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reënforce the moral element in human nature. They supply the sublime authority of an infinite, eternal, absolutely perfect moral governor; the clear revelation of his will in all relations and under all conditions; the tremendous sanctions of future rewards and punishment; the effective exhibition of our Heavenly Father's absolute righteousness and infinite love; the utterly unparalleled ideal of wisdom and moral perfection in human form exhibited in Jesus Christ; the all-penetrating, allinforming inspiration of the Holy Ghost; the cloud of witnesses; the fellowship of the saints; and the ordinances of the holy Sabbath and of the Christian Church.

If revelation is false, its influence cannot be morally good. But if true, it evidently renders the most sufficient support to morality. If it be withdrawn, we have every reason to apprehend the most serious loss to the moral character and habits of the following generations. If untrue, religion must be immoral ; hence, if its influence is moral, it follows that it must be true. This fact, so obvious and vital, is a strong corroborating evidence of the truth of Christianity, and the burden of proof lies wholly on the other side.

(6.) Science, devoid of theism, is universally pessimistic. The worlds all tend to darkness and death. The struggle for life and the survival of the physically fittest often involves the survival of the morally monstrous. Nature is proved to be, as over against all human interests and agencies, fatalistic, mechanical, unsympathetic to all agony, impassive to all struggle, and deaf to all prayer. Take away all theistic intention, and there is no basis for hope. Take away hope, and there is no basis for morals.

(7.) Given theism, Christianity follows. Theistic science leads to Christianity.

(8.) Even if morality could survive religion, our destructive critics will have to prove that morality alone will be sufficient for human needs. What if man be a sinner, as the human conscience has testified in infinite variety of forms, but with absolute identity of sense through all history? What if man needs expiation and a moral change of essential character ! This we continue to believe. This is what our respondents have yet to disprove.

SEP 18 1919 A. A. HODGE.





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