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Pago First Analysis of 177 Magnetic Storms, registered by the Magnetic Instruments in the Royal Observatory, Greenwich, from 1841 to 1857. By George Biddell Airy, F.RS., Astronomer Royal 48

On the Sudden Squalls of 30th October and 21st November 1863. By Balfour Stewart, M.A., F.R.S., Superintendent of the Kew Observatory. (Plate I) 61

On the Equations of Rotation of a Solid Body about a Fixed Point. By William Spottiswoode, M.A., F.R.S 62

Experiments, made at Watford, on the Vibrations occasioned by Railway Trains passing through a Tunnel. By Sir James South, LL.D., F.R.S., one of tne Visitors of the Royal Observatory of Greenwich 65

Extract of a.Letter to General Sabine from Dr. Otto Torell, dated from
Copenhagen, Dec. 12, 1863 83

Results of hourly Observations of the Magnetic Declination made by Sir
Francis Leopold M'Clintock, R.N., and the Officers of the Yacht' Fox,'
at Port Kennedy, in the Arctic Sea, in the Winter of 1858-59: and a
Comparison of these Results with those obtained by Captain Maguire,
R.N., and the Officers of H.M.S. * Plover,' in 1852, 1853, and 1864, at
Point Barrow. By Major-General Sabine, R.A., President 84

Examination of liubta munju&a, the East-Indian Madder, or Munjeet of
Commerce. By John Stenhouse, LL.D., F.R.S 86

On the Magnetic Variations observed at Greenwich. By Professor Wolf, of Zurich 87

A Description of the Pneuinogastric and Great Sympathetic Nerves in an Acephalous Foetus. By Robert James Lee, B.A. Cantab •„ . 90

On the Conditions, Extent, and Realization of a Perfect Musical Scale on Instruments with Fixed Tones. By Alexander J. Ellis, B.A., F.C.P.S... 93

On the Osteology of the genus Olyptodon. By Thomas Henry Huxley, F.R.S* ....... 108

On the Great Storm of December 3,1863, as recorded by the Self-registering
Instruments at the Liverpool Observatory. By John Hartnup, F.R.A.S.,
Director of the Observatory 109

On the Criterion of Resolubility in Integral Numbers of the Indeterminate
Equation f=ax* + a'xl2+a"x'r!+2bi'z"+2b'xx"+2b"x'x=0.
By H. J. Stephen Smith, M.A., F.R.S., Savilian Professor of Geometry
in the University of Oxford 110

Results of a Comparison of certain Traces produced simultaneously by the
Self-recording Magnetographs at Kew and at Lisbon; especially of those
which record the Magnetic Disturbance of July 15, 1863. By Senhor
Capello, of the Lisbon Observatory, and Balfour Stewart, M.A., F.R.S.
(Plate H.) Ill

Experiments to determine the effects of impact, vibratory action, and a longcontinued change of Load on Wrought-iron Girders. By William Fairbairn, LL.D., F.R.S 121

On the Calculus of Symbols.—Fourth Memoir. With Applications to the Theory of Non-Linear Differential Equations. By W. H. L. Russell, A.B. 126

On Molecular Mechanics. By the Rev. Joseph Baynia, of Stonyhurst College, Lancashire 126 'On tone farther Evidence bearing en the Excavation of the Valley «f the i Somme by River-action, as exhibited in a Section at Drucat near Abbe,' ville. By Joseph Prestwich, F.RS 135

A Contribution to the Minute Anatomy of the Retina of Amphibia and
Reptiles. By J. W. Hulke, F.R.C.S., Assistant-Surgeon to the Middlesex
and the Royal London Ophthalmic Hospitals 138

Notes of Researches on the Acids of the Lactic Series.—No. L Action
of Zinc upon a mixture of the Iodide and Oxalate of Methyl. By
R Frsnkland, F.R.S., Professor of Chemistry, Royal Institution, and
R F. Duppa 140

On the Joint Systems of Ireland and Cornwall, and their Mechanical Origin.
By the Rev. Samuel Haughton, M.D., F.R.S., Fellow of Trinity College,
Dublin ..,...,. ^> ,.*.>,>>>..,,..., 142

Oh the supposed Identity of Biliverdin with Chlorophyll, with remarks on
the Constitution of Chlorophyll. By G. G. Stokes, M. A, Sec. R.S 144

Continuation of an Examination of Rubia munjitta, the East-Indian Madder, or Munjeet of Commerce. By John Stenhouse, LL.D., F.R.S 145

On the Spectra of Ignited Gases and Vapours, with especial regard to the different Spectra of the same elementary gaseous substance. By Dr. Julius Pliicker, of Bonn, For. Mem. R.S., and Dr. J. W. Hittorf, of Minster 153

On the Influence of Physical and Chemical Agents upon Blood; with special reference to the mutual action of the Blood and the Respiratory Gases. By George Harley, M.D., Professor of Medical Jurisprudence in University College, London 157

Researches on Radiant Heat—Fifth Memoir. Contributions to Molecular Physics. By J. TyndalL F.R.S 160

Remarks on Sun Spots. By Balfour Stewart, M. A, F.R.S., Superintendent of the Kew Observatory 168

Description of an Improved Mercurial Barometer. By James Hicks 169

On Mauve or Aniline-purple. By W. H. Perkin, F.C.S 170

On the Functions of the Cerebellum. By William Howship Dickinson,
MJ). Cantab 177

An Inquiry into Newton's Rule for the Discovery of Imaginary Roots. By
J.J.Sylvester, F.RS 179

Description of a Train of Eleven Suhphide-of-Carbon Prisms arranged for Spectrum Analysis. By J. P. Gassiot, F.RS 183

The Croonian Lecture.—On the Normal Motions of the Human Eye in relation to Binocular Vision. By Professor Hermann Helmholtz, For. Mem. R.S 186

On the Orders and Genera of Quadratic Forms containing more than three Indeterminates. By H. T. Stephen Smith, M.A., F.R.S 100

On some Phenomena exhibited by Gun-cotton and Gunpowder under special conditions of Exposure to Heat. By F. A. Abel, F.R.S 204

On Magnesium. By Dr. T. L. Phipson, F.C.S 217

On the Magnetic Elements and their Secular Variations at Berlin, as observed by A. Erman 21S

On the Action of Chlorine upon Methyl. By C. Schorlemmer, Assistant in
the Laboratory of Owens College, Manchester 225

On the Calculus of Symbols (Fifth Memoir), with Applications to Linear
Partial Differential Equations, and the Calculus of Functions. By W. H.
L. Russell, A.B 227

Second Part of the Supplement to the two Papers on Mortality published in the Philosophical Transactions in 1820 and 1825. By Benjamin Gompertz, F.R.S

Investigations of the Specific Heat of Solid and Liquid Bodies. By Hermann Kopp, Ph.D

On some Foraminifera from the North Atlantic and Arctic Oceans, including Davis Strait and Baffin Bay. By W. Kitchen Parker, F.Z.S., and Professor T. Rupert Jones, F.G.S

Note on the Variations of Density produced by Heat in Mineral Substances.
By Dr. T. L. Phipson, F.C.S 240

On the Spectra of some of the Fixed Stars. By W. Huggins, F.R. AS., and
William A. Miller, M.D., LL.D, Treasurer & V.P.R.S. 242

A Second Memoir on Skew Surfaces, otherwise Scrolls. By A. Cayley,

F.r.s rrr. ..:;'m

On the Differential Equations which determine the form of the Roots of Algebraic Equations. By George Boole, F.R.S., Professor of Mathematics in Queen's College, Cork 246

A Comparison of the most notable Disturbances of the Magnetic Declination in 1858 and 1859 at Kew and Nertschinsk, preceded by a brief Retrospective View of the Progress cf the Investigation into the Laws and Causes of the Magnetic Disturbances. By Major-General Edward Sabine, R.A., President of the Royal Society 247

On the degree of uncertainty which Local Attraction, if not allowed for, occasions in the Map of a Country, and in the Mean Figure of the Earth as determined by Geodesy: a Method of obtaining the Mean Fig-ure free from ambiguity by a comparison of the Anglo-Galnc, Russian, and Indian Arcs: and Speculations on the Constitution of the Earth's Crust. By the Venerable J. H. Pratt, Archdeacon of Calcutta 253

Annual Meeting for the Election of Fellows 276

Description of the Cavern of Bruniquel, and its Organic Contents.—Part I. Human Remains. By Professor Richard Owen, F.R.S 277

On Complex Binary Quadratic Forms. By H. J. Stephen Smith, M.A., F.R.S 278

Inquiries into the National Dietary. By Dr. E. Smith, F.R.S 298

On some Varieties in Human Myology. By John Wood, F.R.C.S 299

Researches on Isomeric Alkaloids. By C. Greville Williams, F.R.S 303

On the Synchronous Distribution of Temperature over the Earth's Surface.
By Henry G, Hennessy, F.R.S 313

L Pa8e

Experimental Researches on Spontaneous Generation. By Gilbert W. Child,

SLD. Oxon. 813

On a Colloid Acid, a Normal Constituent of Human Urine. By William r Marcet, M.D., F.B.S 314

further observations on the Amyloid Substance met with in the Animal Economy. By Bobert M<Donnell,M.D 817

Ascription of a New Mercurial Gasometer and Air-pump. By T. R Robinson, D.D., LL.D., F.R.S 821

.)ti the Distal Communication of the Blood-vessels with the Lymphatics; and on a Diaplasmatic System of Vessels. By Thomas Albert Carter, M.D., M.R.C.P 327

lerial Tides. By Pliny Earle Chase, A.M., S.P.AS 329

)n the Microscopical Structure of Meteorites. By H. C. Sorby, F.R.S. .. 383

-h.i the Functions of the Cerebellum. By W. H. Dickinson, M.D 334

3n the Properties of Silicic Acid and other analogous Colloidal Substances. By Thomas Graham, F.R.S , 836

Researches on the Colouring-matters derived from Coal-tar.—HI. Diphenylamine. By A. W. Hofmann, LL.D., F.R.S 841

A. Table of the Mean Declination of the Magnet in each Decade from January 1858 to December 1863, derived from the Observations made at the Magnetic Observatory at Lisbon; showing the Annual Variation, or Semiannual Inequality to which that element is subject. Drawn up by the Superintendent of the Lisbon Observatory, Senhor da Silveira 847

On Organic Substances artificially formed from Albumen. By Alfred H. Smee, F.C.S 860

On the Reduction and Oxidation of the Colouring-matter of the Blood. By
6.G. Stokes, M.A., Sec. R.S 865

Further Inquiries concerning the Laws and Operation of Electrical Force.
By Sir W. Snow Harris, F.R.S 864

On a New Class of Compounds in which Nitrogen is substituted for
Hydrogen. By Peter Gness 876

New Observations upon the Minute Anatomy of the Papillae of the Frog's Tongue. By Lionel S. Beale, M.B., F.R.&, F.R.C.P 884

Indications of the Paths taken by the Nerve-currents as they traverse the caudate Nerve-cells of the Spinal Cord and Encephalon. By Lionel S. Beale, 1LB., F.R.S., F.R.C.P. (Plate HI.) 386

On the Physical Constitution and Relations of Musical Chords. By Alexander J. Ellis, F.R.S., F.C.P.S 392 —

On the Temperament of Musical Instruments with Fixed Tones. By
Alexander J. Ellis, F.R.S., F.C.P.S 404

On the Calculus of Symbols.—Fourth Memoir. With Applications to the
Theory of Non-Linear Differential Equations. By W. H. L. Russell,
A.B. „ f .'423

fo the Calculus of Symbols.—Fifth Memoir. With Application to Linear
Partial Differential Equations, and the Calculus of Tunctions. By W.
H. L Russell, A.B 432

Page Comparison of Mr. De la Rud's and Padre Seechi's Eclipse Photographs. By Warren De la Rue, F.R.S 442

On Drops. By Frederick Guthrie, Professor of Chemistry and Physics at the Royal College, Mauritius 444

On Drops.—Part H. By Frederick Guthrie, Professor of Chemistry and Physics at the Royal College, Mauritius. (Plates rV. & V.) 457

Ob the Chemical Constitution of Reichenbach'a Creosote.—Preliminary Notice. By Hugo Miiller, Ph.D. , 484

Remarks on the Colouring-matters derived from Coal-tar.—No. TV. Phenyltolylamine. By A. W. Hofmann, LL.D., F.R.S 485

On the Spectra of some of the Netratoe. By W. Huggins, F.R. A.S.;—a Supplement to the Paper "On the Spectra of some of the Fixed Stars," by W. Huggins and W. A. MiUer, M.D., Treas. and V.P.R.S 492

On the Composition of Sea Water in different Parts of the Ocean. By Dr. George Forchhammer, Professor in the University of Copenhagen. .463 & 494

Anniversary Meeting:—

Report of Auditors , 494

List of Fellows deceased, &c 495

elected since last Anniversary ....... 495

First Report of the Scientific Relief Committee, .,.....,.. 495

Address of the President , 497

Presentation of the Medals ..,.,.,. 505

Election of Council and Officers , 617

Financial Statement 518 & 519

Changes and present state of the number of Fellows 630

Researches on certain Ethylphosphates. By Arthur Herbert Church, M, A. Oxon., Professor of Chemistry, Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester,. 530

A Dynamical Theory of the Electromagnetic Field. By Professor J. Clerk Maxwell, F.R.S. 631

On the production of Diabetes artificially in Animals by the external use of Cold. By Henry Bence Jones, M.D., F.R.S , 537

On the Action of Chloride of Iodine upon Organic Bodies. By Maxwell Simpson, M.B., F.R.S. 640

On Fermat's Theorem of the Polygonal Numbers, with Supplement. By the Right Hon. Sir Frederick Pollock, F.R.S 642

On the Structure and Affinities of Eozoon Canadense. In a Letter to the
President. By W. B. Carpenter, M.D., F.R.S 543

On the Functions of the Foetal Liver and Intestines. By Robert James
Lee, B. A. Cantab., Fellow of the Cambridge Philosophical Society ,,,, 549

Completion of the Preliminary Survey of Spitzbergen, undertaken by the
Swedish Government with the view of ascertaining the practicability of
the Measurement of an Arc of the Meridian. In a Letter addressed to
Major-General Sabine by Captain C. Skogman, of the Royal Swedish
Navy: dated Stockholm, Nov. 21,1864. (Plate VI.) 561

On the Sextactic Points of a Plane Curve. By A. Cayley, F.R.S......... 653

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