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Сторінка 178 - With fairest flowers, Whilst summer lasts, and I live here, Fidele, I'll sweeten thy sad grave : Thou shalt not lack The flower, that's like thy face, pale primrose ; nor The azur'd hare-bell, like thy veins; no, nor The leaf of eglantine, whom not to slander, Out-sweetened not thy breath...
Сторінка 350 - Ten Censure wrong for one who Writes amiss ; A Fool might once himself alone expose, Now One in Verse makes many more in Prose.
Сторінка 343 - THE | HISTORY | OF THE | ADVENTURES | OF | JOSEPH ANDREWS, | And of his Friend | Mr. Abraham Adams. | Written in Imitation of | the Manner of Cervantes, | Author of Don Quixote.
Сторінка 270 - And in hymself he lough right at the wo Of hem that wepten for his deth so faste, And dampned al oure werk that foloweth so The blynde lust, the which that may nat laste.
Сторінка 521 - Tis like making a question concerning the paper on which a king's message is written. Shakspeare is as much out of the category of eminent authors, as he is out of the crowd. He is inconceivably wise, the others conceivably. A good reader can in a sort nestle into Plato's brain, and think from thence, but not into Shakspeare's. We are still out of doors.
Сторінка 477 - Là pour nous enchanter tout est mis en usage; Tout prend un corps, une âme, un esprit, un visage. Chaque vertu devient une divinité : Minerve est la prudence, et Vénus la beauté. Ce n'est plus la vapeur qui produit le tonnerre, C'est Jupiter armé pour effrayer la terre; Un orage terrible aux yeux...
Сторінка 324 - ... no two things can possibly be more distinct from each other: for Greatness consists in bringing all manner of mischief on mankind, and Goodness in removing it from them.
Сторінка 341 - ... be nearly allied to deceit; yet when it comes from vanity only, it partakes of the nature of ostentation: for instance, the affectation of liberality in a vain man differs visibly from the same affectation in the avaricious; for...
Сторінка 338 - Now a comic romance is a comic epic-poem in prose; differing from comedy, as the serious epic from tragedy: its action being more extended and comprehensive; containing a much larger circle of incidents, and introducing a greater variety of characters. It differs from the serious romance in its fable and action, in this; that as in the one these are grave and solemn, so in the other they are light and ridiculous: it differs in its characters, by introducing persons of inferiour rank, and consequently...
Сторінка 340 - But to illustrate all this by another science, in which, perhaps, 'we shall see the distinction more clearly and plainly, let us examine the works of a comic history painter, with those performances which the Italians call caricatura...

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