Зображення сторінки

Draws near when I must make a winding up
Of bridal mysteries - a fine-spun vengeance !
Carve it on my tomb, that, when I rest beneath,
Men shall confess, this Prince was gulld and cheated,
But from the ashes of disgrace he rose
More than a fiery dragon, and did burn
His ignominy up in purging fires !
Did I not send, sir, but a moment past,
For my father ?

You did.

Perhaps 'twould be
Much better he came not.

He enters now!


and Physician.
Ludolph. Oh! thou good man, against whose

sacred head
I was a mad conspirator, chiefly too
For the sake of my fair newly wedded wife,
Now to be punish'd !- do not look so sad!
Those charitable eyes will thaw my heart,
Those tears will wash away a just resolve,
A verdict ten times sworn! Awake - awake -
Put on a judge's brow, and use a tongue
Made iron-stern by habit! Thou shalt see
A deed to be applauded, 'scribed in gold !
Join a loud voice to mine, and so denounce
What I alone will execute!

What is it? By your father's love, I sue
That it be nothing merciless!

To that demon ?


Dear son,

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Not so! No! She is in temple-stall,
Being garnish'd for the sacrifice, and I,
The Priest of Justice, will immolate her
Upon the altar of wrath! She stings me through!--
Even as the worm doth feed upon the nut,
So she, a scorpion, preys upon my brain !
I feel her gnawing here! Let her but vanish,
Then, father, I will lead your legions forth,
Compact in steeled squares and speared files,
And bid our trumpets speak a fell rebuke
To nations drowsed in peace!

To-morrow, son,
Be your word law; forget to-da

I will, When I have finish'd it! Now,- now, I'm pight, Tight-footed for the deed! Erminia.

Alas! Alas!
Ludolph. What angel's voice is that? Erminia,
Ah! gentlest creature, whose sweet innocence
Was almost murder'd; I am penitent.
Wilt thou forgive me? And thou holy man,
Good Ethelbert, shall I die in peace with you ?

Erminia. Die, my lord ?

I feel it possible. Otho.

Physician? Physician. I fear, he is past my skill. Otho.

Not so! Ludolph. I see it - I see it-I have been wan

dering! Half mad—not right here — I forget my purpose. Bestir – bestir Auranthe! Ha! ha! ha! Youngster! page! go bid them drag her to me! Obey! This shall finish it! (Draws a dagger.

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Oh, my son! my son ! Sigifred. This must not be — stop there! Ludolph.

Am I obey'd ? A little talk with her — no harm — haste! haste!

[Exit Page. Set her before me — never fear I can strike.

Several voices. My lord ! my lord !

Good Prince ! Ludolph. Why do ye trouble me? out-out

away! There she is ! take that! and that! no, no, That's not well done — where is she ?

[The Doors open. Enter Page. Several Women are

seen grouped about AURANTHE in the inner room. Page. Alas! My lord, my lord! they cannot

move her! Her arms are stiff

— her fingers clench'd and cold, Ludolph. She's dead!

(Staggers and falls into their arms. Ethelbert. Take away the dagger. Gersa.

Softly; so! Otho. Thank God for that! Sigifred.

It could not harm him now. Gersa. No!-brief be his anguish! Ludolph. She's gone! I am content. Nobles,

, good night! We are all weary—faint - set ope the doors — I will to bed! To-morrow



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Alarum. Enter King STEPHEN, Knights, and Soldiers.

F shame can on a soldier's vein-swoll'n front

Spread deeper crimson than the battle's toil, Blush in your casing helmets ! for see, see ! Yonder my chivalry, my pride of war,


!“ As soon as Keats had to give, as before, their drafinished •Otho the Great,' I matic conduct. The play pointed out to him a subject must open,' I began, . with for an English historical trag- the field of battle, when Steedy in the reign of Stephen, phen's forces are retreating' beginning with his defeat by - Stop,' he cried,'' I have the Empress Maud and end- been too long in leadinging with the death of his son strings; I will do all this Eustace. He was struck with myself.' He immediately set the variety of events and char- about it, and wrote two or acters which must necessarily three scenes-about 1 70 lines.” be introduced, and I offered – CHARLES BROWN.

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