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Social Forces in the United States, United States, Social Forces in the,

Solar Physics, 447.

Unsanitary Homes, The, of the Rich,
Solitary, Conversations with.a. Part 172.
III., 469.

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Some Aspects of Democracy in Eng watomie, 435.
land, 317.

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State Regulation of Corporate Profits, Fallacies, 147.

WAKEMAN, T. B. Science and Prayer,
STERNE, S. Crude Methods in Legis 185.
lation, 158.

WALDO, L. Railroad and Public
STEWART, B. Solar Physics, 447. Time, 605.
Sub - Treasury System, Evils of the, WARD, W. H. Church Attendance,

Suffrage, Limited, in Rhode Island, WARING, Jr., G. W. Sanitary Drain-

age, 57.
Suggestions in Regard to the Public WHITE, R. G. Class Distinctions in
Service, 488.

the United States, 231.
Telegraph, The Government and the, WINGATE, C. F. The Unsanitary

Homes of the Rich, 172.
Telegraph, Government Control of Woman in Politics, 137.
the, 521.

Woman, Dr. Hammond's Estimate
Time, Railroad and Public, 605.

of, 495.
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Estimate of Woman, 507. Tions, 350.


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