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name--for no particular reason; they sim- see it. It is hoped and believed that the ply want to do something, and they don't membership at large and members in conknow what to do. Let us have a name that vention assembled, have at least that sense suits the majority of what we are composed of justice, which will declare that this organiof — Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen. zation shall remain the same grand monu

Bro. Sullivan, I am with you on the ment and bear the inscripition of the men "deadbeat" question, and let us hasten the who founded and made it what it is today. day when the member who skips out and But now comes a question which should will not pay his honest debts, shall be for receive the honest and earnest consideration ever barred from our ranks. Our Order of every member of the Brotherhood, who will prosper a great deal more without them, has the remotest idea that he has enough and as soon as they find out that the Broth- “common sense" to know right from wrong. erhood will not tolerate such actions, they Why should we honor the flag of our country will come up and pay them just the same as and claim that as American citizens, we are any other true Brotherhood man.

each and every one a “sovereign," when we I am for “self-government,” and also sit idly by and see the prerogatives of the agree with Bro. Filburn's letter on " Eye- entire membership placed in the hands of a sight Disability." Let us instruct our dele- few individuals, and monarchy reign supreme. gates to the Des Moines Convention to It should bring a blush of shame to our change our Constitution so that when a cheeks as red as the fires of Troy. There brother loses an eye, whether it is taken out was no provision either in the resolution or of the socket or not, he shall receive his our constitution, as to what percentage of beneficiary claim. SAM SPARKMAN. membership shall vote on this question, but Moberly, Mo.

that a majority vote should decide. Then why or who has the power to set this elec

tion aside? I think it is a direct reflection Brotherhood Policies.

on every member who voted on the quesIN THE last few issues of the MAGAZINE tion, and I claim, without fear of successful

quite a lot of space has been devoted to contradiction, that it is today a law of the the questions, of the change of name of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen, and a Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen, and part of our constitution, and that delegates the returns of ballot on resolution from the to the next convention cannot hold seats Toronto convention.

unless they come under the provisions set The first named discussion is, in my forth in the resolution. humble opinion absurd and uncalled for. San Antonio, Texas. O. P. MCGINNIS. To think that after twenty-seven years of uphill struggle by firemen to make the Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen what

Brotherhood Policies it is today, and to then take from them even their Order's name, is a shame, and one "HARITY Lodge No. 5 has not been which I think the majority would never sub- heard of for some time. Well, we are mit to.

alive and that is about all, for we have been Men who are running an engine and are very busy this winter. We had a call from eligible to membership in the Brotherhood Bro. Wilson, but he did not get much of a of Locomotive Engineers, and are not mem- meeting, as the brothers could not afford to bers, are, in the opinion of any thinking man, lose the sleep to attend lodge. as unfair as a man who fires an engine for Now, brothers, I do not see any reason years and will not join the Brotherhood of why we cannot have a Vice Grand Master Locomotive Firemen. Yet they are, as a appointed in Canada to attend to the Canrule, the ones who complain most against adian lodges and those in the border towns the fireman who is out of the Firemen's and cities. We have got a large number Brotherhood, claiming that he, the non-union of lodges in Canada, scattered from the fireman is “daily reaping the benefits for Atlantic to the Pacific, and there is no reawhich others are working and paying," and son why we could not have one of the that they are "drones," etc. This is un- offices in the Grand Lodge occupied by a doubtedly a distinction without a difference, Canadian. I hope at the next convention at least if there is any difference, I fail to that our brothers across the border will


consider the matter and give us one of the I also believe as Bro. Gray, of Sarnia, grand officers.

Ont., that at conventions the Grand Lodge I notice in last month's MAGAZINE that should not give out to delegates the minutes some brothers suggest that the noble and of the previous day, as we pay our delegates honorable name of the Brotherhood of Lo- to attend the meetings of the Convention and comotive Firemen be changed. Now, make a report on their arrival at home. brothers, what is the use of changing the Several of the Brothers are more inclined to name of our Order? I think it is the only pleasure than business, and the issuing of name for the firemen's order to have. This minutes gives them a chance to leave after brother said that we have engineers and roll-call. hostlers belonging to our Order as well as I am also in favor of having a Fourth Vice firemen. We have the same in Charity Grand Master, as the Firemen's Order needs Lodge No. 5. There have been engineers that official. Our Brotherhood is getting so who got in trouble, also hostlers, and we large that it is getting quite impossible for have got them reinstated. Could we do any our three Vice Grand Masters to visit the more if our Order had a new name? Not different lodges regularly. only that, but think of the expense it would I believe that those who are ashamed of bring not only to the Grand Lodge but to all our name should drop out and not always be other lodges in the country. Brothers, let arguing in favor of a change in name. the noble name of the Brotherhood of Loco- There are too many other important changes motive Firemen stand as it is, and let us to be made than changing our name. hold our heads up and be able to say proudly Ft. Smith, Ark.

E. H. SURATT. “I am a member of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen." We have about thirty applications for May

Brotherhood Policies. and expect to reach the two hundred mark before the year closes. Our Ladies' Society

'HE discussion about changing the name is doing wonderful work, and we find them a of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Firegreat help. They intend holding their first men seems to be only with the younger men, anniversary on the 17th of May, and I tell as most of the older ones have withstood two you we won't do a thing with the good great storms, and some three, and as yet, things they will prepare. We will have a

with all of the trials and tribulations which good time we always do.

they have encountered during their long St. Thomas, Ont.

J. A. JAYNE. term of service with the Brotherhood, I be

lieve they know whereof they speak and

bitterly oppose to have that " grand" name Brotherhood Policies.

changed, which sounds so dear to them since '94, at that time nothing but prejudice


RELATIVE to articles in the Magazine staring them in their faces.



The Brotherhood should feel proud beI believe that if a Brother should lose one cause all the men who were called in for eye that he should be paid his policy. There promotion were B. of L. F. men but one, are very few roads that would hire a one- and all passing but the non-Brotherhood eyed fireman or engineer. I would suggest that every delegate to the Convention should I shall again point to what I wrote last be instructed to vote for a law that would February, concerning a home for the sick pay the full face value of the policy to a and disabled, and making note of partly disBrother that had lost the sight of one eye. abled members who can no longer be em

I am of the same opinion of Bro. Moss, of ployed in railroad service. I suggested at Caldwell, Kas., in regard to Bro. F. W. that time a large tract of land to be purMosby's case. I also think that we are too chased and equipped outright, and placed strict in some particulars. I think that we under a management which would be selfshould have a home for our aged and dis- sustaining under such a board as the convenabled members, located in some good healthy tion or Grand Lodge would see fit. I have place. I think it could be made self-sup- spoken to most of the men of different porting in a little while by good manage- lodges here, and they all seem to be in favor ment.

of same. I believe if the plan was only

brought before our members and thoroughly motive Fireman, and give us the name of explained, they would nearly all be in favor the Brotherhood of Locomotive Enginemen. of the same.

or the United Brotherhood of Locomotive Just think of a young man of twenty-two to Enginemen. This will cover the firemen, twenty-five years, firing two years and los- engineers and hostlers. ing one of his eyes — what is in store for In appointing officers for the lodge and him? Another belongs to the Order for committee work, and the Board of Adjusttwenty years, losing one of his eyes. Per- ment, we should appoint one engineer and haps he has no friends, where shall he turn two firemen, and they should work in unity. for protection? Your answer will be, per- If any committeemen refuses to act on any haps he shall have inoney enough, so he grievance they should be removed from the does not need help, he has always worked committee and a new committeeman apand saved his money. He may have in- pointed. If any of the committee refuse to vested it and lost all, so frequent these days. take and work on a brother's case and that Where shall he turn to ? Only to the love member of the committee gets into trouble, of humanity, his fellow (B. of F. L.) men. they should not work on his case. Each There are many now, but for honesty and and every brother should have a fair and impride will not ask. If we had a home how partial hearing.

MEMBER. different. No one can realize the joy which would come to such a man's heart. Think of this, brethren; it may be you.

Think of

Brotherhood Policies yourself and then 33,000 more like you, and A FEW words in regard to changing the I think such a large undertaking will not

of trouble us much. Do you not think it would der. As Bro. Bain, in the May number, be an excellent step for the Grand Lodge to says, "we have fought under the name of propose to buy a home, at the next conven- Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen for tion?

J. J. LawreS. twenty-seven years," and it suits our vocaMilwaukee, Wis.

tion or a majority of our members. We have

prospered and become one of the grandest Brotherhood Policies.

labor organizations in existence today. I

say the name is just what it should be WHILE reading in the March and April Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen.

We have things of more importance to ferent articles contributed by the members, I give our attention to at present than the congratulate the authors of them for the in- changing of our name. We should be reterest they are taking in the advancement of vising our Constitution and making laws the Order. There ought to be more of a that will benefit our members more maunion feeling and work among the brothers. terially. I would like to see a $1,500 life One brother, as long as he is a brother of policy in addition to $1,500 total disability, good character, should have his welfare making $3,000 for life, and the disability as looked after with as much interest as another, it now is. It would cost us a little more, but and if such brother, not being of a good we wouldn't have to go out of our Order for character, why do you take him into the insurance, unless one wished to carry more Order?

than $3,000

J. A. C. It is time now to begin to look around and Sedalia, Mo. see which of your brothers will make the best officers, who will fill the office with

Brotherhood Policies. credit to himself and honor to the Order and our cause. Each and every lodge should try I

WOULD wish to call attention to a serious and be as perfect as possible. The day

matter confronting our members who are has come when we are not altogether a out of employment, at ieast to the conBrotherhood of Locomotive Firemen, as ditions here, and by what I can understand brothers have been promoted to engineers are in force elsewhere, in regards to the and remain with us. We are now composed reference" question. of firemen, locomotive engineers, stationary An inexperienced man obtains employengineers and hostlers. I propose that at ment, goes out and makes a trip or two and our next convention we strike out the Loco- is marked up — time consumed, from five

BROWNEY," of Grove City, Pam, asks

to seven days. On the other hand, the ex- where it is. New members are what we perienced man must furnish “reference." want, and if they are men, it makes no difHe is furnished with a blank form to be ference whether they are from the farm or filled out by applicant, then sent to the Super- not. intendent, who sends it to the parties refered I see no reason why we should change our to, then back through the same routine - name, but would like to see the Firemen time consumed, from two to four weeks in and Engineers federate and be as one Order the meantime he simply becomes disgusted Wabash, Ind.

MEMBER. and leaves to seek employment elsewhere, unless he has more patience than Job.

Brotherhood Policies. Cannot we form some arrangement between the companies and different organizations to provide reference without so much

May waste of time? With the pleasant relations ZINE, “why our Brotherhood sees our Masnow established between the various com

ter Mechanics employ farmers on engines, panies and our Order, we could furnish from and then we take them into the Order as one lodge to another the reference. Our soon as possible." Possibly our Master Meconstitution would only allow this — such as

chanics find better material in the farmer were what they are represented to be. Not than in the city lad. While it is our duty to that I wish to debar new men, but to help do all we can to secure employment for our experienced men out of difficulties.

idle brothers, yet, if we fail to prevail on the Am sorry to see so much apparent bitter company to employ experienced men, then feeling as to the name and government of it is our duty to do the next best thing and our Order. Cannot we find matters of far that is, when they make firemen of farmers more importance and higher motives than

we should make Brotherhood men of the the haggling over a name which has fought "plow boys"-because the Farmers' Alliance itself to such a high pinnacle, and respect does not furnish us much protection in railfrom all laboring men ? Has not our MAGA- road service, although I don't think the railzine the name of being one of the most pro

road cials care what the name of the Orgressive journals in labor matters ? Shall

der is that we belong to, but they do want we take from them the well-earned laurels

the man on a grievance committee to be in fought for for twenty-seven years ? When

the same line of service as the man agyou want to see our Order in riot and con

grieved. fusion, then, and only then, abolish our

If you will only take the second thought Grand Lodge.

you will see that the name of the Order does I am in favor of establishing a district for

not buy any protection, and if it did, the the exclusive work in the South, as much

word “ Fireman" would buy it “at a ratio necessary work could be done and good ma

of 16 to 1" of any other name we could terial to work in, not that the North can

adopt. take care of itself, for where there is no head

I believe if the B. of L. F. would establish to affairs there is no discipline.

a “Correspondence School " for its memKenova, W. Va.

O. L. Fink.

bers and give them a course of training, such as is given by the Scranton and Chicago

.schools, it would completely solve the probBrotherhood Policies.

lem of the upbuilding and the retaining of

our membership. It could be done for much was always a railroad man?


less than half the cost in either of the above speaks of our master mechanics and superin- schools, and then when our members are tendents taking men from the farm and put- seeking employment they will have someting them on engines, and then when they thing to recommend them, and possibly have become eligible, they are admitted to would be prefered rather than “farmers." the Order, while hundreds of our members Brothers, remember such important subjects are looking for work. I venture to say that as the above when instructing your delegates the correspondent is from the farm himself, to the next convention. Remember it is and I will also add, that some of the best only a few days until the election of officers members we have come from the farm. It takes place. Remember your voice is in his policy was adopted our Order would stop your ballot, and if you fail to vote you will

WOULD like to ask " Browney" if he


I am an engineer, but am proud B

be counted on the side of the minority in B. would be gained by changing the name. We of L. F. elections. Remember that there aim to do the greatest good to the greatest will be many subjects at the next conven- number, and I am satisfied the greatest numtion to vote on. Know that he has the right ber are not in favor of changing the name. kind of ideas before sending him. Remem- If the members would agitate the question ber that the “handsome man or the “jolly of raising the insurance to $3,000, and good fellow" does not always make the best pay their dues promptly, and have less talk lodge officers. Remember you are directly about things that would not benefit them if or indirectly responsible for weak or unjust it did become a law, I think this Brotherlaws. Tell your delegate to remember that hood would have no cause to change the we are a free people, that we want freedom

We should try and pass laws that of press, freedom of speech, and self gov- would be of some interest to all, so, in case ernment.

J. S. Boyd. of disability, we would be well provided for, Springfield, Mo.

or, in case of death, those depending on us would be free from want.

Delegates should not go to the ConvenChange of Name.

vention with the idea of having a good time I AM sorry to see that some of the brothers and talk nonsense in the Convention hall,

want to change the name of the Brother- thereby wasting their time and the Brothers' hood of Locomotive Fireman. Why not, hard-earned money. E. J. BOLIAN. when we have a good name, leave a good New Orleans, La. thing alone. I have been a member of the Order for eleven years, and could mention where by being a Brotherhood of Locomo

Change of Name. tive Firemen I have received advance in

EING a careful reader of the Firemen's in wages. of the firemen's order, for we were all fire

MAGAZINE, I've noticed in the March, men once, and I say keep the name so when April and May issues a great deal of discusyou meet a firemen you can tell who he is. sion in regard to changing the name of the I remember some years ago our Grand Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen. Why Master said in speaking to a crowd in regard change the name? The Brotherhood of to the millionaires, what would become of Locomotive Firemen is, and always will be, them if it wasn't for the fireman. The a protective organization for enginemen, and brothers who are dissatisfied with the name

therefore I have to agree with the several of Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen brothers of different lodges who see no reahave a right to start something that will suit

son why the name should be changed. them better.

Of what is the Brotherhood of Locomotive Mattoon, III.


Firemen composed ? Engineers, firemen, and hostlers, not saying anything about the

conductors, brakemen and members who Change of Name.

follow some other occupations. If we wish TE HAVE discussed the question, to protect all, I would like some brother who

Change of Name," and have is in favor of changing the name to suggest

to the conclusion that do . one that would include engineers, firemen, not see why the members want to agitate hostlers and members who follow other prosuch a question. This organization has been fessions. If they wish to change the name, known as the Brotherhood of Locomotive let the name include all, and I hardly think Firemen since its birth, and it should remain they can do it.

I agree with the Brother from Fond Du I would like to suggest a remedy. If they Lac, and would say if the Brothers that are are dissatisfied with the name of the Brothernot satisfied are ashamed to wear the Badge hood of Locomotive Firemen, let them join of Shovel and Pick because he is an engin- some other protective organization and let eer, why. let them go and join the Engin- the Brotherhood alone, and then they can

By the time the next convention see where they are benefited; or, as a brother meets I suppose he will be eligible ; he can member of Fond du Lac, Wis., says, “ Better then purchase a badge as big as a tomato join the A. R. U. and get the same as 10,can and show himself. I do not see what 000 or more got."


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