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Bryant (Jacob) Dissertation on the War of Troy, shewing that no such Expedition was ever undertaken. 4° London, 1796.

Observations on J. B. Morritt's Vindication of Homer. 4°

Eton, 1799.

An Expostulation, addressed to the British Critic. 4° Eton,

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1810. Restituía; or, Tides, Extracts, and Characters of Old Books, in

Engl i sh Literature, revived. 4 vols. 8° London, 1814.

Censura Literaria; containing Titles, Abstracts, and Opinions of

Old English Books. 10 vols. 8° London, 1815. see Topographer.

Buchanan (Francis) A Journey from Madras, through the Mysore, Canara, and Malabar.—Pinkerton's Voyages, vol. 8.

(Georgius) Rerum Scoticarum Historia; access. De Jure Regni

apud Scotos, eodem auctore. Folio. [Genevae,] ad exemp.Edimb. 1583.

Rerum Scoticarum Historia; cum Notis, cura Jac. Man. 8°

Abredonensis, 1762. Memoirs of Life and Writings; by David Irving. 8° Edinb. 1807.

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(James Silk) Evils and Remedies of the present System of Popular

Elections. 12° London, 1841. Buckland (Professor William) Reliquiae Diluvianae; or, Observations on

the Organic Remains attesting the action of an Universal Deluge.

4° London, 1824.

Geology and Mineralogy considered with reference to Natural

Theology. 2 vols. 8° London, 1837.

see Crawford.

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Bud^us (Gul.) Commentarii Linguae Graecae. Folio. Venetae, 1530.

Buderus (Chr. G.)—see Struvius.

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Bullet (J. B.) Mémoires sur la Langue Celtique, contenant un Dictionnaire &c. de cette langue. 3 vols, folio. Dijon, 1754,■

Bulletin Des Sciences.—see Fcrusac.

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1810-12. Bullock (W.) Six Months' Residence and Travels in Mexico. 8°

London, 1824.

Another Edition. 2 vols. 12° London, 1825.

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Paul Clifford; a Novel. 12° London, 1838.

Bunsen (Christ. C. J.) Die Basiliken des Christlichen Roms, nach ihrem Zusammenhange, mit Idee und Geschichte der Kirchenbaukunst dargestellt. 2 vols. 4° Munchen, 1844.

see Rome.

Bunyan (John) The Pilgrim's Progress from this world to that which is to come. 8° London, 1760.

Twenty-two Designs in outline, illustrative of "The Pilgrim's

Progress," by Henry C. Selous. Folio. London, 1844.

Buommattei (Benedetto) Della Lingua Toscana. 2 vols. 8° Milano,

1807. Buonarroti (Michelagnolo) La Tancia, Commedia Rusticale.—Parnaso

Italiano, tomo 33; Teatro Ital. Ant., tom. 10. (Ph.) Conspiration pour l'Egalité dite de Babeuf. 2 vols. 8°

Bruxelles, 1828. BueChieLLo.—see Raccolta di Poesie Liriche. Burckhardt (John Lewis) Travels in Syria and the Holy Land. 4°

London, 1822.

Travels in Nubia. 4° London, 1822.

Travels in Arabia, comprehending an Account of those territories in Hedjaz regarded as sacred. 4° London, 1829.

Notes on the Bedouins and Wahábys. 4° London, 1830.

Arabic Proverbs; or, the Manners and Customs of the Modern

Egyptians, illustrated from their Proverbial Sayings current at Cairo,

translated and explained. 4° London, 1830. Burdach (C. F.) Traité de Physiologie; traduit par A. J. L. Jourdan.

9 vols. 8° Paris, 1837-41. Burdus (Th.) A Popish Prince the Subversion of Protestant Liberty:

a Charge. 4° London, 1745. Buret De Longchamps. Fastes Universels; ou, Tableaux Historiques,

Chronologiques, et Géographiques, contenant l'Origine et les Progrès

de tous les Peuples, l'Histoire des Religions et de la Philosophie, les

Découvertes dans les Sciences, et une Notice sur les Hommes célèbres.

Oblong folio. Bruxelles, 1822. [burge (William)] Letter to Sir G. Murray, relative to the Deportation

of Lecesne and Escoffery from Jamaica. 8° London (privately

printed), 1829. Buruess (Richard) The Topography and Antiquities of Rome; including the Discoveries made about the Forum and Via Sacra. 2 vols.

8° London, 1831. Description of the Circus on the Via Appia, near Rome; with

some Account of the Circensian Games. 12° London, 1828.

Greece and the Levant; or, Diary of a Summer's Excursion in

1834. 2 vols. 12° London, 1835.

Lectures on the Insufficiency of Unrevealed Religion. 8°

London, 1832.

J Un с. к ss (Bishop Thomas) Life, by John S. Harford. 8° London, 1840.

Burghersd (Lord) Memoir of the Operations of the Allied Armies under Prince Schwarzenbcrg and Marshal Blucher, in 1813-14. 8° London, 1822.

Bubghley (William Cecill, Lord) State Papers relating to Affairs in the reigns of Kings Henry Viii. and Edward vi., and Queens Mary and Elizabeth, from 1542 to 1596; edited by Samuel Haynes and William Murdin. 2 vob. fol. London, 1740-59.

Burgoyne (Lieut.-Gen. J.) Dramatic and Poetical Works; with Memoirs of the Author. 2 vols. 18° London, 1807.

Burgundy. Laws.—Canciani Barbarorum Leges, vol. 4.

Burke (Edmund) The Works, and his Epistolary Correspondence with Dr. French Laurence. 17 vols. 8° London, 1815-27.

An Account of the European Settlements in America. 2 vols.

8° London, 1808.

Speeches in the House of Commons, and in Westminster Hall.

4 vols. 8° London, 1816.

Memoir of his Life and Character; with Specimens of his Poetry

and Letters, and an Estimate of his genius and talents, by James Prior. 2 vols. 8° London, 1826.

(John) Dictionary of the Peerages of England, extinct, dormant, and in abeyance. 8° London, 1831.

Dictionary of the Peerages of England, Ireland, and Scotland,

extinct, dormant, and in abeyance. 8° London, 1840.

Dictionary of the Peerage and Baronetage of the British Empire. 2 vols. 8° London, 1832.

Another Edition. 8° London, 1841.

Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Commoners of Great

Britain and Ireland. 4 vols. 8° London, 1833-8.

General Armory of England, Scotland, and Ireland. 8°

London, 1843.

Burmah, Siam, &c.—Condor's Modern Traveller, vol. 11.
Burmann (P.)—see Claudian, and Valerius Flaccus.

Burn (David) Plays, and Fugitive Pieces in verse and prose. 2 vols. in 1. 8° Hobart Town, 1842.

(John I.) On Population and Home Colonization. 12°

London, 1838.

(Richard) Ecclesiastical Law; with Notes, by S. Fraser. 4 vols.

8° London, 1809. The Justice of the Peace and Parish Officer, enlarged, with a

new collection of Precedents, by J. and T. Chitty. 6 vols. 8°

London, 1831. Burnaby (And.) Travels through the Middle Settlements in North

America, in 1759-60.—Pinkerton's Voyages, vol. 13.

Burnes (Sir Alex.) Travels into Bokhara; being the Account of a Journey from India to Cabool, Tartary, and Persia; also Narrative of a Voyage on the Indus. 3 vols. 8° London, 1834.

(James) A Narrative of a Visit to the Court of Sinde; a Sketch

of the History of Cutch; and the Medical Topography of Bhooj. 8° Edinburgh, 1831.

Burnet (Bishop Gilbert) The History of the Reformation of the Church of England; with General Index. 4 vols. in 7. 8° Oxford, 1829.

History of his Own Time; with the suppressed passages, and

Notes by the Earls of Dartmouth and Hardwicke, and Speaker Onslow; and the Cursory Remarks of Dean Swift. 6 vols. 8° Oxford, 1823.

Memoirs of the Lives and Actions of James and William, Dukes

of Hamilton and Chastelherald; with an Account of the Civil Wars in Scotland, from 1625 to 1652, and many Letters, Instructions, and other Papers, written by King Charles i. Folio. London, 1677.

Travels through Switzerland, Italy, and the Low Countries.—

Harris's Voyages, vol. 2.

Exposition of the Thirty-Nine Articles; with Notes, by J. R.

Page. 8° London, 1837.

see Stillingfleet.

(Thomas) The Sacred Theory of the Earth. 2 vols. 8°

London, 1719.

Burney Manuscripts.—see Catalogue.

Burney (Charles) A General History of Music, from the earliest ages to the present period. 4 vols. 4° London, 1789.

(Capt. James) A Chronological History of the Discoveries in the

South Sea, or Pacific Ocean. 5 vols. 4° London, 1803-17.

A Chronological History of North-Eastern Voyages of Discovery

and early Eastern Navigations of the Russians. 8° London, 1819.

(Miss) Cecilia.—British Novelists, vols. 40 to 42

Evelina.—British Novelists, vols. 38, 39.

Burns (Robert) The Works; with his Life, by Allan Cunningham. 8 vols. 12° London, 1834.

— Poems.—British Poets, vols. 75, 76.

Burton (James) Excerpta Hieroglyphica. 4° (Privately printed.) 1828.

(Robert) The Anatomy of Melancholy. Folio. London, 1676.

(Thomas) Diary of the Parliaments of Oliver and Richard

Cromwell, from 1656 to 1659, now first published; with an Account of the Parliament of 1654, from the Journal of Gibbon Goddard; edited and illustrated with Notes by John T. Rutt. 4 vols. 8° London, 1828.

(William) Commentary on Antoninus his Itinerary, so far as it

concerneth Britain; with Indexes. Folio. London, 1658.

(W. H.) An Elementary Compendium of the Law of Real

Property. 8° London, 1828.

Burtonenses Annales.—see Gale Scriptores, vol. 1.

Busk (M. M.) The History of Spain and Portugal, from B.c. 1000 to A.d. 1814. 8° London, 1833.

Busone Da Gubbio. Fortunatus Siculus, ossia l'Avventuroso Ciciliano: Romanza Storico scritto nel M.ccc.xi. ed ora per la prima volta pubblicato da G. F. Nott. 8° Firenze, 1832.

Butler (Alban) Lives of the Primitive Fathers, Martyrs, and other Principal Saints; with the Life of the Author. 12 vols. 8° Edinburgh, 1798.

Butlee (Charles) Horae Biblicae; a Series of Notes on the Original Text, early Versions and Editions of the Old and New Testament, and on the Sacred Books of the Mohammedans, Hindoos, &c. 2 vols. 8° London (privately printed), 1797-1802.

Hone Jurídicae Subsecivae; or, Notes on the Grecian, Roman,

Feudal, and Canon Law. 8° London, 1807.

Historical Memoirs of the English, Irish and Scottish Catholics,

since the Reformation. 4 vols. 8° London, 1822.

Reminiscences. 2 vols. 8° London, 1824.

see Phillpotts, and Southey.

(Bishop Joseph) Analogy of Religion to the Constitution and

Course of Nature; and two Dissertations on personal Identity and the nature of Virtue; with Life, by Bishop Halifax. 8° Oxf. 1820.

Sermons, at the Rolls Chapel, and on Public Occasions. 8°

Edinburgh, 1823.

(Samuel) Hudibras; with Annotations and a Preface, by Zachary

Grey. 2 vols. 8° Cambridge, 1744.

The Genuine Remains, in Prose and Verse; with Notes, by

R. Thyer. 2 vols. 8° London, 1759.

Poems.—British Poets, vols. 21, 22.

(Bishop Samuel)—see -3£schylus.

Buttmann (P.) Lexilogus; or, Critical Examination of Greek words and passages; translated, with Notes and Indexes, by J. R. Fishlake. 8° London, 1836.

Buxton (Sir Thomas Fowell) The African Slave Trade. 8° Lond. 1839.

Bynkershoek (Corn, van) Opera,—viz., Observationes Juris Romani, Quaestiones Juris Publici, et Opera Minora. 6 vols. 4° Lugd. Bat. 1752.

Traité du Juge competant des Ambassadeurs.—see Wicquefort.

Byron (Commodore)—see Hawkesworth.

(Lord) Works. 8 vols. 12° London, 1831.

Works; with his Letters and Life, by Thomas Moore. 17 vols.

12° London, 1835.

Le Pélerinage de Childe Harold; traduit par G. Pauthier. 12°

Paris, 1828.

Letters and Journals; with Notices of his Life, by Thomas

Moore. 2 vols. 4° London, 1830.

Life, by John Galt. 12° London, 1830.

Review of his Life and Character. (From the British Critic for

April, 1831.) 12° London, 1833.

Byzantine Historians. Corpus Scriptorum Historiae Byzantinae, editio emendatior et copiosior, consilio B. G. Niebuhrii instituta, auetoritate Acad. Litterarum Regiae Borussicae continuata. 44 vols. 8° Bonnae, 1832-43.

see Stritterus, Memoriae Populorum.

Ca Da Mosto (Alvise da) Navigationi.—Ramusio, tomo 1.

Cabala: Mysteries of State and Government, in Letters of Illustrious Persons in the reigns of Henry Viii. to Charles i.; with a Second Part of Original Letters. Folio. London, 1691.

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