A Collection of the Most Esteemed Farces and Entertainments Performed on the British Stage ...

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Сторінка 229 - But now my task is smoothly done, I can fly, or I can run, Quickly to the green earth's end, Where the bow'd welkin slow doth bend, And from thence can soar as soon To the corners of the moon.
Сторінка 217 - Their merry wakes and pastimes keep. What hath night to do with sleep ? Night hath better sweets to prove, Venus now wakes, and wakens Love.
Сторінка 229 - Thus I sprinkle on thy breast Drops that from my fountain pure, I have kept of precious cure, Thrice upon thy finger's tip, Thrice upon thy rubied lip ;. Next this marble venomed seat Smeared with gums of glutinous heat I touch with chaste palms moist and cold. Now the spell hath lost his hold ; And I must haste ere morning hour To wait in Amphitrite's bower.
Сторінка 219 - Meander's margent green, And in the violet embroider'd vale, Where the love-lorn nightingale Nightly to thee her sad song mourneth well; Canst thou not tell me of a gentle pair That likest thy Narcissus are ? O, if thou have Hid them in some flow'ry cave. Tell me but where, . Sweet queen of parly, daughter of the sphere! So may'st thou be translated to the skies, And give resounding grace to all heaven's harmonies.
Сторінка 285 - GENTEEL in personage, Conduct, and equipage, Noble by heritage, Generous and free: Brave, not romantic; Learned, not pedantic; Frolic, not frantic; This must he be. Honor maintaining, Meanness disdaining, Still entertaining, Engaging and new. Neat, but not finical; Sage, but not cynical; Never tyrannical, But ever true.
Сторінка 225 - Sport that wrinkled Care derides, And Laughter holding both his fides. Come, and trip it as you go On the light fantaftic toe...
Сторінка 205 - Tis impossible to say the time, sir ; that merely depends upon the spirits of the company, and the nature of the entertainment : for my own part, I generally make it myself till four or five in the morning. Sir John.
Сторінка 228 - What need a vermil-tinftur'd lip for that, Love-darting eyes, or trefles like the Morn ? There was another meaning in thefe gifts, Think what, and be advis'd, you are but young yet.
Сторінка 161 - Dim. Why, to marry any fop that has a few deceitful agreeable appearances about him ; something of a pert phrase, a good operator for the teeth, and a tolerable tailor.
Сторінка 170 - Something too nice and fine for my comprehension ; and your's too, I believe. People in high life understand their own forms best. And here comes one that can unriddle the whole affair. [Exit. Enter Sir CHAKLES.

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