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name/ pe whiche not of bloodis* neper of wille of fleysche neper of wille of man: but ben borne of god/ and pe worde (at is goddis (one): is made fleysche (or man). # hap dwel: lide in vs/ and we hane seen pe glorie of hym: pe glorie as of be one bigoten of ye fadir be fone ful of grace & treupell

Jon berip witneslynge of hym: and criep leyinge/ pis it was of whom I leyde / he pat is to come aftir me' is made bifore me for he was pe former pan I / and of pe plenty of hym: we alle hane taken & grace for grace/ for pe lawe is zouen by moyles: forlope grace treupe is made by ihū crist/ no man euer size god. no but be one bigoten sone pat is in pe bosum of pe fadir: he hap tolde oute) and pis is pe witneslynge of Joon. whanne Jewis senten fro irim pristisk dekenes to hym: pat pei schulden are hym/ who art pou/ and he knowelechide denyede not/ and he knowelechide: for 3 am not crist/ and pei ariden hym/ what perfore art pou helief and he leyde J am not/ art pou a prophete and he answeride / nay/ perfore pei leyden to hym/ who art pou: pat we zyue answere to pes pat senten vs/ what (eist pou of pi self} he seip / 3 (am) a voyce of (a man) cryinge in deserte: dretle zee pe weye of pe lorde: as ysaie pe prophete seyde / and pei pat weren (ente : weren of pe pharisees, and pei ariden hym & Ceyden to hym/ what perfore baptisist pou. žif you art not crist: neper belie* neper a prophete: Joon answeride to hem (eyinge/ 3 baptise in water* Copely be mydil (man) of zou stood whom zee knewen not/ he it is pat aftir me is to come. þat is made bifore me. of whom I am not worki pat 3 vnbynde pe plonge of his school pes pingis ben done in bethanye ouer jordan: Where Joon was baptisyngel anoper day Joon size ihū comynge to hym: and he seip / lo


pe lombe of god: lo pat doip awey pe synnes of pe worlde/ - pis is he of whom I leyde / aftir me comey a man pat is

made bifore me før he was pe former pan 1 / I knewe bym not, but þat he be schewide in isrt perfore I came baptisynge in water/ and Joon bare witneslynge: Ceyinge/ for I size pe spirit comynge as a culuer from heuene y dwellynge upon hym. I knewe hym not, but he pat sente me for to baptise in water: Ceyde to me, vpon whom pou schalt le pe {pirit comynge doune• f dwellynge vpon hym• pis is it pat baptilih in be holy gooft) and 3 size & bare witnelfynge for Þis is pe fone of god// Anoßer day Joon stode * two of his disciplis/ and he bíholdynge ihū walkynge: leip/ to be lombe of god/ and two disciplis herden hym (pekynge: and folowiden ihū/ Copely iht conuertide (or turnyde azen)* # Ceinge hem suyinge hym: seip to hem/ what seeken zee: pe whiche seyden to hym/ raby pat is interpretide mayster• where dwellest bou. be seith to hem/ come zee e se zeel bei camen & sizen where he dwellide: and dwelten at hym in pat day/ Copely Þe houre was at pe tenpe/ forlope andrew broper of Symount petre was one of pe two pat herden of Joon: and hadden suede hym/ pis fonde firste his broper symount: and he seip/ we haue founden mellias• Þat is interpretide crist/ and he ledde hym to Jhā/ sopely viholdynge hym: seydel pou art symount pe (one of Johanna. pou (chalt be depide cephas* pat is interpretide petre/ ffor foje on pe morotve he wolde gon oute into galilee: and he fonde philip/ and Jhi seip to hym sue pou me/ philip was of bethsayda pe cytee of andrewe * petre/ Philip fonde nathanael: and he seip to hym/ we haue founden Ihū pe fone of Joseph of nazareth. whom moyses wrote in pe lawe prophetis/ and nathanael seyde to hym of nazareth may sum


ping of good be/ Philip Ceip to hym/ come # se/ and Ihữ size nathanael comynge to hym; and Ceip to hym/ lo verreyley a man of isrt in whom is no gile, näthanael Ceip to hym/ wher of haft pou knowen me/ Thč answeride & Ceip to hym/ bifore pat philip depide pee whanne pou were vndre pe fyge tree: 3 size pee/ nathanael answeride to hym: & Ceip raby* pou art pe cone of god: pou att kyng of isrt/ Jht answeride Ceyde to hym/ for 3 seyde to pee* 3 size pee vndre pe fyge tree: pou bileuest/ pou schalt se more pan pes pingis, and he Ceyde to hem/ treuely I seye to zou* zee schulen se heuene openyde. pe aungels of god steyzynge vp & comynge doune vpon mannes sonell

Cm 2m

And pe þriðde day weddyngis ben made in pe chane of cuntre of galilee: and pe modir of ihū was Pecel sopely Iht is depide # his disciplis to pe weddyngis/ and wijn faylynge: pe modir of ihū leyde to hym/ pei haue not wijn/ and Jht Ceip to hire/ what to me & to pee womman myn houre came not zit/ Þe modir of hym seip to pe mynystres/ what euer ping 1 (chal (eye to zous do zee/ forfope pere weren putte fire stonen pottis aftir þe clensing of iewis: takyng eche two or pre mesures/ Thi Ceip to hem/ fille zee pe pottis wip water/ and bei filliden hem vnto pe hizelt parte/ f iht seyde to hem/ draw zee now & berip to architriclyn (Pat is prynce of pe hous of pre stagis)/ and bei tooken/ and as architriclyn taftide pe water made wijn t be wiste not wher of it was• Copely pe mynystres wisten pat drowen pe water: architricyn depip pe spouse ex seip to hym/ eche man puttij firste good wifne and fphanne men schulen ve fulfilde: pan þat þat is worse/ Copely pou hast kepte good wyn vnto nowe/ Ihr dide pis bigynnynge


of lignes in be chane of galilee (chewide his glorie: & his disciplis bileueden into hym/ aftir pes pingis he came doune to capharnaum* # his modir e his breperen & his disciplis: pet dwelten pere not manye dayes, and be paske of iewis was noz: and iht wente vp to irlm/ & he fonde in pe temple men fellynge scheep & oren f culueris & money chaungers sittynge, and whanne he hadde made of smale coordis as a scourge: he caste oute alle of pe temple(cheep & oren/ and he schedde oute money of chaungers: and turnede vplodoune pe boordís/ and he Ceyde to hem pat Colden cuiners/ takip awer hens Des pingis le nyl zee make pe hous of my fadir: an hous of marchaundice) forcoje his disciplis hadden mynde: for it is writen/ be zeele (or feruoure of loue) of pin hous hap eten me) perfore pe tewes answeriden & seyden to hym/ what ligne (or token) (chewift you to vs* for you doist pis pingis: 3hé ancieride # feyde to hem/ undo zee pis temples & in pre dayes J (chal reyle it azen/ perfore be iewis seyden/ in fourty & sire zeer pis temple is bildide: and pou in pre dayes (chalt azen

for Cope he leyde of be temple of his body. (pat wij outen comparisoune was more)/ perfore whanne he had risen fro deade (men): his disciplis hadden mynde for he seyde pis ping/ and bei bileueden to De scripture: and to be worde pat iht seydell fforlope whanne iht was at irlñ in paske in pe feest day* many bileueden in his name Ceinge pe signes of hym þat he dide/ popely iht hym felf: bileefede not hym Celf to hem for pat he knewe alle meno # for it was not neede to hym: pat any man schulde bere witnessynge of man/ fopely he wiste what was in man

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Cm 3m

Forlove her was a man of be pharisees nychodeme by name: a prynce of jewis/ he came to Jhū in pe nyzt; and Ceyde to hym/ taby we witen• for of god pou hast comen mayster/ Sopely no man may do pes signes pat pou doist: but zif god were wib hym/ The answeride # seyde to hym/ treuly treuly 11 lege to pee* but zif a man (chal be borne azen: he may not le pe kyngdom of god/ nychodeme seyde to hym/ how may a man be borne whanne he olde wher he may entre azen into his modir wombe* # be borne azen The answeride / treuly treuly 3 seye to pee but zif a man schal be borne azen of water* * pe holy gost: he may not entre into pe kyngdom of god/ pat þat is borne of filey sche: is fleyfche) and þat þat is borne of pe spirit: is fpirit/ wondre pou not for J leyde to pee it bihouep zou for to be borne azen/ pe spirit brebep (or quykenep) where it wole: and pou herest his voyce: but pou woste not fro whens he comey or whidir it goip/ fo is eche man pat is borne of pe spirit/ nychodeme answeride: and seyde to hym/ how mowne pes pingis be Done Iht answeride & seyde to hym/ art pou a mayster in ifrt. # knowe(t not pes pingis: treuely treuly 3 (eye to pee for þat þat we witen we speken & þat þat we haue seen we witnellen: zee taken not oure witnessyng/ zif I haue Ceyde to zou erbely pingis• f zee bileuen not: how zif I schal seye to zou heuenely pingis (chulen zee bileue & no man (teyzeb vp into heuene: but he pat came doune fro heuene mannes fone pat is in heuene) and as moyses reride vp serpent in deserte: so it bihoues mannes (one for to be reyside vp/ pat eche man þat bileuep into hym perische not: but haue euerlastynge life // fforcoje god louede co pe worlde bat he gaue his one bigotten fone pat eche man pat bileuey into hym.


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