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Showing at one view to the stranger on his first visit to the

Metropolis, all the various Public Buildings, Exibitions, Places of Amusement, Institutions, etc., in London and its Environs; the expense of viewing, and reference to the page where each is described; also, a Diary of the Principal Annual Occurrences.





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Adelaide Gallery and Royal Music Hall, Strand. One shilling

196 Adelphi Theatre, Strand

156 Almack's Balls, King-street, St. James's

160 Astley's Amphitheatre, Westminster-bridge-road

157 Ascot Heath Races, Ascot Heath.

. 296 Bank of England, Threadneedle-street. Free

55 Bankrupts' Court, Basinghall-street. Free

26 Botanic Gardens, Chelsea. By ticket

310 Botanic Gardens, Kew. Free

300 British Artists' Society, Suffolk-street. One shilling

188 British Institution, Pall Mall. One shilling

187 British Museum, Great Russell-street. Free

163 Chancery Court, Westminster Hall. Free

24 Charity Children of the Metropolis (June). By ticket Chelsea Hospital, Chelsea. Optional.

311 Christ's Hospital, Newgate-street. By ticket

226 College of Surgeons, Lincoln's-inn-fields. By ticket 233 Colosseum, Regent's Park. Two shillings

. 190 Cosmorama, Regent-street. One shilling

. 193 Covent Garden Theatre, Bow-street

. 151 Cremorne Gardens, Chelsea. One shilling

. 162 Custom House, (long room), Thames-street. Free

60 Courts of Law (open free, during the sittings).

25 Cyclorama, Royal, Albany-street. One shilling.

191 Diorama, Regent's Park. One and two shillings. 192


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Drury Lane Theatre, Brydges-street.

153 Duke of York's Column, Waterloo-place. Sixpence 33 Dulwich Gallery, Dulwich. By ticket

189 EastIndia Company's Museum, Leadenhall-street. Free 59 East India Docks, Blackwal)Free

272 Exeter Hall, Strand

194 General Cemeteries. Free

147 Gresham College, Basinghall-street. Free Greenwich Hospital, Greenwich. Optional

306 Painted Hall. Threepence . 308 Guildhall, King-street, Cheapside. Free

65 Hall of Commerce, Threadneedle-street. By ticket 64 Hampton Court Palace. Free

296 Haymarket Theatre, Haymarket

154 Horticultural Society's Gardens, Chiswick. By ticket . 312 Houses of Parliament. By ticket

17 Kew Gardens, Kew. Free

. 300 Kensington Gardens, Hyde Park. Free

15 Palace, Kensington Gardens. Gratuity Literary Institution, Aldersgate-street. By subscription 220 London Docks, Wapping. Free

. 271 London Institution, Moorfields. By subscription . 220 Lyceum Theatre, Wellington-street North

. 155 Mansion House, Mansion House-street. Gratuity 54 Madame Tussaud's, Baker-street. One shilling

192 Mechanics’ Institution, Southampton Buildings. subscription

221 Mint, (the Royal) Tower-hill . By ticket

63 Missionary Museum, Moorfields. Free.

. 168 Monument, Fish-street Hill. Sixpence.

. 212 Museum of Economic Geology, Jermyn-street. Free . 188 National Gallery, Trafalgar-square. Free

. 170 National Society's Schools, Westminster. Free

225 New Society of Painters in Water Colours. One shilling 188 Normal Schools, Borough-road Free

. 226 Olympic Theatre, Wych-street

. 156 Opera House, (Italian, )Haymarket

. 150 Panorama, Leicester-square. One shilling

193 Parks are always open. Free .

30 to 38 Prince's Theatre, King-street, St. James's

156 Polytechnic Institution, Regent-street. One shilling . 168 Private Picture Galleries. By ticket


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Princess's Theatre, Oxford-street

155 Queen's Bench, (Court of,) Westminster Hall. Free

25 Concert Rooms, Hanover-square

160 Royal Academy, Trafalgar-square. One shilling

187 Royal Botanic Gardens, Regent's Park. By ticket.

38 Royal Exchange, (New,) Cornhill. Free

57 Royal Institution, Albemarle-street. By subscription 219 Russell Institution, Great Coram-street. By subscription

220 Royal Military Asylum, Chelsea. Free:

311 Sadler's Wells Theatre, St. John-street- road

158 School of Design, Somerset House. Free

30 Soane Museum, Lincoln's-inn-fields. Free

167 Society of Arts, Adelphi. By ticket

189 Sons of the Clergy Anniversary, (May.) By ticket. 88 St. Katherine's Dock, Tower. Free

270 St. Paul's Cathedral. The whole costs 4s. 2d.* 74 to 88 Strand Theatre, Strand

158 Surrey Theatre, Blackfriars-road

157 Surrey Zoological Gardens, Walworth. One shilling 169 Thames Tunnel, Rotherhithe. One penny

276 Theatres open according to the season, to be known by daily advertisements

150 to 160 Tower of London, Tower Hill.


197 Jewel House. Sixpence

. 206 Trinity House, Tower Hill. By ticket

62 United Service Institution, Scotland Yard. By ticket 167 Vauxhall Gardens, Royal. 2s, 6d.

161 Vice Chancellor's Court, Westminster Hall. Free. 25 Vernon Gallery, Marlborough House, Pall Mall, Free.

179 to 187 Victoria Theatre, Waterloo-road

159 Water Colour Painters' Exhibitions. One shilling

188 Westminster Abbey, Westminster. Sixpence. 89 to 134 Westminster Hall. Free

24 West India Docks, Limehouse. Free

271 Windsor Castle. By ticket

283 to 294 Woolwich Arsenal, Dockyard, &c. Free

301 to 305 Zoological Gardens, Regent's Park. One shilling . 169


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* The public are now admitted to view the monuments free of charge.

JANUARY VI.-Twelfth-day and Twelfth-cakes.

The Bishop of London makes an offering in the Chapel

Royal St. James's. The first musical talent in the kingdom

assists in the ceremony.

XI.-Hilary Term commences. The judges breakfast with

the Lord Chancellor, and proceed at twelve o'clock to West-
minster-hall to open the Courts.

XXX.–King Charles I.'s decapitation. On this day the

House of Lords go in procession to Westminster Abbey ;

the members of the House of Commons to St. Margaret's


Opening of Parliament usually about this time, by the

Sovereign, in State.

FEBRUARY XIV.-An old custom still partially exists of

sending verses, amatory, complimentary, or satirical, in honour

of St. Valentine,

XIX.-The British Gallery opens about this period for

the exhibition and sale of the works of British artists.

Lectures on Painting commence about this time at the
Royal Academy. Admission free, by tickets to be had of the
Academicians and Associates.

March 1st.--St. David's day.

During Lent, Sacred Music is occasionally performed at
one or more of the theatres.

XVII.-St. Patrick's day.

Maundy-Thursday, in Passion-week. The Queen's alms
distributed in Whitehall chapel.

Easter Monday.—The lord mayor and aldermen go in state
to Christ church, Newgate-street, to hear the Spital sermon.
In the evening, a grand dinner is given at the Mansion-house,
followed by a splendid ball.

On this day, according to annual custom, a stag is turned
out for general sport in Epping forest.

Easter Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday; fair at Green-
which, to which crowds of the lovers of fun and revelry resort,
The sports and scenery united form an animated picture.

Easter week.—Most of the theatres produce pieces adapted

to the taste of youth. They are usually got up with great


APRIL XXIII.–St. George's day (the patron Saint of




On the first Sunday of Easter Term, the lord mayor, sheriffs, and judges go in state to St. Paul's.

MAY I., or May-day, is a day of jubilee to the chimneysweepers. Grotesque groups are met in various parts.

The Royal Academy Exhibition opens the first Monday in May.

Anniversaries are continued through this month. That of the Sons of the Clergy is held at St. Paul's, where a Concert of Sacred Music is performed.

XXIV.-Queen Victoria's birth-day. A drawing-room held at St. James's, and the Tower guns fire a Royal salute at one o'clock. In the evening, the houses of those tradesmen who supply the Royal household are brilliantly illuminated.

June.-Parochial schools. The meeting of the Children, to the number of nearly 10,000, at St. Paul's, early in June, is a most interesting sight.

August I.-A celebrated annual rowing match takes place on this day. The prize is a coat and badge, bequeathed by Doggett to be rowed for by six watermen, in the first year after being out of their apprenticeship.

SEPTEMBER III.-Bartholomew Fair.

XXI.--Lord mayor, sheriffs, &c., repair to Christ church. After the service they proceed to the hall of Christ's hospital, where two of the senior blue coat boys deliver orations.

XXVIII.—The sheriffs sworn into office at Guildhall, which is open to the public.

XXIX.-Michaelmas day. The lord mayor, sheriffs, and other City officers, go in state from the Mansion-house to Guildhall, whence they walk to St. Lawrence's church to hear service. They afterwards repair to Guildhall, where a common hall is held, for the purpose of electing the lord mayor for the ensuing year,

XXX.—The new sheriffs go in procession to Blackfriars bridge, where they enter the City state barges, and proceed to Westminster, to be approved by the Queen. On this day the sheriffs entertain the members of the corporation and friends, with a grand dinner.

OCTOBER.—The winter theatres open.

NOVEMBER VIII.-Lord mayor sworn into office at the Guildhall.

IX.--Birth-day of His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales. Lord mayor enters upon office for the year ensuing ;

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