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Life Insurance

Easily Understood”

“What Constitutes Good


and are receiving more fayorable comments to-day from an artistic standpoint than all other makes combii


Writo for those pamphlets, which will onablo you to form a moro intelligont judgmont in Insuranco matters.

By our easy payment plan every family in mode circumstances can own a vose piano. We a a liberal price for old instruments in exchange, deliver the piano in your house free of expe You can deal with us at a distant point the

as in Boston. Catalogue, bo etc., giving full informa mailed free. vose & SONS PIANO 160 Boylston St., Boston, M

The Provident Life & Trust Co.

of Philadelphia, 401-409 Chestnut Street.


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Character of Queen Victoria

If You Are Pruder

Reprinted from the Quarterly Review

Pp. 78 with Photograph. Cloth

THIS valuable study of Queen Victoria

attributed to Edmund Gosse, but published anonymously, is one of the most intimate sketches of the great Queen that has appeared in print. It contains details of her life not before printed and is a most careful and scholarly estimate of her character.

Why not be insured, and sav money at the same time? Ou new policy on the endowment plai is the best insurance contract in sued, and is meeting with grea favor. Our booklet, “How an Why," sent free on request, you will find interesting and perhap instructive.

Penn Mutual Life Insurance





7 & 9 WARREN ST.


ESLIE'S WEEKLY devotes two pages every L

week to “ Hints to Money-makers,” written

by JASPER, the famous Wall Street ithority. Subscribers to LESLIE’S WEEKLY at 5.00 per annum, $2.50 for six months, or $1.25 r three months, at the Home Office, 225 Fourth ve., New York, are entitled to answers to questions oncerning stocks and bonds without charge. Thounds have acknowledged that JASPER’S department is made them large profits.

Get a copy of LESLIE'S WEEKLY and read Jasper's Hints to Money-makers.For sale by all news-dealers. Price ten cents.

Or send your subscriptions direct to

to Jasper's Department," Leslie's Weekly, 225 Fourth Ave., New York.

WILLIAM L. MILLER, Advertising Manager

225 Fourth Avenue, New York stern Representative

Eastern Representative IAS. B. NICHOLS

G. C. RIKER 2 Hartford Building The only LESLIE Publication. 25 Journal Building Chicago


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Are you disturbed at night and broken of your rest by a sick child suffering and crying with the excruciating pain of Cutting Teeth? If so, go

at once and get a bottle of MRS. WINSLOW'S SOOTHING SYRUP It will relieve the poor little sufferer immediately-depend upon it; there is no mistake about it. There is not a mother on earth who has ever used it who will not tell you at once that it will regulate the bowels, and give rest to the mother and relief and health to the child, operating like magic. Pleasant to the taste, and is the prescription of one of the oldest and best female physicians and nurses in the United States. Sold everywhere.




A Magazine of Country Life

If you have not read the November This is something we never have done number of OUTDOORS you have missed before, for we sincerely believe that no a treat. If you do not read the De better outdoor magazine is published cember issue it will

and that twelve issues be your fault and not

for $1.00, a little over ours.

two cents a week, is Just to introduce the

very cheap for the magazine to you and

A Magazine of Country Life pleasure and entertainshow you what magnifi

ment that a magazine cent value can be had for

of the standard characthe small sum of $1.00

ter of OUTDOORS will a year, we will send

bring into your you the October, No

home. vember and December

Recreation, the counissues for 25 cents. If,

try home, travel, adhowever, you are wil

venture, nature-studling to take our word

ies, sport, fiction and for it and invest $1.00

poetry-all of these for a year's subscrip

are features of the tion at once, we will

magazine. send you the October,

Outdoor life is the November and Decem

field that we exploit ber issues free, making a fifteen and everything connected with it months' offer for $1.00.

comes within our range.

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Please enter my name as a subscriber to OUTDOORS for

months, for

which I enclose



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