The Medical register for the cities of Boston, Cambridge, Charlestown and Chelsea

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Press of J. Wilson, 1873 - 170 стор.

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Сторінка 107 - The board shall take cognizance of the interests of health and life among the citizens of this Commonwealth. They shall make sanitary investigations and inquiries in respect to the people, the causes of disease, and especially of epidemics and the sources of mortality, and the effects of localities, employments, conditions and circumstances, on the public health; and they shall PART ii.] SECRETARY'S REPORT.
Сторінка 108 - No member, except the secretary, shall receive any compensation, but the actual personal expenses of any member while engaged in the duties of the board shall be allowed and paid.
Сторінка 108 - ... corporation for carrying on the business of slaughtering cattle, sheep or other animals, or for melting or rendering establishments, or for other noxious or offensive trades, the state board of health may, if in their judgment the public...
Сторінка 99 - ... respecting articles which are capable of containing or conveying infection or contagion, or of creating sickness, brought into or conveyed from its town, or into or from any vessel.
Сторінка 95 - Surgeons are entitled to an examination for promotion after three years' service in the Navy. In order that the relative position of Assistant Surgeons of the same date, who shall be examined for promotion at different times, may be more readily determined, a majority of the members of the Board will be selected, if practicable, from those who served on the next preceding Board. Assistant Surgeons who are candidates for promotion shall present to the Board testimonials of correct deportment and habits...
Сторінка 103 - Whoever with intent to procure miscarriage of any woman unlawfully administers to her, or advises or prescribes for her, or causes to be taken by her, any poison, drug, medicine or other noxious thing, or unlawfully uses any instrument or other means whatever with the like intent, or with like intent aids or assists therein, shall, if the woman does not die in consequence thereof, be punished by imprisonment in the state prison not exceeding seven years, or by fine not exceeding one thousand dollars.
Сторінка 20 - ... and by soothing mental anguish. To decline attendance, under such circumstances, would be sacrificing to fanciful delicacy, and mistaken liberality, that moral duty, which is independent of, and far superior to, all pecuniary consideration. 6. Consultations should be promoted in difficult or protracted cases, as they give rise to confidence, energy, and more enlarged views in practice.
Сторінка 93 - ... if vacancies happen within two years thereafter, they will receive appointments and take rank in the Medical Corps. An Applicant failing at one examination, may be allowed a second, after two years; but never a third. . Applications must be addressed to the Secretary of War ; must state the residence of the applicant, and the date and place of his birth.
Сторінка 110 - Mayor, or either Board of the City Council, all such professional advice and information as they may request, with a view to the prevention of such disease, and, at all convenient times, when requested, to aid and assist them with their counsel and advice in all matters that relate to the preservation of the health of the inhabitants.
Сторінка 23 - Some general rules should be adopted by the faculty, in every town or district, relative to pecuniary acknowledgments from their patients ; and it should be deemed a point of honor to adhere to these rules with as much uniformity as varying circumstances will admit.

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