The Principles and Practice of Obstetric Medicine and Surgery: In Reference to the Process of Parturition

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Сторінка 576 - I can neither approve of that practice nor those delays ; because my father, brothers, and myself [though none else in Europe as I know] have, by God's blessing, and our industry, attained to, and long practised a way to deliver women in this case, without any prejudice to them or their infants ; though all others (being obliged, for want of such an expedient, to use the common way) do, and must endanger, if not destroy one or both with hooks.
Сторінка 380 - I have opened more than one body where a part was left adherent to the uterus, and where, on making a longitudinal section of the organs and examining the cut edges, I could not determine the boundary line between the uterus and the placenta, so intimate a union had taken place between them.
Сторінка 337 - ... midwifery. As to the manner in which this evolution takes place, I presume that, after the long-continued action of the uterus, the body of the child is brought into such a compacted state as to receive the full force of every returning pain.
Сторінка 509 - ... when the pulse, although quick, is perfectly soft, and even weak, and this opinion is strengthened if blood has been drawn without relief, and without the signs of inflammation on its surface. The best way of treating these cases is to wash out the large bowels by a very large glyster, to give ten grains of compound powder of ipecacuanha every three hours, till the pain is gone, to keep the abdomen constantly covered with a warm linseed meal poultice...
Сторінка 165 - In the second degree the mental functions are impaired, but not entirely suspended ; consciousness, however, no longer continues correct ; and a sort of dreamy state supervenes : — " this degree may be considered analogous to delirium, and to certain states of the patient in hysteria and concussion of the brain ; and it corresponds with that condition of an inebriated person, who is not dead drunk, but in the state described by the law as drunk and ' Remarks on the Employment of Anaesthetic Agents...
Сторінка 70 - Dalton, who thus enumerates the particular points in which the corpus luteum of pregnancy differs from that of menstruation: "1. It arrives more slowly at its development, and afterwards remains for a long time as a very noticeable tumour, instead of undergoing a process of rapid atrophy. 2. It retains a globular or only slightly flattened form, and gives to the touch a sense of considerable resistance and solidity. 3. Internally, it has an appearance of advanced organization, which is wanting in...
Сторінка 178 - Secondly, with the same view, the primary stage of exhilaration should be entirely avoided, or at least reduced to the shortest possible limit, by impregnating the respired air as fully with the ether vapour as the patient can bear, and by allowing it to pass into the lungs...
Сторінка 258 - A practical rule has been formed, that the head of the child shall have rested for six hours as low as the perineum, that is, in a situation which would allow of their application, before the forceps are applied, though the pains should have altogether ceased during that time.
Сторінка 173 - But should I exhibit the remedy for pain to a thousand patients in labor, merely to prevent the physiological pain, and for no other motive — and if I should in consequence destroy only one of them, I should feel disposed to clothe me in sackcloth, and cast ashes on my head for the remainder of my days.
Сторінка 529 - ... by the capacity of the pelvis itself." " There are two varieties of retroversion — complete, when the fundus is thrown downwards and backwards into the cavity of the sacrum ; partial, when the organ lies across the short diameter of the brim, its fundus resting upon the promontory of that bone." " The cause of this accident is most frequently, if not always, to be traced to an over-distended bladder, and the history of it is of this kind — the woman has been, from some circumstance, unable...

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