Descriptive catalogue of materials relating to the history of Great Britain and Ireland, to the end of the reign of Henry vii

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Сторінка 8 - FASCICULI ZIZANIORUM MAGISTRI JOHANNIS WYCLIF CUM TRITICO. Ascribed to THOMAS NETTER, of WALDEN, Provincial of the Carmelite Order in England, and Confessor to King Henry the Fifth.
Сторінка 12 - Edited by HENRY RICHARDS LUARD, MA, Fellow and Assistant Tutor of Trinity College, and Registrary of the University, Cambridge. 18641869.
Сторінка 10 - English power, until we are prepared to read of its final overthrow. 23. THE ANGLO-SAXON CHRONICLE, ACCORDING TO THE SEVERAL ORIGINAL AUTHORITIES. Vol. I., Original Texts. Vol. II., Translation. Edited and translated by BENJAMIN THORPE, Esq., Member of the Royal Academy of Sciences at Munich, and of the Society of Netherlandish Literature at Leyden. 1861. This Chronicle, extending...
Сторінка 633 - III., and probably written in the year 1245, on the occasion of the restoration of the church of Westminster. Nothing is known of the author. The second is an anonymous poem, containing 536 lines, written between the years 1440 and 1450, by command of Henry VI., to whom it is dedicated.
Сторінка 4 - Manuscripts. The Name of every Person and Event mentioned in History within the above period is placed in Alphabetical and Chronological Order, and the Authority from whence taken is given in each case, whether from Printed History or from Manuscripts.
Сторінка 562 - Chronicle, which was also used by Tigernach, and by the compiler of the Annals of Ulster. During its first century it contains scarcely anything relating to Britain, the earliest direct concurrence with English history is relative to the mission of Augustine.
Сторінка 612 - Domino nostro Jesu Christo, qui cum Pâtre et " Spiritu Sancto vivit et régnât Dcus per infinita stecula " sicculorum." 1 213. Life of S. Oswald the Archbishop. MS. Cott. Jul. D. ix. ff. 27 b.~ veil. 12rao. xiv. cent. Incip. — " Seiiit Oswald J>c bischop was ibore here in Enge
Сторінка 468 - The works to be published in octavo, separately, as they were finished; the whole responsibility of the task resting upon the editors, who were to be chosen by the Master of the Rolls with the sanction of the Treasury. The Lords of Her Majesty's Treasury, after a careful consideration of the subject, expressed their opinion in a Treasury Minute, dated February 9, 1857, that the plan recommended by the Master of the Rolls " was well calculated for the accomplishment of this important national object,...
Сторінка 467 - He proposed that each chronicle or historical document to be edited should be treated in the same way as if the editor were engaged on an Editio Princeps ; and for this purpose the most correct text should be formed from an accurate collation of the best MSS. To render the work more generally useful, the Master of the Rolls suggested that the editor should give an account of the MSS. employed by him, of their age and their peculiarities; that he should add to the work a brief account of the life...

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