The Rambler [by S. Johnson and others]., Том 5

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Сторінка 30 - ... kingdom, by the hopes of patrons and preferment, hopes which always flattered and always deceived him; he yet found means by unshaken constancy and a vigilant...
Сторінка 100 - ... one degree of elevation; but take some opportunity of attending him from the cellar to the garret, and try upon him all the various degrees of rarefaction and condensation, tension and laxity. If he is neither vivacious aloft, nor serious below, I then consider him as hopeless; but as it seldom happens...
Сторінка 101 - Another cause of the gaiety and sprightliness of the dwellers in garrets is probably the increase of that vertiginous motion, with which we are carried round by the diurnal revolution of the earth. The power of agitation upon the spirits is well known; every man has felt his heart lightened in a rapid vehicle, or on a galloping horse; and nothing is plainer, than that he who towers to the fifth story, is whirled through more space by every circumrotation than another that grovels upon the groundfloor.
Сторінка 161 - Serving my love, you may my friendship gain; You know the rest of your pretences vain. You must, my Arimant, you must be kind: 'Tis in your nature, and your noble mind. Arim: I'll to the king and straight my trust resign.
Сторінка 76 - To equal robbery with murder is to reduce murder to robbery, to confound in common minds the gradations of iniquity, and incite the commission of a greater crime, to prevent the detection of a less.
Сторінка 162 - twill not be your best advice: 'Twill only give me pains of writing twice. You know you must obey me, soon or late: Why should you vainly struggle with your fate?
Сторінка 100 - I never think myself qualified to judge decisively of any man's faculties whom I have only known in one degree of elevation; but take...
Сторінка 103 - ... the perusal of most of your papers, did I not believe that you sometimes quit the garret, and ascend into the cock-loft.
Сторінка 77 - He who knows not how often rigorous laws produce total impunity, and how many crimes are concealed and forgotten for fear of hurrying the offender to that state in which there is no repentance, has conversed very little with mankind.
Сторінка 30 - ... perfect delineation of the manners of his age, he joined to his knowledge of the world, such application to books, that he.

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