The Anticancer Drugs

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Oxford University Press, 1979 - 323 стор.
"The strength of this book lies primarily in its superb organization and clarity, and in its accurate, up-to-date review of the information on each agent. The bibliographies are complete and current . . . . I reccomend this book highly." -- The New England Journal of Medicine "Excellent integration of the proposed mechanism of action of the agent, its uses against specific tumor types, and toxicity of the agent in humans... Few texts have achieved such a complete description of all major agents." -- Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences. "Contain[s] a great deal of clinically useful information. In addition, it has an excellent discussion of the biochemical mechanism of action of each drug." -- Drug Intelligence and Clinical Pharmacy "One of the best written summaries of this type during the past two decades." -- Journal of Medicinal Chemistry

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The Cancer Problem
Some Milestones in the Development of Cancer Chemotherapy
Determinants of Responsiveness to Anticancer Drugs
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