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Сторінка 70 - I'll observe his looks; I'll tent him to the quick: if he but blench, I know my course. The spirit that I have seen May be the devil : and the devil hath power To assume a pleasing shape; yea, and perhaps Out of my weakness and my melancholy, — As he is very potent with such spirits, — Abuses me to damn me: I'll have grounds More relative than this: — the play's the thing Wherein I'll catch the conscience of the king.
Сторінка 37 - And folk begin to tak the gate, While we sit bousing at the nappy, An' getting fou and unco happy, We think na on the lang Scots miles, The mosses, waters, slaps and stiles, That lie between us and our hame, Where sits our sulky, sullen dame, Gathering her brows like gathering storm, Nursing her wrath to keep it warm. This truth fand honest Tam o...
Сторінка 217 - Weep no more, woeful shepherds, weep no more, For Lycidas, your sorrow, is not dead, Sunk though he be beneath the watery floor; So sinks the day-star in the ocean bed, And yet anon repairs his drooping head, And tricks his beams, and with new-spangled ore Flames in the forehead of the morning sky...
Сторінка 152 - I bless my stars for a taste so catholic, so unexcluding. I confess that it moves my spleen to see these things in books' clothing perched upon shelves, like false saints, usurpers of true shrines, intruders into the sanctuary, thrusting out the legitimate occupants. To reach down a well-bound semblance of a volume, and hope it some kind-hearted play-book, then, opening what "seem its leaves," to come bolt upon a withering Population Essay.
Сторінка 152 - Lully to look like himself again in the world. I never see these impostors, but I long to strip them, to warm my ragged veterans in their spoils. To be strong-backed and neat-bound is the desideratum of a volume. Magnificence comes after.
Сторінка 152 - Statutes at Large : the works of Hume, Gibbon, Robertson, Beattie, Soame Jenyns, and generally all those volumes which " no gentleman's library should be without : " the Histories of Flavius Josephus (that learned Jew), and Paley's Moral Philosophy.
Сторінка 387 - Stagnum Aporicum" is Lochaber; so here we have a pauper from the neighbourhood of Lochaber — a designation which I take to be familiarly known at "the Board of Supervision for the Relief of the Poor in Scotland.
Сторінка 305 - And they bore him to the Lady Chapel, And waked him there all day. A lady came to that lonely bower, And threw her robes aside ; She tore her ling long yellow hair, And knelt at Barthram's side.
Сторінка 83 - How doth the little busy bee Improve each shining hour, And gather honey all the day From every opening flower!
Сторінка 35 - ... of the domestic affections. Descending from generals to the special, he could testify to the inconvenience of late hours ; for was it not the other night that, coming to what was, or what he believed to be his own door, he knocked, and knocked, but the old woman within either couldn't or wouldn't hear him ; so he scrambled over a wall, and having taken his repose in a furrow, was able to testify to the extreme unpleasantness of such a couch.

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