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To leave him three or four hundred Chests of Trea vire,
Add some twelve thousand Acres of Fairy Land,
If he game well, and comely, with good Gamesters.

Sub. There's a kind Aunt! kiss her departing part.
But you must sell your forty Mark a Year, now.

Dap. I, Sir, I mean. Sub. Or, gi't away: Pox on't.
Dap. I'll gi’t mine Aunt. I'll go and fetch the Writings.
Sub. 'Tis well, away. Fac. Where's Subtle?
Sub. Here. What News ?

Fac. Drugger is at the Door, go take his Sute,
And bid him fetch a Parson, presently:
Say, he shall marry the Widow. Thou shalt spend
A hundred Pound by the service! Now Queen Dol.
Ha' you pack'd up all? Dol. Yes. And how do you like
The Lady Pliant? Dol. A good dull innocent.

Sub. Here's your Hieronimo's Cloke, and Hat.
Fac. Give me 'em. Sub. And the Ruff too?
Fac. Yes, I'll come to you presently.

Sub. Now he is gone about his Project, Dol,
I told you of, for the Widow. Dol. 'Tis direct
Against our Articles. Sub. Well, we'll fit him, wench.
Hast thou gull’d her of her jewels, or her Bracelets?

Dol. No, but I will do't. Sub. Soon at Night, my Dolly,
When we are shipt, and all our Goods aboard,
East-ward for Ratcliff; we will turn our course
To Brainford, westward, if thou saist the word,
And take our leaves of this o'er-weening Raskal,
This peremptory Face. Dol. Content, I am weary of him.
Sub. Thou hast cause, when the slave will run a wiving,

Against the Instrument that was drawn between us.

Dol. I'll pluck his Bird as bare as I can. Sub. Yes, tell her,
She must by any means address some Present
To th' cunning Man; make him amends for wronging
His art with her Suspicion; send a Ring,
Or Chain of Pearl; she will be tortur'd else
Extremely in her sleep, say: and ha’ strange things

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Come to her. Wilt thou? Dol. Yes. Sub. My fine Flitter

My Bird o' the night, we'll tickle it at the Pigeons,
When we have all, and may unlock the Trunks,
And say: this's mine, and thine; and thine and mine.

[They kiss.
Fac. What now, a billing? Sub. Yes, a little exalted
In the good Passage of our Stock affairs.

Fac. Drugger has brought his Parson; take him in, Subtle,
And send Nab back again to wash his Face.

Sub. I will: and shave himself. Fac. If you can get him.
Dol. You are hot upon it, Face, what e'er it is !

Fac. A trick that Dol shall spend Ten Pound a Month by.
Is he gone? Sub. The Chaplain waits you i' the Hall, Sir.
Fac. I'll go bestow him. Dol. He'll now marry her, in-

Sub. He cannot, yet, he is not ready. Dear Dol,
Cozen her all thou canst. To deceive him
Is no deceit, but justice, that would break
Such an inextricable tye as ours was.

Dol. Let me alone to fit him. Fac. Come, my ventures,
You ha' packt up all? Where be the Trunks? Bring forth.

Sub. Here. Tac. Let's see 'em. Where's the Money?

Sub. Here.
The Brethrens money, this. Druggers and Dappers,
What Paper's that? Dol. The jewel of the waiting Maids,
That stole it from her Lady, to know certain

Fac. If she should have Precedence of her Mistris?
Dol. Yes.
Fac. What Box. is that? Sub. The Fish - wives Rings, I

And th’ Ale wives single money. Is't not Dol?

Dol. Yes: and the whistle, that the Sailor's Wife
Brought you to know an' her Husband were with Ward.

Fac. We'll wet it to morrow, and our Silver - beakers,
And Tavern Cups. Where be the French Petticoats,
And Girdles, and Hangers ? Sub. Here i' the Trunk,

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And the Bolts of Lawn. Fac. Is Druggers Damask there?
And the Tobacco ? Sub. Yes. Fac. Give me the Keys.

Dol. Why you the Keys! Sub. No matter, Dol: because We shall not open 'em, before he comes.

Fac. 'Tis true, you shall not open them, indeed: Nor have 'em forth. Do you see? Not forth, Dol! Dol. No!

Fac. No, my Smock-rampant. The right is, my Master Knows all, has pardon'd me, and he will keep 'em; Doctor , 'tis true (you look) for all your Figures: Isent for him, indeed. Wherefore, good Partners, Both he, and she, be satisfied: for here Determines the Indenture tripartite, 'Twixt Subtle, Dol and Face. All I can do Is to help you over the Wall, o'the back side; Or lend you a Sheet to save your Velvet Gown, Dol. Here will be Officers presently, bethink you, Of some course suddainly to scape the Dock; For thither you'll come else. Hark you, Thunder.

[Some knock. Sub. You are a precious Fiend! Off. Open the Door.

Fac. Dol, I am sorry for thee i' faith. But hearst thou? It shall go hard, but I will place thee somewhere: Thou shalt ha'my Letter to Mistris Amo. Dol. Hang you

Fac. Or Madam Cæsarean. Dol. Pox upon you, Rogue, Would I had but time to beat thee. Fac. Subtle, Let's know where you set up next: I'll send you A Customer, now and then, for old Acquaintance: What new course ha' you? Sub. Rogue, I'll hang my self, That I may walk a greater Devil than thou, And haunt thee i' the Flock-Bed, and the Buttery.

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SCENE V. Love-wit, Officers, Mammon, Surly, Face, Kastril, Ananias,

Tribulation, Drugger, Da. Pliant. What do you mean, my Masters? Mam. Open your Door, Cheaters, Bawds, Conjurers! Off. Or we'll break it open.

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ha' you

Lov. What Warrant have you? Off. Warrant enough, :

Sir, doubt not. If you'll not open it Lov. Is there an Officer there? Off. Yes, two or three for failing. Lov. Have but pa

tience, And I will open it straight. Fac. Sir, done? Is it a Marriage? perfect? Lov. Yes, my Brain.

Fac. Off with your Ruff, and Cloke then; be your self, Sir.
Sur. Down with the Door. Kas. 'Slight, ding it open.

Lov. Hold,
Hold, Gentlemen, what means this violence?

Mam. Where is this Colliar? Sur. And my Captain Face?
Mam. These Day-Owls. Sur. That are birding in Mens

Mam. Madam Suppository. Kas. Doxey, my y Sister.

Ana. Locusts
Of the foul Pit. Tri. Prophane as Bel and the Dragon.

Ana. Worse than the Grashoppers, or the Lice of Egypt.

Lov. Good Gentlemen, hear me. Are you Officers, And cannot stay this Violence? Off. Keep the Peace. Lov. Gentlemen, what is the Matter? Whom do you

seek? Mam. The Chimical Cozener. Sur. And the Captain

Kas. The Nun my Suster. Mam. Madam Rabbi.

Ana. Scorpions,
And Caterpillars. 'Lov. Fewer at once, I pray yoy!

off. One after another, Gentlemen, I charge you,
By vertue of my staff Ana. They are the vessels
Of Pride, Lust, and the Cart. Lov. Good Zeal, lie still,
A little while. Tri. Peace, Deacon Ananias.

Lov. The House is mine here, and the Doors are open:
If there be any such Persons you seek for,
Use your Authority, search on o' God's Name.
I am but newly come to Town, and finding
This tumult 'bout my Door (to tell you true)
It somewhat maz'd me; till my Man, here, (fearing
My more displeasure) told me he had done

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Somewhat an insolent part, let out my House (Belike, presuming on my known aversion From

any Air o' the Town, while there was Sickness) To a Doctor, and a Captain: who, what they are, Or where they be, he knows not. Mam. Are they gone?

[They enter. Lov. You may go in and search, Sir. Here, I find The empty walls worse than I left 'em, smok'd, A few crack’ Pots, and Glasses, and a Fornace; The Ceiling fill’d with Poesies of the Candle: And, Madam, with a Dildo, writ o' the Walls. Only one Gentlewoman, I met here, That is within, that said she was a Widow

Kas. I, that's my Suster. I'll go thump her. Where is she?

Lov. And should ha' married a Spanish Count, but he,
When he came to't, neglected her so grosly,
That I, a widower, am gone through with her.

Sur. How! Have I lost her then?

Lov. Were you the Don, Sir? Good faith, now,

she do’s blame yo' extremely, and says

and told her, you had tane the pains
To dye your Beard, and umbre o'er your Face,
Borrow'd a Sute, and Ruff, all for her love;
And then did nothing. What an Over-sight,
And want of putting forward, Sir, was this!
Well fare an old Harquebuzier, yet,
Could prime his Powder, and give fire, and hit,
All in a twinckling. Mam. The whole nest are fled!
Lov. What sort of Birds were they ?

[Mammon comes forth.
Mam. A kind of Choughs,
Or thievish Daws, Sir, that have pickt my Purse
Of eight-score and ten pounds, within these five Weeks,
Beside my first Materials; and my Goods,
That lie i' the Cellar; which I am glad they ha' left.
I may have home yet. Lov. Think you so, Sir? Mam. I.

Lov. By order of Law, Sir, but not otherwise.

You swore,

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