Annual Report, Том 92

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From 1889 to 1918 the reports consist of the Report of the Director and appendixes, which from 1893 include various bulletins issued by the library (Additions; Bibliography; History; Legislation; Library school; Public libraries) These, including the Report of the Director, were each issued also separately.

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Сторінка 3 - SIR: I have the honor to transmit herewith and to recommend for publication as Bulletin No. 219 of the series of this Bureau the accompanying manuscript, entitled "American Medicinal Leaves and Herbs.
Сторінка 124 - INSANITY AND ITS TREATMENT: Lectures on the Treatment, Medical and Legal, of Insane Patients. With a Summary of the Laws in force in the United States on the Confinement of the Insane.
Сторінка 142 - Reports of Trials for Murder by Poisoning ; by Prussic Acid, Strychnia, Antimony, Arsenic and Aconitine; including the trials of Tawell, W. Palmer, Dove, Madeline Smith, Dr. Pritchard, Smethurst, and Dr. Lamson. With Chemical Introductions and Notes on the Poisons used.
Сторінка 85 - Journal de l'anatomie et de la physiologie normales et pathologiques de l'homme et des animaux, dirigé par M.
Сторінка 100 - POST-MORTEM EXAMINATIONS IN MEDICOLEGAL AND ORDINARY CASES. With Special Chapters on the Legal Aspects of Post-mortems, and on Certificates of Death. By J. JACKSON CLARKE, MB Lond., FRCS, Assistant Surgeon at the North-west London and City Orthopaedic Hospitals, etc.
Сторінка 144 - ESSENTIALS OF CHEMISTRY AND TOXICOLOGY. For the use of Students in Medicine. By RA WITTHAUS, AM, MD, Professor of Chemistry and Physics in the University of New...
Сторінка 142 - Poisons: Their Effects and Detection. A Manual for the use of Analytical Chemists and Experts, with an Introductory Essay on the Growth of Modern Toxicology.
Сторінка 69 - Annual Conference of State and Territorial Health Officers with the United States Public Health Service, held at Washington, DC, May 13 and 15, 1916. November, 1916. 83. Transactions of a special Conference of State and Territorial Health Officers with the United States Public Health Service, for the consideration of the prevention of the spread of poliomyelitis. Held at Washington August 17 and 18, 1916.
Сторінка 5 - LEGISLATURE OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK I have the honor to submit the...
Сторінка 130 - The Insane and the Law: a Plain Guide for Medical Men, Solicitors, and Others as to the Detention and Treatment, Maintenance, Responsibility, and Capacity either to give evidence or make a will of Persons Mentally Afflicted. With Hints to Medical Witnesses and to Cross-Examining Counsel.

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