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an account of rare, curious, and use-
ful books, published in or relating
to Great Britain and Ireland, from
the invention of printing; with
bibliographical and critical notices,
collations of the rarer articles, and
the prices at which they have been

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New edition, revised, corrected, and
enlarged; with an appendix relating
to the books of literary and scien-
t; ific Societ, i.e. s.


in six volume 3

Bell & Daldy, 6, York Street,
Covent Garden, and 186,
Fleet Stre at .
lso 65.

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LowNDEs’ BIBLIOGRAPHER's MANUAL having become an extremely scarce and expensive work, selling at auction for upwards of seven pounds, with a prospect of its increasing in price, the present Publisher thought he should render an acceptable service to the Book-collector, and especially to Booksellers, by reissuing it in a cheap and popular form. With this view he purchased the copyright from the late Mr. Picker. ing's executors, intending to confine himself to a verbatim reprint, with the exception only of such corrections and > additions as had already been made in his own business copy, or might chance to be communicated by friends. But, on examining the first few proofs, he unexpectedly found so much to correct and complete, that he felt it necessary to change his plans, and bestow considerably more care upon the editing than he originally contemplated. Accordingly every sheet has been read over at least four times, once by himself, the others by his assistants; notwithstanding which, he has - reason to fear that many errors and omissions will remain. It has not been attempted to make the book perfect, but merely to amend and improve it, by supplying manifest deficiencies, and completing the accounts of such works as were in progress when Lowndes wrote. Some of the additions are marked by brackets; but this plan having, in many instances,

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