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Сторінка 24 - A future interest is vested when there is a person in being who would have a right, defeasible or indefeasible, to the immediate possession of the property, upon the ceasing of the intermediate or precedent interest. 695. A future interest is contingent, whilst the person in whom, or the event upon which, it is limited to take effect remains uncertain.
Сторінка 95 - ... without diminution or alteration. No proprietor has a right to use the water, to the prejudice of other proprietors, above or below him, unless he has a prior right to divert it, or a title to some exclusive enjoyment. He has no property in the water itself, but a simple usufruct while it passes along. Aqua currit et debet currere ut currere solebat is the language of the law.
Сторінка 24 - The present capacity of taking effect in possession, if the possession were to become vacant, and not the certainty that the possession will become vacant before the estate limited in remainder determines, universally distinguishes a vested remainder from one that is contingent.
Сторінка 288 - sale" is a word of precise legal import, both at law and in equity. It means at all times a contract between parties to give and to pass rights of property for money, which the buyer pays or promises to pay to the seller for the thing bought and sold.
Сторінка 21 - The most important of these were, An Examination of Priestley's Opinions concerning Matter and Mind ; Observations on the Utopia of Sir Thomas More ; and Physiological Reflections on Muscular Motion. This last essay appears to have been written in the eighty-sixth year of his age, and was read by the author to his associates, a few months before his death.
Сторінка 112 - A hue, from huer, to shout, and cry, hutesium et clamor, is the old common law process of pursuing, with horn and with voice, all felons, and such as have dangerously wounded another.
Сторінка 2 - I am not worth purchasing; but such as I am, the king of Great Britain is not rich enough to do it.
Сторінка 214 - PAINTERS : Their Superiority in the ART of LANDSCAPE PAINTING to all the Ancient Masters, proved by examples of the True, the Beautiful, and the Intellectual, from the Works of Modern Artists, especially from those of JM Turner, Esq., RA By a GRADUATE of OXFORD.
Сторінка 311 - It is not necessary, I conceive, that the distress should be actual or immediate, or that the danger should 'be imminent and absolute. It will be sufficient if, at the time the assistance is rendered, the vessel has encountered any damage or misfortune which might possibly expose her to destruction if the services were not rendered.
Сторінка 93 - Mansfield, when he began to sum up the evidence, stated to the jury, that it was the unanimous opinion of the court, that an attempt, by intimidation and violence, to force the repeal of a law, was a levying war against the king ; and high treason.

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