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perische not: but haue euerlastynge lijf/ lopely god sente not his lone into be worlde pat he iuge be worlde: but þat pe worlde be cauede by hym/ he pat bileuep into hym: ts not demyde (or dampnyde)/ forlope he pat bileuep not is now demyde: for he bileuep not in be name of be one bigotten (one of god/ [opely pis is pe doom/ for ligte came into be worlde: and men loueden more dirkenellis pan lizte / forlope here werkis weren euyl/ Copely eche man pat doip euyl: hatip lizt/ and comeb not to lizt: þat his werke be not reprouyde (or vnbirnomen)/ Copely he pat doip treupe: comeb to lizt* pat his werkis be (chewide: for pet ben in god/ aftir pes pingis Iht came e his disciplis into pe lande of Jude: and pere he dwellide wip hem & baptizide / Copeli Joon was baptifynge in ennon bifidis Calym • for manye watris weren pere: and pei camen & weren baptisidesopely Jon was not zit sente into prisoune / Copely a question (or aringe) ts made of Jones dio ciplis wip pe iewis of be purificacõn (or clensynge)/ and pei camen to Joon: and seyden to hym/ raby (or mayster). he þat was wip pee ouer Jordan to whom pou hast borne wit: neslynge: lo he baptisip. and alle men comen to hym/ Jon answeride T seydel a man may not take any ping: but zuf it be zouen to hym/ from heuene) zee zoure self beren wit: neslynge to me pat I leyde I am not ist: but for J am fente bifore hym/ he pat hap a spouse (or wijf): is pe spouse (or housbonde) Forlope a frende of pe (pouse pat stondiy x heriy hym ioyep in love for pe voyce of pe spouse / perfore in vis ping: my love is fulfildel it bihouep hym for to ware : forlope me for to be munyschide (or made lasse)/ he pat came from aboue: ts vpon alle/ he pat is of pe crpe: spekip of pe erpe/ he pat comep fro heuene: is aboue alle / and pis bing pat


he size e herde. he witnellip: no man takip his witneslynge/ forlope he pat hap taken his witnessynge: hap markide pat god is lopefast/ forlope he whom god Cente: spekip Þe wordis of god/ forlope not to mesure god zyuep pe {pirit/ pe fadir louep pe' fone e he hap zouen alle pingis in his hande, he þat bileuep into pe fone: hap euerlastynge liff/ forlope he Þat is vnbileueful to pe fone: (chal not (e euerlastynge lijf. but be wrappe of god dwellip on hym/

Cm 4m

Therfore as Jhā knewe pat pharisees herden bat Jhā makip mo disciplis & baptisip pan Jon: pouz iht baptiside not but his disciplis: he lefte Judet wente agen into galilee/ sopely it bihouede hym to pafle by Camarie/ perfore Jhi came by a cytee of Camarie. Dat is Ceyde sicar• bilidis pe maner (or feelde) pat Jacob zaue to Joseph his sone/ forcope pe welle of Jacob was pere/ Copely ihč made wery (or faynte) of pe tourney: Catte pus at pe welle / sopety pe boure was as pe sixte (or vndrun)/ a womman came of Camarie for to drawe water/ Jht seip to hire/ syue me for to drynke / forlope his disciplis hadden gon into pe cytee: þat þei (chulden bye metis/ perfore be ilke womman of Camarie. Ceip to hym/ how pou whanne pou art a iewe arist of me for to dryncke : Þat am a womman of samarie / forlope iewis vlen not to comoune wij samaritans/ Ihc answeride Ceyde to hire / zif pou Wistist pe zifte of god. # who it is pat Ceip to pee* gyue to me for to drynke: parauenture pou (chuldist haue aride of hym # he schulde haue zyve to pee quycke water/ pe womman Ceip to hym/ Sire neper pou hast in what ping You (chalt drawe: E pe pitte is deep/ perfore wher of halt Pou quycke water / wher you art more han oure fadir Jacob


pat zaue to vs pe pitte & he dranke perof* # his fonts his beestis # Tht answeride e Ceyde to hir/ eche man pat drynckiþ of pis water: (chal Pirste eftefones/ forlope he pat (chal dryncke of pe water bat J (chal zyue to hym: [chal not priste into wip outen ende, but pe water pat J schal zyue to hym: (chal be made to hym a welle of spryngyng vp water: into euerlastyng tiff/ pe womman seip to hym/ fire zyve to me pls water þat I priste not neper come hidir for to drawe/ Iht Ceip to hire/ go dlepe bin housbonde # come hidirbe womman answeride k seyde/ 1 haue not an housbonde / The Ceip to hire) pou eyðist wel for J haue not an housbonde/ for pou halt hadde fyue housbondis, and he whom you hast: is not pin housbonde / pis ping pou seyðist sopely/ pe womman feity to hym/ lorde 3 le: for pou art a prophete oure faderis worschipeden in pis hilo k zee leyn for at irlm is place where it bihoueß for to worschip/ Jht seip to hire/ womman bileue pou to me for be houre schal come. whanne neper in bis hil. neper in irlm: zee (chulen prege (or wor(chip) pe faðir / zee worchipen bat zee witen not: we worchipen pat we witen for helpe is of Jetois / but be houre comeb * now it is• whan trewe worschipers schulen worschip Þe fadir in spirit # treupe / for whi pe fadir seekip suche: pat schulen worschip hym/ god is a spirit* # it bihoueb hem pat worschipen hym/ for to wor(chip in fpirit & treupel pe womman (eif to hym/ I wote for mellyas is comen: þat is seyde crist/ perfore whanne he [chal come: he (chal telle to vs alle pingis/ Jht seip to hire / I am: þat speke wip peeand anone his disciplis camen t wondriden for he spac wij pe womman/ nepeles no man Ceyde what Cekist pou* or what spekist pou wij hire/ perfore be womman lekte hire water potte* & wente into pe cytee Ceip to be men/ come zee te te zee a man pat (eyde to me alle pingis* what euer pingis 3 baue done/ wher he is cilt# and pet wenten oute of pe cytees and pei camen to hym/ in pe menewhile his disciplis preyeden hym leyinge/ raby (or mayster) étel (opely he leyde to hem/ 1 haue mete for to ete pat zee witen not/ Perfore disciplis Ceyden to gedir/ wher any man brouzte to hym for to ete: Thi feip to hem/ my mete is pat I do be wille of hym pat fente me: and pat 1 parfourme pe werke of hym/ wher zee leyn not. for zit foure monepes. ben ripe corne comep: lo 31 seye to zou* lifte vp zoure yzen E le zee pe regiouns (or cuntrees) for nowe pet ben whift to ripe corne/ and be pat reepip takip bifre (or meede): and he pat gedirip fruyte into euerlastynge liff / Dat he pat fowitz haue ioye to gedir e he pat reepik/ in pis ping Copely is pe worde trewe. for anoper is Pat sowib:


anoper pat reepih I lente zou for to reepe pat pat zee traueyliden not/ oper men traueyliden: and zee entriden into here trauerlis/ forlope of Pat cytee manye samaritans bileueden into hym: for be worde of pe womman berynge witneslynge for he seyde to me alle pingis what euer þingis 7 dide Perfore whanne (amaritans camen to bym: pei preveden bym pat he schulde dwelle pere, and he dwellide pere two dayes/ and many mo bileueden for his worde* seyden to be womman/ for now not for pi fpeche we bileuen/ forlope we hane herde we witen: for pis is verreyle be saueour of pe worlde | fforlope astir two dayes he wente penso e wente into galileel Sopely he bare witneslynge for a prophete in his owne cuntre hap not honoure (or wor(chip)/ perfore whanne he came into galilee: men of galilee receyueden hym. whanne pet hadden seen alle pingis Pat he hadde done in irlm


in pe feest day (or halyday)/ and Copely Hei hadden comen to be feest day/ perfore he came eftefone into pe chane of galilee wher he made pe water wyn/ and sum litil king was: whos (one was fijk at capharnaum, whanne he pis had herde. pat Jhū schulde come fro Jude into galilee: he wente to hym & preyede bym* þat he schulde come doune heele his sone for love he bigan for to dye / perfore Jht Ceyde to hym/ no but zee (chulen se tokenes grete wondris: zee bileuen not/ be litil kyng seip to hym/ lorde come doune bifore my sone Dye / Ilhi seip to hym/ go pi sone lyuep/ pe man bileuede to be worde bat Jhü seyde to hym: and he wente lopely now hym comynge doune: pe seruauntis camen Azenes bym tolden hym (eyinge for his cone lyuede/ perfore he aride of hem pe houre in whiche he hadde hym better)

pei seyden to hym/ for zistirday in pe Ceuenep houre pe feuer lefte hym/ perfore pe faðir knewe pat pe ilke houre it was in whiche Jht seyde to hym pi sone lyuep/ and he bileuede et al his hous/ Ihū dide efte pis secounde token: whanne he came fro Jude into galilee ||

Aftir þis ping was a feest day of iewis/ and iht wente Cm 5m into irlm/ Corsope in irlñ is a stondynge water of beestis pat in ebrewe is namyde bethlayda* hauyng fyue litil zatis/ in pis lay a greet multitude of langewischynge men blynde

crokide.drie. abydynge pe styrynge of pe water/ Corcope pe aungel of be lorde aftir tyme came doune into pe stondynge water: and pe water was mouede/ and he pat first came doune in pe cesterne aftic pe mouynge of pe water: was made hool of what Cekenefte he was holden| fforlope summan was pere hauringe pritty zeeris in his sekenelle/


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