A Strange Kind of Paradise: India through Foreign Eyes

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Penguin UK, 24 лют. 2015 р. - 440 стор.
A Strange Kind of Paradise is an exploration of India’s past and present, from the perspective of a foreigner who has lived in India for many years. Sam Miller investigates how the ancient Greeks, the Romans, the Chinese, Arabs, Africans, Europeans and Americans came to imagine India. Spanning the centuries from Alexander the Great to Slumdog Millionaire, Miller’s account features, among others, Thomas the Apostle, the Chinese monk Xuanzang, Marco Polo, Babur, Clive of India, Allen Ginsberg, the Beatles and Steve Jobs-all of it interspersed with the story of his own 25-yearlong love affair with India. At once scholarly and thoughtprovoking, delightfully eccentric and laugh-out-loud funny, this book is destined to become a much-loved classic.

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Sam Miller was born and brought up in London. He studied History at Cambridge University and Politics at London University’s School of Oriental and African Studies, before joining the BBC in 1986. He has worked for the BBC, on and off, ever since. In the early 1990s, he was a BBC correspondent in Delhi, and on his return to the UK in 1993 was the presenter of the radio programme South Asia Report. Later he became the head of the BBC Urdu service and subsequently Managing Editor, South Asia. He was posted back to Delhi in 2002 and has remained there since - mainly working for BBC Media Action, the BBC’s international charity. He is the author of Delhi: Adventures in a Megacity (2009) and Blue Guide: India (2012).

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