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Talfourd (Mr. Serjeant) Speech on Moving for the " BUI on the Law of Copyright."
(Ath. Coll . vol. 73.) 8° London, 1837.

Speech in the House of Commons, on moving the second reading of the Copy-
right Bill. (Ath. Coll. vol. 103.) 8° London, 1838.

see Copyright.

Speech for the Defendant, in the prosecution of the Queen v. Moxon, for the

publication of Shelley's Works. (Ath. Coll. vol. 152.) 8° London, 1841.
Tallmadge (Judge) Review of the Opinion of Judge Cowen in the case of Alexander

McLeod. (Misc.Coll.vol.il.) 8° New York, 1841.
Talrich (Dr.)—see Catalogue. et Halma-Grand. Cicatrisation des Plaies Artérielles. (Ath. Coll. vol. 11.)

8° Paris, 1831.
Taylor (Sir Herbert) Remarks on an Artiole in the Edinburgh Review, No. 135, on

the Times of George ш. and iv. (Ath. Coll. vol. 103.) 8° London, 1838.

(John) The Music Speech, at Cambridge, July 6th, 1730; with an Ode

designed to have been then set to Music. (Nasm. Coll. vol. 14.) 8° London, 1730.

(John) Negro Emancipation, and West Indian Independence, the True Interest

of Great Britain. (Am. Coll. vol. 29.) 8° Liverpool, 1824.

On the Profits of Mining in England, in relation to the Prospects of Mining

in Mexico. (Ath. Coll. vol. 24.) 8° London, 1825.

Who pays the Taxes? (Ath. Coll. vol. 148.) 8° London, 1841.

■ (Richard) Letter on the conduct of the Lords of the Treasury with regard to

the Gresham Trusts, and the Re-building of the Royal Exchange. (Ath. Coll.
vol. 118.) 8° London, 1839.

(William Cooke) Factories and the Factory System, from Parliamentary Docu-
ments and Personal Examination. (Ath. Coll . vol. 172.) 8° London, 1844.

see Factories, and Factory System.

Taxation. Read, Compare, and Judge Facts. (Ath. Coll. vol . 148.) 8° London, 1841.

Tebar (C. Antonio Minios) Manifiesto por orden de S. E. el Libertador de Venezuela.
(Mack. Coll. vol. 12.) 8° Caracas, 1814.

Tego (Thomas) Remarks on the Speech of Serjeant Talfourd, on the Law of Copy-
right. (Ath. Coll. vol. 103.) 8° London, 1837.

Tench (Major) Letters written in France, between November, 1794, and May, 1795.

(M. Pitt Coll . vol. 139.) 8° London, 1796.
Tenison (Archbishop) His Last Will and Testament. (Nasm. Coll. vol. 24.) 8°

London, 1716.
Tennant (C.) On Systematic Colonization. (Ath. Coll. vol. 36.) 8° London, 1830.
Tennessee (West) Committee of Finance Report for 1825, 1826. (Am. Coll.vol.42.)

12° Tennessee, 1827.
Ten Tribes. An Inquiry respecting their Destiny. (Ath. Coll. vol. 156.) 8°

London, 1840.
Terceira. Reflections on the Self-styled Regency of the Island of Terceira. (Ath.

Coll. vol. 4.) 8° London, 1830.
Texas.—see Channing.
Te Y.n H Am (Lord) How it must Work: an Address to the Freeholders and Electors

of the United Empire. (Ath. Coll. vol. 30.) 8° London, 1832.

Thames. Considerations on the Present State of the Navigation of the River Thames;

and on the Utility of a Navigable Canal from Maidenhead to Isle worth. (M. Pitt

Coll . vol . 128.) 8° London, 1791. Report of the Committee on Mr. Martin's Plan for the Improvement of the

Thames. (Misc. Coll. vol. 6.) 4° London, 1836.

Tunnel. An Exposition of Facts and Circumstances relating to the Thames

Tunnel, its Object, &c., by Sir I. M. Brunel. (Ath. Coll. vol. 47.) 8° London, 1833

Thames Tunnel. Rapport à l'Académie des Beaux Arts de l'Institut, par В. Schlick, sur le Tunnel sous la Tamise à Londres. (Mise. Coll. vol. 3.) 4° Paris, 1826.

Letter to G. H. Wollaston, on the Affairs of the Thames Tunnel Company.

(Ath. Coll. vol. 23.) 8° London, 1828.

Theatrical (The) Campaign, for 1766-67. (Nasm. Coll . vol. 18.) 8° London, 1767. Thelwall (A. S.) The Iniquities of the Opium Trade with China. (Ath. Coll . vol .

126.) 8° London, 1837. Thicknesse (Philip) On the Customs and Manners of the French. (Nasm. Coll .

vol . 16.) 8° London, 1766. Thiers (M.) Discours et Opinion sur les Affaires d'Espagne. (Ath. Coll . vol . 65.)

8° Paris, 1837.

Discours prononcés dans les Séances des 17 et 22 Janvier, 1844, en réponse au

Discours de la Couronne. (Ath. Coll. vol. 183.) 8° Paris, 1844.

Things as they Are. ( M. Pitt Coll. vol. 56.) 8° London, 1758.
Thirlwall (Bishop Connop) Letter to Dr. Thomas Turton, on the Admission of
Dissenters to Academical Degrees. (Ath. Coll. vol. 43.) 8° Cambridge, 1834.

Second Edition, with a Second Letter. (Ath. Coll. vol . 43.) 8° Cambridge, 1834.

A Charge to the Clergy of the Diocese of St . David's, at his primary Visita

tion in 1842. (Charges, vol . 4.) 8° London, 1842. see Whewell.

Thompson (E.) A Triumph of Christianity. ( Tract. Controv. voL 9.) 8° London, 1841. Thomson (Charles) Observations upon Parliamentary Pledges by Candidates to their

Constituents. (Ath. Coll. vol . 83.) 8° London, 1837. (C. Poulett) Speech on the State of Taxation of the Kingdom. (Ath. Coll .

vol. 14.) 8° London, 1830. Thornton (E.) On the Report of the Bullion Committee; with Remarks on the

Work of Francis Blake. (Bullion Coll. vol. 1.) 8° London, 1811. (Henry) Historical Summary of the Corn Laws. (Corn L. Coll . vol . 2.) 8°

London, 1841. (William T.) The true Consequences of the Repeal of the Corn Laws. (Corn

L. Coll. vol. 2.) 8° London, 1841. Thorp (Robert) Practical Conservatism: its nature and uses; with an Appendix, on

Conservative Statesmen in Parliament. (Ath. Coll. vol. 109.) 8° London, 1840. Liberty of the Subject 1 Reasons for the Freedom of the Sheriff, deduced from

the Laws of England. (Ath. Coll. vol. 133.) 8° London, 1840.

(Archdeacon Thomas) The Commemoration Sermon, preached December

16th, 1830. (Sermons, vol. 1.) 8° Cambridge (privately printed), 1831.

Individual Vice, Social Sin ; a Sermon. (Sermons, vol . 1.) 8° London, 1832.

On Obsolete Rules; a Sermon. (Sermons, vol . 1.) 8° Cambridge, 1834.

The Profitableness of the Christian Ministry; a Sermon. (Sermons, vol. 1.)

8° Cambridge. 1834.

On Religious Education; a Sermon. (Sermons, vol . 1.) 8° Cambridge, 1834.

A Sermon, preached on Easter Day, 1834. (Sermons, vol . 1.) 8° Cam

bridge, 1834.

The Commemoration Sermon preached at Cambridge, December 14, 1835.

(Sermons, vol. 3.) 8° Cambridge, 1836.

A Charge, delivered at the First Visitation of the Archdeaconry of Bristol, in

1837. (Charges, vol. 1.) 8° Cambridge, 1837. Sermon at the Foundation of the Hannah More Schools; with Appendix, containing an Account of the Institution. (Misc. Coll. vol . 9.) 8° Bristol, 1838. The Students' Walk ; a Sermon. (Sermons, vol. 4.) 8° Cambridge, 1840.

Thorpe (Dr. Robert) Reply to Mr. Macaulay's Letter on the African Institution. (Mack. Coll . vol. 20.) 8° London, 1815.

Thorpe (Dr. Robert) On the Sierra Leone Company and African Institution. (Mack.

Coll. vol. 20.) 8° London, 1815.

see African Institution.

(W.) Review of a Letter from the Rev. W. SeweU to Dr. E. B. Pusey, on No.

90 Tracts for the Times. (Tract. Controv. vol. 6.) 8° London, 1841.

Thprloe's State Papers. Letter on their Publication! with an impartial Account of
the Author and the Book. (M. Pitt CoU. vol. 33.) 8° London, 1742.

[tickell (Richard)] La Cassette Verte de M. de Sartine, trouvée chez Mdlle. Du
Thé. (M. Pitt CoU. vol . 92.) 8° La Haye, 1779.

Tilgh.mAn (Chief Justice William)—see Binney, and Du Ponceau.

Tithes. Animadversions on a Rev. Prelate's Remarks upon the Bill to prevent Suits

for Tythes. (Nasm. Coll. vol. 10.) 8° London, 1731. An Essay on the Tithe System. (Ath. Coll. vol. 44.) 8° Oxford, 1822.

Observations on the Causes of the Evils resulting from the Tithe System; with

Suggestions for a Remedy. (Ath. Coll. vol. 33.) 8° London, 1831. Thoughts on ancient and modem Tithes. (Ath. Coll. vol. 33.) 8° London, 1832.

Letters to Lord Althorp, on his proposed Change of the Tithe System, and the

Working of the Poor Laws ; with Plan of Extensive Relief for the Landed Interest .
(Ath. Coll. vols. 33 and 45.) 8° London, 1833.

Observations on Tithes, shewing their Oppressive Operation on the Cultivation

of Land. (Ath. Coll. vol. 44.) 8° London, 1834.

Letter to the Members for Kent, shewing Tithes to be a Legislative Impost .

(Ath, Coll. vol. 66.) 8° London, 1835. Observations on the English Tithe Bill, and on the Rev. R. Jones's Remarks.

(Ath. CoU. vol. 66.) 8° London, 1836.

• Report of the Case in the Exchequer Court, of the Archdeacon of Killaloe versus

John Gavan and others, for recovery of Tithes. (Ath. Coll. vol . 62.) 8°
Dublin, 1836.

The Total Extinction of Tithe and Sale of all Church Property recommended,

by Vetus. (Ath. Coll . vol 136.) 8° London, 1840.

To Be, or Not to Be, a Nation? that is the Question. (Union Coll . vol . 2.) 8°

Dublin, 1799.
[todd (Dr. James H.)] Remarks on a Pamphlet , entitled a " Letter of Pope Gregory

xvi. to the Bishops of Ireland." (Ath. Coll. vol . 70.) 8° Dublin, 1836.
Toft (Mary)—see Manningham.
Toleration. The Right of the Protestant Dissenters to a Compleat Toleration asserted.

(M. Pitt Coll. vol. 126.) 8° London, 1789.

A Collection of Testimonies in favour of Religious Liberty in the case of the

Dissenters, Roman Catholics, and Jews. (M. Pitt Coll. vol . 126.) 8° London, 1790.

[tomkins (Isaac)] Thoughts upon the Aristocracy of England. (Ath. Coll. vol. 54.)
8° London, 1835.

Epistle Dedicatory to Isaac Tomkins, on the Free Grammar Schools of Eng-
land. (Ath. CoU. vol . 54.) 8° London, 1835.

Tooke (John Home) A Letter to a Friend, on the reported Marriage of the Prince of

Wales. (M. Pitt CoU. vol. 120.) 8° London, 1787. A Letter to John Home Tooke, occasioned by his Two Pair of Portraits.

(M.Pitt Coll.vol. 125.) 8° London, 1789.

■ (Thomas) Letter to Lord Grenville, on the Effects ascribed to the Resumption

of Cash Payments. (Ath. CoU. vol. 14.) 8° London, 1829. see Torrens.

Tophet; or, Modem Illuminism; a Political Tract for the Times. (Ath. ColL
vol . 185.) 8° London, 1844.

Torquemada The Youngbb. Letter to the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Oxford, and the learned Doctors who assisted him on a late occasion. (Tract . Controv. vol. 13.) 8° London, 1843.

Tokrens (Colonel R.) On the External Corn Trade. (Mack. Coll. vol. 19.) 8° London, 1815.

Three Letters to the Marquis of Chandos, on the effects of the Com Laws.

(Ath. Coll . vol. 114.) 8° London, 1839.

Letters on Commercial Policy. (Ath. Coll. vol . 37.) 8° London, 1833.

Letter to Lord Melbourne, on the Derangement in the Money Market, and on

Bank Reform. (Ath. Coll. vol. 69.) 8° London, 1837.

A Letter to Mr. Tooke, in reply to his Objections against the separation of the

Business of the Bank into a Department of Issue, and a Department of Deposit and Discount ¡ with a Plan of Bank Reform. (Ath. Coll. vol. 122.) 8° London, 1840

Inquiry into the Practical Working of the proposed Arrangements for the Renewal of the Bank Charter. (Ath. Coll. vol. 176.) 8° London, 1844.

Reply to the Objections of the Westminster Review, to the Government Plan

for the Regulation of the Currency. (Ath. Coll . vol. 176.) 8° London, 1844.

On the Condition of England, and on the means of removing the Causes of

Distress; with Postscript. (Ath. Coll. vol. 169.) 8° London, 1843.

Letter to Lord Ashley, on the principles which regulate Wages, and on the

manner in which they would be reduced, by a Ten Hours' Bill. (Ath. Coll. vol. 172.) 8° London, 1844.

Letter to N. W. Senior, in reply to the Article "Free Trade and Retaliation,"

in the Edinburgh Review, No. 157. (Ath. Coll. vol. 177.) 8° Loudon, 1844.

Tory. Sentiments of a Tory in respect to a late important Transaction. (M. Pitt Coll.

vol. 30.) 8° London, 1741. A Letter to the Tories; with Three Letters to the Whigs in answer. (M .

Pitt Coll. vol. 44.) 8° London, 1748.

The Honest Grief of a Tory expressed, in two genuine Letters from Wiltshire

(M . Pitt Coll. vol. 57.) 8° London, 1759.

Tories, Whigs, and Radicals, in Answer to a Letter by Sir E. L. Bulwer.

(Ath. Coll. vol. 53.) 8° London, 1834.

Party (The) Are they not to be feared? (Ath. Coll. vol. 51.) 8° Lon

don, 1834. ТoTtгс (T. W.) Statement of the Trusts and Administrations of Lady Hewley's

Charities. (Ath. Coll. vol. 9.) 8° London, 1884. ToWnsend (—) The Dawn of Freedom ; a Political Satire. ( Ath. Coll . vol. 41.) 8°

London, 1832. Townshend (Charles) A Letter to the Right Hon. Charles Townshend. (M. Pitt Coll.

vol . 61.) 8° London, 1763.

(George) A Plan for Abolishing Pluralities and Non. Residence in the Church

of England. (Ath. Coll. vol. 33.) 8° London, 1833.

Tracts Vor The Tutes, No. 89. On the Mysticism attributed to the Early Fathers of

the Church. (Tract. Controv. vol . 9.) 8° London, 1841. No. 90, by the Rev. J. H. Newman. (Tract. Controv. vol . 6.) 8° London, 1841.

Certain Documents connected with Tract No. 90. (Tract . Controv. vol . 6.)

8° Oxford, 1841.

Some Documents connected with No. 90. (Tract. Controv. vol. 6.) 8°

Oxford, 1841.

A Letter to the Author of Tract No. 90. (Tract. Controv. vol. 6.) 8°

Oxford, 1841.

Strictures on Tract No. 90, in Two Parts. (Tract . Controv. vol . 7.) 8°

Oxford, 1841.

Tracts For The Times. Oxford, or Rome? a Letter to Rev. J. H. Newman, on No. 90. (Tract. Controv. vol. 7.) 8° London, 1841.

A Peep into No. 90, by Charlotte Elizabeth. (Tract . Controv. vol. 7.) 8°

London, 1841.

Specimens of the Theological Teaching of certain Members of the Corpus

Committee, at Oxford. (Ath. Coll. vol. 64.) 8° London, 1836.

Letters on the Tracts for the Times; with an Appendix and Notes. (Tract .

Controv. vol. 8.) 8° Oxford, 1841.

Extracts from the Tracts for the Times; showing that to oppose UltraProtestantism is not to fevour Popery. (Tract. Controv. vol. 8.) 8° London, 1841.

A few Remarks on the Idolatrous Tendency of some parts of the Oxford

Tracts. (Tract . Controv. vol. 8.) 8° London, 1839.

A Letter to certain Lay-Members of the Church of England who have

memorialized the Primate on the "Tracts for the Times." (Tract. Controv. vol. 10.) 8° London, 1842.

A Tract for the Times, No. 91, by a Bystander. (Tract . Controv. vol. 7.)

8° London, 1841.

A New Tract for the Times: the "Church Principles" of Nice, Rome, and

Oxford. (Tract . Controv. vol. 10.) 8° London, 1842.

— see Bagot, Jelf, Linwood, Maurice, Newman, Perceval, Pope, Pusey, and

Ward. Tracy (Darby) Letter to Mr. D. Feagan, wherein is proved the effects which an

Union with Great Britain will have on the Common People of Ireland; with an

Answer. (Union Coll. vol. 7.) 8° Dublin, 1799.

see Feagan.

Trade. A Proposal for Encouraging and Improving of Trade in General. (M. Pitt . Coll. vol. 18.) 8° London, 1721.

Letter on the Support of Trade, by a True Englishman. (M. Pitt Coll. vol. 23. )

8° London, 1734.

Dissertation on the present Conjuncture with regard to Trade. (M. Pitt Coll.

vol. 27.) 8° London, 1739.

Present State of British and French Trade to Africa and America. (M. Pitt

Coll. vol . 41.) 8° London, 1745.

The State of Trade in the Northern Colonies considered; with an Account of

Nova Scotia. (M. Pitt Coll . vol . 44.) 8° London, 1748.

Proposals made by the Prince of Orange to the States-General, for redressing

and amending the Trade of the Republick. (M. Pitt Coll. vol . 46.) 8° London, 1751.

New and Old Principles of Trade compared; or, a Treatise on the Principles

of Commerce between Nations. (M . Pitt Coll. vol. 122.) 8° London, 1788.

Observations on that part of the Speaker's Speech which relates to Trade.

(Union Coll. vol . 5.) 8° Dublin, 1799. Trade And Credit. Remarks suggested by the present state of Trade and Credit. (Ath. Coll. vol . 125.) 8° London, 1840.

Another Edition ; with Corrections and Additions. (Ath. Coll. vol. 167.) 8°

London, 1842.

Trades' Unions. Character, Object, and Effects of Trades' Unions; with some Remarks on the Law concerning them. (Ath. Coll . vol. 48.) 8° London, 1834.

Traill (James) A Letter to Lord Brougham, on the Police Reports and the Police Bills. (Ath. Coll. vol 115.) 8° London, 1839.

Transactions of the Royal Astronomical Society, vols. 1 to 6, 1831-1844. (Ath. Coll. vol . 166.) 8° London, 1842.

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