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Anglesey (Case of Ann, Countess of) and her three surviving Daughters. (Nasm.

Coll. vol. 16.) 8° London, 1766.

(The Marquis of)—see Gregory.

Anolo-catholiccs. What are the English Roman Catholics to do? (Ath. Coll.

vol. 146.) 8° London, 1841. Anichini (P.) Remarks on the present laws of Marriage, Adultery, and Seduction, in

England. (Ath. Coll . vol. 77.) 8° London, 1835. A Few Remarks on the Anniversary Dinner of the Literary Fund Society,

1838. (Ath. Coll. vol. 103.) 8° London, 1838. Animal Magnetism (A Short Sketch of). (Ath. Coll. vol. 99.) 8° London, 1838.

Anjou's (The Duke of) Succession considered as to its Legality and Consequences. Two parts; with an Answer. (M. Pitt Coll. vol. 7.) 4° London, 1701.

Anketei. (W. R.) The conduct of the resident Landlords of Ireland contrasted with that of the Absentees. (Ath. Coll. vol . 174.) 8° London, 1844.

Anne (Queen) A Collection of all her Majesty's Speeches, Messages, &c., from her Accession to June 1712. (M. Pitt Coll. vol. 12.) 8° London, 1712.

(Good Queen) Vindicated, and the Ingratitude, Insolence, &c., of her Whig

Ministry and the Allies detected and exposed. (M . Pitt Coll . vol. 44.) 8° Lond. 1748.

Annesley (Alex.) Strictures on the True Causes of the present alarming scarcity of Grain and other Provisions, and a plan for permanent relief. (Nasm. Coll. vol. 32.) 8° London, 1800. Annuities.—Government Tables of Life Annuities. (Misc. Coll. vol. 6.) 4° Instructions for the establishment of Parochial Societies for granting Government Annuities. (Ath. Coll. vols. 100 and 147.) 8° London, 1837.

Anstey (Christ.) The New Bath Guide. (Nasm. Coll. vol. 14.) 8° Cambridge, 1766.

Anticipation: containing the substance of his Majesty's most gracious Speech to both Houses of Parliament. [By R. Tickell.] (M. Pitt Coll. vol . 87.) 8° London, 1778.

Anti-slavery Monthly Reporter, for Sept . 1826. (Am. Coll. vol. 29.) 8° Lond. 1826. Reporter (The) for January, 1831. (Slavery Coll. vol. 6.) 8° London, 1831.

Apostolical Succession. The Uninterrupted Succession of the Ecclesiastical Mission

asserted. (Bangor. Coll. vol. 4.) 8° London, 1717. АрotнЕСАВТЕв. Statement of the Society of Apothecaries on their administration of

the Apothecaries' Act. (Ath. Coll. vol. 181.) 8° London, 1844.

Appeals to the Sense of the People on the present posture of Affairs. (M. Pitt Coll.

vol. 51.) 8° London, 1756. Appleton (Nathan) Examination of the Banking System of Massachusetts. (Ath.

Coll. vol. 69.) 8° Boston, 1831. Remarks on Currency and Banking, having reference to their derangement

in the United States. (Misc. Coll. vol. 10.) 8° Boston, 1841. Apprentice Laws—their Origin, Object, and Operation. (Mack. Coll. vol. 2.) 8°

London, 1814. Aram (Eugene) The Genuine Account of his Life and Trial for the murder of Daniel

Clarke. (Nasm. Coll. vol. 9.) 8° London, 1759. Arc iiioi■oGicrs. What is Style ?—the Royal or Baronial ?—the Priestly or Monastic?

or the Squirely? for the New Houses of Parliament . (Ath. Coll. vol. 104.) 8°

Loudon, 1837. Argyle's (The Duke of) Conduct reviewed. (M. Pitt Coll. vol. 29.) 8° Lond. 1740. Aristocracy and Democracy. (Ath. Coll. vol. 102.) 8° London. Aristophanes. Plutus, the God of Riches, a Comedy, translated, with Notes, by H.

Fielding and Wm. Young. (Nasm. Coll . vol. 3.) 8° London, 1742. Armand (James) A Sermon on the Spirit of the Gospel, translated by Thos. Davey.

(Nasm. Coll. vol . 4.) 8° Norwich, 1763.

Armstrono (Maj.-Gen.) On Corporal Punishments in the British Army; with a
plan to provide seamen for the Navy without Impressment . (Ath. Coll. vol. 52.)
8° London, 1834.

Army. An Argument shewing that a Standing Army is inconsistent with a Free
Government. (M. Pitt Coll. vol. 1.) 8° London, 1697.

Reasons against a Standing Army. (M. Pitt Coll. vol. 16.) 8° London, 1717.

Three Speeches against continuing the Army. (M. Pitt Coll . vol. 16.) 8°

London, 1718.

■ Letter from a By-stander, wherein is examined what necessity there is for the

maintenance of a large regular Land-Force, with two Answers. (M. Pitt Coll. veil. 32.) 3 vols. 8° London, 1742.

Enquiry into the extraordinary and advantageous Bargain for remitting

money for the pay of the Forces abroad. (M. Pitt Coll. vol. 37.) 8° London, 1743. Arnold (Thomas) Principles of Church Reform. (Ath. Coll. vol. 31.) 8° Lond. 1833. An Inaugural Lecture on the Study of Modern History. (Ath. Coll. vol. 164.)

8° Oxford, 1841.

• (Thomas Kirchever) Remarks on Rev. F. Close's Church Architecture scrip

turally considered. (Ath. Coll. vol. 185.) 8° London, 1844.
Arnott (Archdeacon)—see Napoleon.
Arrivabene (M.) Considérations sur les principaux moyens d'améliorer le sort des

Classes Ouvrières. (Mise. Coll. vol. 2.) 12° Bruxelles, 1S32.
Articles. Subscription no Bondage; or, the Practical Advantages of the XXXIX

Articles in Academical Education. (Ath. Coll. vol. 61.) 8° Oxford, 1835. The XXXIX Articles construed by themselves. (Tract. Controv. vol 7.) 8°

Oxford, 1841.
Artillery (Notes on). (Ath. Coll. vol . 20.) 8° London, 1826.
Ashley (Lord) A few Words to, from a Country Clergyman. (Ath. Coll. vol. 171.)

8° London, 1843. Case and Appeal of James Ashley in relation to Simons, the Polish Jew.

(Nasm. Coll. vol. 12.) 8° London, 1758.

• (John) Memoirs concerning the Trade and Revenues of the British Colonies

in America. (M. Pitt Coll. vol. 28.) 8° London, 1740.

Asbpttel (Arthur) A Few Tracts on the Corn Laws, defending the Agricultural
Interest. (Ath. Coll. vol. 113.) 8° London, 1839.

Astronomical Society.—see Transactions.

Atchison (late Captain of the Royal Artillery,) Statement in defence of his Mili-
tary Integrity. (Ath. Coll. vol. 47.) 8° London, 1834.

Athens. On certain disputed Positions in the Topography of Athens. [By Lieut.-
Colonel W. M. Leake.] (Ath. Coll . vol. 73.) 8° London, 1835.

Atkinson (Christopher)—see Scourge.

(Jaspar) On the Bullion Committee. (Bullion Coll. vol. 2.) 8° London, 1810.

(W.) The Reason for protecting Home Trade; or, the principle of Free Trade

refuted. (Ath. Coll. vol. 58.) 8° London, 1833.

• The State of the science of Political Economy investigated. (Ath. Coll. vol.

100.) 8° London, 1838.

The Corn Laws; or, How stands the question? (Ath. Coll. vol. 113.) 8°

London, 1839.
Attachment. Considerations on Proceedings by Information and Attachment .

(Nasm. Coll. vol. 20.) 8° London, 1768.
Auburn State-Prison. Report of the Commissioners directed to visit it. (Am. Coll.

vol. 28.) 8° Albany, 1827. Report of Gershom Powers, the Agent and Keeper. (Am. Coll. vol. 26.)

8° Albany, 1828.

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Auckland (Lord) The Substance of his Speech on Finance, May 2nd, 1796. (M.

Pitt Coll. vol . 133.) 8° London, 1796. Speech, April 11th, 1799, on the proposed Address to his Majesty, on the

Resolutions, as a Basis of an Union between Great Britain and Ireland. (Union

Coll.vol. 6.) 8° Dublin, 1800. see India.

Australia. Proposal for founding a colony on the Southern Coast of Australia.

(Ath. Coll. vol. 36.) 8° London, 1831. Plan of a Company for founding a colony in Southern Australia. (Ath.

Coll. vol. 36.) 8° London, 1831.

Outline of a plan of a proposed colony, to be founded on the South Coast of

Australia. (Ath. Coll. vol. 46.) 8° London, 1834.

Report of the Speeches at the appointment of Captain Hindmarsh as Governor

of S. Australia. (Ath. Coll. vol. 77.) 8° London, 1835.

Report on the Statistics of Western Australia, in 1840. (Ath. Coll. vol. 162.)

8° Perth, 1841. Australasia. Sketch of a proposal for its Colonization. (Ath. Coll. vol . 36.) 8° 1833.

Austria. Letter to the Craftsmen on the War against the Emperour [of Austria]. (M . Pitt CoU. vol. 23.) 8° Loudon, 1734.

Ayrton (Scrope) Proposal for an Act for facilitating Deeds of Composition by Insolvent Traders. (Ath. Coll. vol. 9.) 8° London, 1833.

Babbage (Charles) Reflections on the Decline of Science in England, and on its causes. (Ath. Coll. vol. 12.) 8° London, 1830.

On the alleged Decline of Science in England. By a Foreigner, [in reply to

?.] (Ath. Coll. vol. 12.) 8° London, 1831.

Babinoton (G. G.) The Hunterian Oration. (Ath. Coll. vol.161.) 8° London, 1842. Bacon (Lord)—-see Montagu.

■■— The Case of Private and National Corruption and Bribery impartially considered. (M . Pitt Coll. vol. 18.) 8° London, 1721. (J.) On the Appointment of a Commission for promoting the Fine Arts.

(Ath. Coll. vol. 165.) 8° London, 1843. Bagge (James) Popery in Alliance with Treason; a Sermon. (Ath. Coll. vol . 88.) 8°

London, 1838. Bagot (Bishop) A Charge, delivered to the clergy of the Diocese of Oxford, at his

fourthJVisitation. (Charges, vol 4.) 8° Oxford, 1842.

see Newman.

Baily (Francis) Memoir relative to the Annular Eclipse of the Sun, to happen Sept.

7, 1820. (Ath. Coll. vol. 73.) 8° London, 1818. Further Remarks on the defective state of the Nautical Almanac. (Ath. Coll.

vol. 12.) 8° London, 1829. Bain (Donald) The Importance of Agriculture to a State, the Necessity for protecting

it in Great Britain, and the principles of that Protection explained. (Ath. Coll.

vol. 47.) 8° London, 1834. Bainbrldoe (W.) On Church Leases. (Ath. Coll. vol. 160.) 8° London, 1841. Raines (Dr.)—see Roman-catholic Question. (Edward) Reasons in favour of Free Trade in Corn, and against a Fixed Duty.

(Corn L. Coll. vol. 5.) 8° Leeds, 1843.

Letters to the Earl of Harewood, on the Price of Bread, and the Rent of Land.

(Ath. Coll. vol. 179.) 12° London, 1844.

Baker (Thomas) Memoirs of his Life and Writings; with a Catalogue of his MS. Collections, by Robert Masters. (Nasm. Coll. vol. 38.) 8° Cambridge, 1784.

Balance of Power (The) past and prospective. (Ath. Coll. vol. 7.) 8° London, 1832.

Baldwin (George) Political Recollections relative to Egypt; with a Narrative of the British Campaign in 1801. (Хами. Coll. vol. 36.) 8° London, 1801.

Ball (Charles) An Union neither necessary nor expedient for Ireland; in answer to Arguments for and against an Union. (Union Coll. vol. 1.) 8° Dablin, 1799.

Ballot. Objections to the Ballot, by a Friend to Parliamentary Reform. (Ath. Coll . vol. 17.) 8° London, 1831.

Reflections on the Ballot. (Ath. Coll. vol. 17.) 8° London, 1831.

Questions on the Ballot, for the consideration of the People of England. (Ath.

Coll. vol. 30.) 8° London, 1833.

Observations on the exercise and abuse of the Elective Franchise and Vote by

Ballot. (Ath. Coll. vol . 72.) 8° Bristol, 1837.

Thoughts on the Ballot. (Ath. Coll. vol. 170.) 8° London, 1837.

A Test for the Ballot, drawn from the principles of Democratic Government.

(Ath. Coll. vol. 107.) 8° London, 1839. see Bulkeley, Christie, Churchill, Crombie, Denison, Nugent, Pearce, and Smith.

Baltimore City and County Report of the Trustees for the Poor, for 1827 and 1828.

(Am. Coll. vol . 22.) 8° Baltimore. Banfil (Samuel) A Letter to D. Giddy, in answer to his Plain Statement of the

Bullion Question. (Currency Coll. vol. 2.) 8° London, 1811. Bank of England (Remarks upon the) with regard more especially to our Trade and

Government . (M. Pitt Coll. vol. 10.) 8° London, 1705. Appeal to the People of England on the renewal of the Charter of the Bank.

(M. Pitt Coll . vol. 34.) 8° London, 1742.

Facts relative to the Bank of England, on the nature and influence of the Bank

Charter. (Ath. Coll. vol. 13.) 8° London, 1832.

Considerations on the Capital Stock of the Bank of England. (M. Pitt Coll.

vol . 122.) 8° London, 1788.

Address to the Proprietors of Bank Stock and the Public on the affairs of

the Bank of England. (Ath. Coll. vol. 13.) 8° London, 1828.

On the Advantages derived from the establishment of Branch Banks. (Ath.

Coll. vol. 13.) 8° London, 1828.

Power of the Bank of England, and the Use it has made of it. (Ath- CoU.

vol. 29.) 8° London, 1832.

An Impartial Inquiry into the Bank Question. (Ath. Coll. vol. 29.) 8°

London, 1833.

Report of the General Meeting of the Chamber of Commerce and Manufac

tures at Manchester, on the effects of the administration of the Bank of England.

(Ath. Coll . vol. 125.) 8° London, 1840. Bank of the United States, Report of the Stockholders, Sept . 1, 1828. (Am. Coll.

vol. 30.) 8° Philadelphia, 1828. Banking. Legislation gone astray; or, Review of the Banking Controversy. (Ath.

Coll. vol. 13.) 8° London, 1828. Remarks on the Objections to Joint Stock Banks. (Ath. Coll. vol. 47.) 8°

London, 1833.

■ The Safety and Advantages of Joint Stock Banking. (Ath. Coll. vol . 47.) 8°

London, 1833.

Considerations on Joint Stock Banking, chiefly with reference to the Situation and Liabilities of Shareholders. (Ath. Coll. vol. 47.) 8° London, 1833.

Report of the Committee of the House of Commons on Joint Stock Banks.

(Ath. Coll. vol. 69.) 8° London, 1836. Letter to the Secret Committee of the House of Commons on Joint Stock Banks,

by Alfred. (Ath. Coll. vol. 69.) 8° London, 1837.

Facts and Fallacies in the Evidence taken by " The Committee on Banks of

Issue," by Abel Monitor. (Ath. Coll. vol. 147.) 8° London, 1841.

Banking. The Minister Mistaken; or, the Question of Depreciation erroneously stated by Mr. Huskisson. (Ath. Coll. vol. 176.) 8° London, 1844.

Banks (A letter to Sir Joseph) containing Strictures on his Letter to the National Institute of France. (Nasm. Coll. vol. 42.) 8° London, 1802.

(Perc. W.) Remarks concerning the trial of Controverted Elections. (Ath.

CoIl . vol. 83.) 8° London, 1838.

Barbadoes. Debate in the House of Commons, June 23,1825, on Mr. Buxton's Motion relative to the demolition of the Methodist Chapel and Mission-House, in Barbadoes, and expulsion of Mr. Shrewsbury from that Island. (Slavery CoIl . vol. 5.) 8° London, 1825.

Barber (Capt . James) The Court of Directors of the East India Company, versus Her Majesty's Ministers, &c., as regards a complete plan of Steam Communication between England and India. (Ath. CoIl . vol. 129.) 8° London, 1839.

Philqjohannes Unmasked, and the truth told, relative to the East India Company's management of Steam Communication with India. ( Ath. CoIl . vol. 129.) 8° London, 1839.

Bardwell (William) Westminster Improvements; a Brief Account of Ancient and Modern Westminster; with Observations on former Plans of Improvement . (Ath. Coll. vol. 118.) 8° London, 1839.

Baring (Bingham) A Letter to the Electors of Winchester. (Ath. Coll. vol. 51.) 8° London, 1835.

(Francis) The Commutation Act; its Principle established by Facts. (M. Pitt

Coll. vol . 117.) 8° London, 1786.

Barker (J. N.)—see Meade.

Barxow (H. C.) On the Canses and Effects of Disease, in reference to the Moral Constitution of Man. (Ath. Coll. vol. 99.) 8° Edinburgh, 1837.

Barnard (Sir John) A Letter to, on his Proposals for raising Three Millions of Money;

with Remarks on the Letter. (M. Pitt CoIl . vol. 42.) 2 vols. 8° London, 1746. (Mordaunt) Reasons of a Clergyman for acting as a Guardian of the Poor.

(Ath. CoIl . vol . 92.) 8° London, 1837. Barnes (Geo.) The Rights of the Imperial Crown of Ireland asserted and maintained,

against Arguments for and against an Union, &c. (Union Coll. vol. 2.) 8° Dublin, 1799. (J. H.) and E. A. Carroll. List of Articles free of Duty and Tariff from 1828,

on all Goods imported into the U. S. of America. (Am. Coll. vol. 31.) 8° Philadelphia, 1828. Barrey (Le Chevalier de) Réponse à M. Méhée Delatouchc. (Mack. Coll. vol. 14.)

8° Paris, 1814. Barrois (J. de) Speech delivered at the Christian Association for the completion of

Criminal Legislation. (Ath. CoIl . vol . 184.) 8° London, 1844.

Barron ( Henry W.) A few Notes on the Public Schools and Universities of Holland and Germany. (Ath. Coll. vol . 140.) 8° London, 1840.

(James) A brief Essay on the causes of Dry-Rot in public and private Ships, and

its remedy. (Am. Coll. vol. 32.) 8° Norfolk, 1828.

Barry (James) Description of his Series of Pictures in the Great Room of the Society of Arts. (Ath. Coll. vol . 20.) 8° London, 1821.

Another edition. (Ath. Coll. vol . 118.) 8° London, 1833.

Barter (William B.) The Divine Institution of the Christian Sabbath vindicated, in answer to Abp. Whately's Thoughts on the Sabbath. (Sermons, vol. 1.) 8° London, 1833.

Bary (R. B. de) A Charm against Chartism; in which the Title of the Operative is set forth, and his Estate ascertained ; comprising Thoughts on Education, and the expediency of instituting Public Games. (Ath. Coll. vol. 144.) 8° London, 1839.

Bateman (Joseph) La Martinière ; a Reply to certain Statements respecting the Bishop of Calcutta. (Ath. Coll. vol . 140.) 8° London, 1839.

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