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Авт. Remarks on Ancient and Modern Art, in a Series of Essays, by an Amateur, [by F. Cleghorn.] 12° Edinburgh, 1837.

Art-union (The); a Monthly Journal of the Fine Arts. 5 vols. 4° London, 1839-43.

Reports.—see Transactions.

Arts (Society for the Encouragement of), Manufactures, and Commerce.—see Transactions.

Artus (G.) Description of the Golden Kingdom of Guinea lying in a part of Africa; translated from the Dutch.—Purchas's Voyages, vol. 2.

Arundel Manuscripts.—see Catalogue.

Ascham (Roger) English Works; with Life and Notes, by J. Bennet. 4° London, 1761.

Ashburnham (John) Narrative of his Attendance on Charles i. from Oxford to the Scotch Army, and from Hampton Court to the Isle of Wight; with a Vindication of his Character and Conduct. 2 vols. 8° London, 1830.

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Ashmun (Jehudi, Colonial Agent at Liberia) Life; with Appendix, by R. R. Gurley. 8° New York, 1835.

Asiatic Annual Register, from the Commencement in 1799 to 1808. 10 vols. 8° London, 1801-11.

Journal and Monthly Register for British India and its Depen

dencies, from the Commencement in 1816. 8° London.

Society.—see Transactions.

Researches.—see Transactions.

Asserius (Joan.) Chronicon Fani S. Neoti, seu Annales.—Gale Scriptores, vol. 2.

Asserius Menevensis. Annales rerum gestarum JElfredi Magni, recensuit Fr. Wise. 8° Oxonii, 1722.

Asso Y Del Rio (Ign. Jordan de) y Mig. de Man. y Rodriguez. Instituciones del Derecho Civil de Castilla. 4° Madrid, 1805.

Astle (Tho.)—see Antiquarian Repertory.

Astley (Tho.) A General Collection of Voyages and Travels in Europe, Asia, Africa, and America. 4 vols. 4° London, 1745.

Astronomical Society of London.—see Transactions.

Athanasius (Saint)—see Möhler.

Athenjeum (The) Journal of Literature, Science, and the Fine Arts, from 1832. 4° London.

Portraits of Members of the Athenaeum. Series 1 and 2.

Folio. London, 1836.

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Atkinson (James) Customs and Manners of the Women of Persia, and their Domestic Superstitions; translated from the Persian. (Orient. Transl. Fund.) 8° London, 1832.

Atkinson (James) The Shàh Nàmehof Firdausi; translated and abridged in Prose and Verse, with Notes and Illustrations. (Orient. Transl. Fund.) 8° London, 1832.

The Laili and Majnun of Nazámi; a Poem, translated. (Orient .

Transl. Fund.) 8° London, 1836.

Atkyns (Sir Robert) The Ancient and Present State of Gloucestershire. Folio. London, 1768.

Atlantic (The) Magazine, from the Commencement in 1824 to 1825. 2 vols. 8° New York.

Atlases.—see Second Part of Catalogue.

Atterbury (Bishop Francis) Sermons and Discourses. 4 vols. 8° London, 1735.

Epistolary Correspondence, Visitation Charges, Speeches, and

Miscellanies; with Historical Notes, edited by J. Nichols. 4 vols. 8° London, 1783-7.

see Kennett.

Attica. The Unedited Antiquities of Attica, comprising the Architectural Remains of Eleusis, Rhamnus, Sunium, and Thoricus, by the Society of Dilettanti. Folio. London, 1833.

Attilje Expeditio.—see Carmen.

Atwood (W.) Argumentum Anti-Normannicum; or an Argument proving that William Duke of Normandy made no absolute Conquest of England by the Sword. 8° London, 1682.

Aubespine (Sébastien de l') Négociations, Lettres, et Pièces diverses, relatives au règne de Francois n., tirées du portefeuille de Sébastien de l ' Aubespine, par Louis Paris. 4° Paris, 1841.

Aubigne (J. H. Merle d') Histoire de la Réformation du xvime Siècle. 3 vols. 8° Paris, 1842.

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Auctores Classici Latini, in usum Delphini, cum notis Variorum varus Lectionibus et Indicibus locupletissimis, cura et impensis A. J. Valpy. [For Conspectus Auctorum, see Virgil, vol. 1.] 167 vols. 8° Londini, 1819-30.

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Audouin (M.)—see Annales des Sciences.

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(S. Aur.) Opera Omnia, studio Monachorum Ord. S. Benedicti,

cum Supplementis, Appendicibus et Indice generali (in tomo 18). 18 vols. in 9. 4° Bassani, 1797-1807.

Auldjo (John) Journal of a Visit to Constantinople and some of the Greek Islands, in 1833. 8° London, 1835.

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Aubelius Victok. Historia Romana ex edit. Harlesii, cum Notis in usum Delphini, Notis Variorum et Indice. 2 vols. 8° Londini, 1829.

Ausonius. Opera Omnia, ex edit. Bipont. cum Notis in usum Delphini Notis Variorum et Indice, (in vol. 3.) 3 vols. 8° Londini, 1823.

Austen (Miss Jane) Emma: a Novel. 12° London, 1836.

Sense and Sensibility: a Novel. 12° London, 1837.

Pride and Prejudice: a Novel. 12° London, 1836.

Northanger Abbey, and Persuasion. 12° London, 1837.

Mansfield Park: a Novel. 12° London, 1837.

Austin (John) The Province of Jurisprudence determined. 8° London, 1832.

(Mrs.) On National Education.—R. I. Wilberforce, Letters to

the Marq. of Lansdowne on National Education. 12° Lond. 1839.

Author's (The) Printing and Publishing Assistant. 12° Lond. 1839.

Averani (Benedetto)—see Raccolta di Prose, tomo 3.

Avesbury (Rob. de) Historia.—see Hearne.

Ayliffe (John) Parergon Juris Canonici Anglicani; a Commentary, by way of Supplement, to the Canons and Constitutions of the Church of England. Folio. London, 1726.

Ayxmer (Bishop John) Life and Acts, by John Strype. 8° Oxford, 1821.

Ayloffe (Sir Joseph) Calendars of the Ancient Charters, and of the Welch and Scottish Rolls in the Tower of London, and in the Chapter-House at Westminster; with Memoranda concerning the Affairs of Ireland. 4° London, 1774.

Ayscough (Sam.)—see Catalogue, Shakspeare.

Ayton, or Anthonie the Armenian, of Asia and specially touching the Tartars.—Purchas's Voyages, vol. 3.

Babbage (Charles) On the Economy of Machinery and Manufactures. 12° London, 1832.

The Ninth Bridgewater Treatise: a Fragment. 8° Lond. 1838.

Bache (A. D.) On the Disturbance of the Horizontal Needle during the Aurora, in July, 1833; with his and E. H. Courtnay's Observations to determine the Magnetic Dip at Baltimore, New York, &c. 4° Philadelphia, 1834.

Report on Education in Europe. 8° Philadelphia, 1839.

Back (Capt. George) Narrative of the Arctic Land Expedition to the Mouth of the Great Fish River, and along the Shores of the Arctic Ocean, in 1833-35. 8° London, 1836.

Backhoff (Iskowitz) and Zach. Wagener. Two Voyages into China.—

Churchill's Voyages, vol. 2.
Backstrom (S.) Account of a Voyage to Spitsbergen, in 1780.—

Pinkerton's Voyages, vol. 1.
Bacon (Francis, Lord) New Atlantis.—see More's Utopia.


Bacon (Francis, Lord) Works, edited, with Life, by Basil Montagu. 16 vols. 8° London, 1825-34.

Of the Proficienee and Advancement of Learning, Divine and

Human. 12° London, 1825.

see Maistre.

(John) Liber Regis, vel Thesaurus Rerum Ecclesiasticarum. 4°

London, 1786.

(Matthew) A New Abridgment of the Law; with Additions,

edited by Sir Hen. Gwillim and Ch. Edw. Dodd. 8 vols. 8° London, 1832.

(Nath.) Historical Discourse of the Laws and Government of

England, from the First Times to the Reign of Elizabeth. Folio. London, 1739.

(Roger) Opus Majus, ex MS. codice Dubliniensi, cum aliis,

edidit S. Jebb. folio. Londini, 1733.

Tartarian and Northerne Relations.—Purchas's Voyages, vol. 3.

(Lieut. Thomas) First Impressions and Studies from Nature in

Hindostan, from 1831-36. 2 vols. ■ 8° London, 1837. Baffin (William) True Relation of such things as happened in the Fourth Voyage for the Discoverie of a North-West Passage, 1615.— Purchas's Voyages, vol. 3.

Journal of a Voyage made to Greenland, with Six English

Ships.—Purchas's Voyages, vol. 3 see Hall (James.)

Bage (R.) Man as he is not.—British Novelists, vol. 48.

[bailey (Samuel)] Essays on the Formation and Publication of Opinions, and on other subjects. 8° London, 1826.

(N.) Universal Etymological English Dictionary; with Corrections, Additions, and Revision of the Etymology, by J. N. Scott. Folio. London, 1764.

Baillet (Adr.) Jugemens des Savans sur les principaux ouvrages des auteurs, revus et augmentés par B. de la Monnoye: avec l'AntiBaillet. 8 vols. in 4. 4° Amsterdam, 1725.

Les Vies des Saints; avec l'Histoire de leur Culte. 10 vols

4° Paris, 1739.

Baillie (Joanna) Series of Plays on the Passions. 3 vols 8° London, 1802.

Miscellaneous Plays. 8° London, 1804.

Dramas. 3 vols. 8° London, 1836.

Metrical Legends of Exalted Characters. 8° London, 1821.

(Marianne) Lisbon in 1821-23. 2 vols. 12° London, 1824.

(Matthew) The Life, by James Wardrop. 8° London, (privately printed,) 1825.

(Robert) Letters and Journals, containing the Public Transactions in England and Scotland, 1637-62, transcribed by R. Aiken; with Life, and a Glossary. 2 vols. 8° Edinburgh, 1775.

Bailly (Jean-Sylvain) Mémoires; avec une notice sur sa vie, par

Berville et Barrière. 3 vols. 8° Paris, 1821. Baily (Francis)—see Flamsteed.

The Doetrine^of Interest and Annuities analytically investigated

and explained. 4° London, 1808

Baily (Francis) The Doctrine of Life-Annuities and Assurances, investigated and explained. 2 vols. 8° London, 1813.

Tables for the Purchasing and Renewing of Leases, for Terms

of Years certain, and for Lives. 8° London, 1812.

An Epitome of Universal History, Ancient and Modern. 2 vols.

8° London, 1813.

Astronomical Tables and Remarks for 1822 ;—Remarks and

Further Remarks on the Defective State of the Nautical Almanac;— Memoir on the Annular Eclipse of the Sun, 7 Sept. 1820;— Ant. Cagnoli on the Figure of the Earth, with Notes and Appendix by Baily, and Catalogue of Zodiacal Stars. 8° London, (privately printed,) 1819-27.

Bain (Alex.)—see Finlaison.

Baird (Sir David) Life, by Theodore Hook. 2 vols. 8° London, 1833.

Baker (D. B.) The Nature of the Proof of the Christian Religion. 12° London, 1832.

(D. E.) Biographia Dramatica; with a View of the Rise and Progress of the British Stage, continued, with Additions, by J. Reed and S. Jones. 4 vols. 8° London, 1812.

(Sir R.) Chronicle of the Kings of England, from the Romans

to the Raigne of King Charles. Folio. London, 1643.

Balbi (Adrien) Atlas Ethnographique du Globe; ou, Classification des Peuples, Anciens et Modernes, d'après leurs langues, et contenant environ 700 Vocabulaires des principaux Idiomes connus: avec le volume d'Introduction en 8vo. Folio. Paris, 1826.

Abrégé de Géographie, rédigé sur un nouveau plan d'après les

derniers Traités de Paix et les Découvertes les plus récentes. 8° Paris, 1833.

Essai Statistique sur les Bibliothèques de Vienne, avec Ap

pendice. 8° Vienne, 1835.

(Gasp.) Voyage to Pegu.—Purchas's Voyages, vol. 3; Pinker

ton's Voyages, vol. 9. Balboa (Miguel Cavello) Histoire du Pérou. 8° Paris, 1840. Bald.«us (Philip) Description of the Coasts of Malabar and Coro

mandel, and the Isle of Ceylon.—Churchill's Voyages, vol. 3.

Baldi (Bernardini) La Nautica. 8° Milano, 1813.

La Nautica.—Parnaso Italiano, tomo 25.

La Nautica.—see Raccolta di Poesie Didascalic & Rusticali.

Celeo o l'Orto.—Parnaso Italiano, tomo 23.

Baldinucci (Filippo) Opere. 14 vols. 8° Milano, 1808.
Baldovini (Francesco) Canzone per Maggio.—Teatro Italiano, tomo 10.

Lamento di Ceceo da Varlungo.—Raccolta di Poesie Pastorali.

Baldwin (Archbishop) Itinerary through Wales.—see Giraldus.

Bale (John) Kynge Johan, a Play, from a MS. in the Library of the

Duke of Devonshire; edited by J. P. Collier. (Camden Society.)

4° London, 1838. Balfour (Sir James)—see James VI.

(R.)—see Cleomedes.

Ballads (The Early Naval) of England; edited by J. 0. Halliwell.

(Percy Society.) 8° London, 1841.

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