred tons or more, and you never fair. see the tail end or conductor any more. The boys who read this, from this pike,

There's not a house to live in here, can't will know from whence it came, and perhardly get a room. but the company says haps the brothers on other roads will say we're going to stay, and the town will take yes, just the same.

L. B. S. a boom.

Abbotsford, Wis.


From L. S. 123.-(MRS. FANNIE M. Hall, that we were not all able to attend, we can St. Albans, Vt.) Sisters of No. 123 gave assure the brothers that their kind words did their first social ball April 24th, which was a not sound on idle ears, but that they will be grand success, every one enjoying themselves repeated to our brothers who were so ungreatly. The Sisters wish to tender their fortunate as not to be present. When Bros. sincere thanks to all the Brothers of No. 352 Hannahan and Burke cannot put enthusiasm for the assistance that they gave us in making in a meeting we are ready to adjourn. Bro. our first attempt a success. We intend to Rodgers came by surprise to us, and we are give them another social entertainment in always pleased to have these surprises sprung the near future.

on us, as he can always find something to help the good work along. These meetings

are very beneficial to the Order, and we From 294.—(FRANK F. Scott, Russell, only wish it were so they could be held at Ky.) Ohio River Lodge No. 294 is all right points during slack business, so that a larger and prospering. At our last meeting we

attendance could be had. Now, our next initiated three candidates, viz.; A. Conway, surprise, we hope, will be from Bro. Wilson, D. G. Smith and O. F. Sutton, all good fel- but 116's latch-string is always out for any lows and now wear the B. of L. F. pin. We of our Grand Officers or any of the rank and have about all of our material worked up,

file for a meeting. but by fall will have plenty to take in, for they are all falling in line as fast as they get

From 388.-(J. S. LAWRES, Milwaukee, "old" enough. Business on C. & O. is good and boys are making fairly good time, Wis.) We increased our lodge thirty-five and all seem satisfied.

members last year, and are not half done as yet. “Old Billy" is small, and seems a trifle fatigued at times from overwork, but

kindly consents when called upon. A cerFrom 116. (W. N. B., Emporia, Kan.) tain member goes around with the boys durApril 12th marks an epoch in the history of ing the week and praises him for the effective this lodge. Our First Vice-Grand Master, way he carries the subs through. Then they Bro. Hannahan; Bro. Thomas Burke, chair- pet him and give him some of his luxuries, man of the Standing Protective Board, and consequently he will consent to carry some Bro. C. M. Rodgers of the Joint Protective more on the following Sunday. He will Board, met with us, and while we regret have two next Sunday, so you see he will not have a chance to get stale and out of mean it was, that he had been shoveling condition. His hair is beginning to get Sand Coolie'' coal for a week, with nothlong, and I think we will have to have our ing to eat, preparing for this supper. The worthy Master, Harry Slaybaugh, shear him Rebeccas served supper, and a grand spread at the first off day he has, but we don't it was. know when that will be, as it appears now The ball occasioned no little work, but some time in the next century.

with such men as Bros. Burch, Tesmer, Bodey, Senay and others, no obstacles are too

great to be overcome. The lodge is under From 215.-(Member, Rensselaer, N.Y.)

'many obligations to our superintendent and Bro. S. P. Faas, member of Lodge 215, has

master mechanic for the good will shown in been promoted to be Engine Dispatcher of the way of lending us material for use in the the B. & A. R. R. The brothers of 215 hall. They will please accept our thanks

for same. wish him success. Bro. J. W. Hyde, our Master, has been quite a hustler after new members. On May 11th, Lodge 215 cele

From 406.-(MEMBER, Foxburg, Pa.) brates her sixteenth anniversary with a grand banquet. Bro. J. W. Hyde is the The members of 406 were pleased to see orator for the occasion. Our famous tin

Bro. A. L. Butler's smiling face at lodge band, composed of Bro. Gibson, leader; meeting on April 15th. He did exceedingly and Bros. Wm. Reed, Josh Schilling. Snaps good work in helping to handle the goat at Neuman and H. Meisner, will render the the initiation of Bro. F. H. Fry. We are music. Lodge 215 will look for Second sorry we can't have him always at our meetVice Grand Master Wilson to help eat oys- ings. but on account of his run he lays in ters and clamsters. A big time is expected. Kane on meeting day. The Ladies' Auxiliary are going to celebrate

Members of 406 are going to try to have a their first anniversary on July 1. 1900. They resolution passed at the next convention to have engaged our tin band.

allow Bro. George Gray to bring his lady friend to lodge, as we know Bro. Gray will attend more regularly. If the said reso

lution is passed, Bro. Hopper won't be in From 482.-(F. E. P., Kalispell, Mont.) such a hurry to adjourn, as he can catch the Stillwater Lodge has just had her fourth an- down train. nual ball, and to say it was one of the grand- Bro. W. M. Shultz has disposed of his est affairs of the kind ever witnessed in Kal- chin whiskers, and it is much easier to tell ispell is but voicing the sentiments of all. him from the goat now. Bro. McAvoy's The hall had been profusely decorated with hair is as red as ever. lamps of all colors, headlights, crossed scoops and picks, bunting and evergreens. Promptly at 9 o'clock the grand march started, led by Bro. T. Tenesch, with mem- From 156. — (O. C. Hille, Palestine, bers of the Order first and visitors following. Texas.) It is with the saddest regret that I There was perhaps 125 couples participating. write this letter. Death has visited us, and After the grand march, Bro. F. E. Packard once more, after a great while, our charter was called upon to explain the chart, which must be draped in mourning. God, who was listened to with the utmost interest by knows all things best, saw fit to take from all present, after which the program was our midst Bro. J. J. Lyons, who was killed followed out.

in a wreck on the 9th inst. Bro. Lyons was At 12 o'clock supper was announced, and ever ready and willing to do a Brother a kind there was a general rush for the banquet act. To know Jack was to love him, and no hall. And oh, such beautiful tables, groan- one will ever be able to take his place among ing under the weight of tempting viands, to the tried and true. which all did ample justice, particularly His young wife has the heartfelt sympathy Bros. Frittz, Tenesch, Soutar, and Bro. of the Brothers of Neches Lodge No. 156, Fox, of 132, who finally had to be carried their wives and many friends. We wish to from the table, still delaring he had not yet thank Mr. Leroy Trice, our General Superhad enough to eat. Some insinuated, though intendent, for his kindness in furnishing transportation to the visiting Brothers of I wish to thank the boys for the hospitality Lone Star Lodge No. 70, who came to Pal- extended to me. Each member of this estine to attend the funeral. We also wish lodge with whom I have had occasion to to thank Mr. F. Hufsmith, our Master Me- talk has proved himself up-to-date on the chanic, and the Ladies' Auxiliary to the O. work. Bro. Burmaster is the only one R. C. for the beautiful flowers they sent for whose name I remember. but will always the decoration of our Brother's grave. Our remember the faces of the others with Foreman, Mr. E. G. Bryant, was very kind whom I talked. Should any of the boys of in giving his help and consented to have our 159 chance to come my way they need have engines draped in mourning.

no fear to call on me for a favor. Bro. Many thanks to the B. of L. E., O. R. C. Burmaster introduced me to several O. R. C. and B. of R. T. for their kind attention to and B. R. T. men, all of whom made my our departed Brother.

stay in the city as pleasant as could be desired. I was not even permitted to bear my own expenses, though I protested, but they

would not have it that way. From 166.-(C. C. ROBERTSON, Huntington, Ind.) Lodge No. 166, of Huntington, and it is my earnest desire that these few

Brothers, we have a grand Organization, Ind., is not dead, but on the contrary is flour

lines will cause all who chance to read them ishing. We have a membership of about

to keep posted in the work, so they may be 125 or 130, and during the last four months we have initiated about thirty new members. prepared to test a traveling brother, and if Bro. Willets we thought at one time was

found worthy, be as willing to assist him as

the boys of 159 were to assist me. Rememgoing to where all good men go, but he is coming out all right, and we are glad will ber, the first and greatest importance (a duty soon be with us at the lodge room. We meet you owe to yourself and family) is to always every Wednesday evening, and any Brothers pay your dues promptly, which will entitle

you to all the benefits that can be given by will be welcome.

the fraternity.

From 78.-(J. A. C., Sedalia, Mo.) The

From 72. (MEMBER, Camden, N. J.) boys of Golden Eagle Lodge No. 78 are wide- The twenty-third anniversary of Welcome awake members, and when it comes to in- Lodge No. 72, was celebrated April 29th. itiating new members they are right at home. An elaborate dinner was served at 1 o'clock We had two last Thursday night and two

to 130 members and visitors, and was folmore for next Thursday. We are doing all lowed by a musicale comprising choice vocal we can to swell the membership to 35,000 and instrumental numbers. by July 1st. We will soon be out of mate- Bro. C. A. Wilson gave one of his oldrial, so I think that speaks well for us. What time talks which was listened to with great we have will become members as soon as interest by all present. In the evening he they are eligible to membership. Our busi- gave his illustrated lecture, “Life on Roads." ness is very quiet on the Missouri, Kansas Another very interesting feature was the & Texas, on account of recent washouts in presentation of a beautiful gold badge to Texas.

Bro. Willets for his fidelity to the lodge.

Bro. Potts, our Receiver, gave a very en

couraging report of the financial condition From 159.—(J. K. L. Moody, Alexan- of the lodge, which speaks well for its future dria, La.) During a recent trip to the Cres- welfare. Too much praise cannot be given cent City" it was my good fortune to meet to the committee for the successful manner several of the boys of Integrity No. 159, and in which the program was carried out.


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