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sed state, by acts of Resignation and denial of our selves. It was the generous saying of Socrates being about to die unto his friend; O Crito, since it is the will of God, so let it be: Anytus and Melitus may kill me, but cannot hurt me. But such a resignation as’tis infinitly a greater duty to a Christian, so it is also a more firm security. In that case 'tis not the Martyr, but Jesus of Nazareth who is thus persecuted, and he who attaques him will find it hard to prick against the pricks, Act.9.5.

7. THERE could not be a greater instance of the profligate sensuality of the Ifraelites, then that they murmured for want of leeks and onions', Numb. II. 5. when they are Angels food, and had bread rain'd down from heaven. 'Tis impossible for the soul that is sensible of God Almighties favor, to repine at any earthly pressure. The Lord is my lhepherd, saith David, therefore can I lack nothing , Psal. 23. 1. And, thou hast put gladness into my heart, more then when their corn, and wine, and úil increased,Pial.4.7.& in pallionate rapture he cries out,PT.73.25.Whom have I in heaven but thee : and there is none apon earth that I desire incomparison of thee?


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my fleshand my beart faileth: but God is the firength of my heart, and my portion for ever. And likewise Psal.46.1. God is our hope and strength, a very present help in trouble. Therefore will we not fear, tho the earth be moved: and tho the hills be carried into the midst of the sea. Tho the waters thereof rage and swell, and thó the mountains jhake at the tempest of the same. If God be in the midst of us, we shall not be removed, he will help us, and that right early. Let us therefore possess our selyes of this support, ard as the Prophet advises Ifa. 8.12., neither fear, nor be afraid, in any exigence how great foever; but be still and quiet, and fanctify the Lord of hosts himfelf, and let him be our fear, and let him be our dread,

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