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Ordinary Arc Dynamo Circuit, 7 Ordinary 2-Wire Multiple Incandescent System, 8 Ordinary 3-Wire Multiple Incandescent System, 9 Series Street Alternating System Without Transformer, 10 Transformer Alternating System, 11 Series Motor on Arc Circuit, 12 Shunt Motor on Incandescent Circuit, 12


Arc Lighting, 14

Incandescent Lighting, 16

Three-Wire System, 20

Alternating System, 21

Municipal System, 22

Motor Systems, 22

General Formula; for Alternating Circuit Wiring, 23

Primary Circuits, 23

Secondary Circuits, 24

Examples of Constants (Primary Mains), 26 Examples of Constants (Secondary and House

Mains), 27

Conductors, 39 Electrical Units, 44-45 CONTENTS.


Rules and Regulations of The New England Insurance Exchange and Boston Fire Underwriters

Union, 46

Rules of New York Board of Fire Underwriters, 62

Rules of The New York Board of Electrical Control, 71


Constants for Primary and Secondary Mains, 25

Edison System, 28-31

Westinghouse System, 32.33

Thomson-Houston System, 34-35 Different Gauges with Diameters and Areas in

Mils, 36-37

Showing Difference Between Wire Gauges, 38

Of Electrical Units, 39

Dimensions and Resistance of Pure Copper Wire, 40-41 Showing Efficiencies of Different Sizes of Motors

with Correspondent Voltage and Ampage, 42 Of Sizes of Wires for Different Current Capacities

of Motors and Distances from Supply, 43

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