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Сторінка 213 - Sanitary Engineering: a Guide to the Construction of Works of Sewerage and House Drainage, with Tables for facilitating the calculations of the Engineer. By BALDWIN LATHAM, CE, M. Inst. CE, FGS, FMS, Past-President of the Society of Engineers.
Сторінка 86 - WATER WORKS, for the Supply of Cities and Towns. With a Description of the Principal Geological Formations of England as influencing Supplies of Water ; and Details of Engines and Pumping Machinery for raising Water.
Сторінка 88 - A Description and Draught of a new-invented Machine, for carrying Vessels or Ships out of, or into, any Harbour, Port, or River, against Wind and Tide, or in a calm.
Сторінка 4 - Price 5 cents. 17. On the Development of Crystallization in the Igneous Rocks of Washoe, Nevada, with Notes on the Geology of the District, by Arnold Hague and Joseph P.
Сторінка 363 - Preliminary Report on the Iron Ores and Coal Fields from the field work of 1872, by R.
Сторінка 482 - An Act for Consolidating in One Act certain Provisions usually inserted in Acts with respect to the Constitution of Companies incorporated for carrying on Undertakings of a Public Nature 39 8 VICT., CAP.
Сторінка 318 - RIVER BARS. The Causes of their Formation, and their Treatment by " Induced Tidal Scour " ; with a Description of the Successful Reduction by this Method of the Bar at Dublin. By IJ MANN, Assist. Eng. to the Dublin Port and Docks Board. Royal 8vo, cloth 7;6 " We recommend all interested in harbour works — and.
Сторінка 243 - The Treasury of Botany, or Popular Dictionary of the Vegetable Kingdom ; with which is incorporated a Glossary of Botanical Terms.
Сторінка 198 - Journal du Voyage fait par ordre du Roi à l'Equateur, servant d'introduction historique à la Mesure des trois premiers Degrés du Méridien.
Сторінка 515 - Act to repeal three acts, made in the 28th, 30th, and 46th year of his present Majesty, for limiting the number of persons to be carried on the outside of stage coaches or other carriages, and to enact other regulations for carrying the objects of the said acts into effect.

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