The Japanese Disease: Sex and Sleaze in Modern Japan

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iUniverse, 22 сент. 2005 г.
Why do Japanese mothers put their babies into coin lockers? And why is Japan the world's biggest brothel of teenybopper hookers. Read "The Japanese Disease: Sex and Sleaze in Modern Japan" to find out.

"The Japanese Disease" unlocks modern Japan's sleaziest secrets -- from Japan's gang rapists, child prostitutes and serial killers to the computer nerds, who meet online to commit collective suicide. Sex, sleaze, crime and corruption thread their way through every chapter of this path breaking book which details cannibalistic serial killers who have sex with the dead bodies of their victims, schoolboys who ritually dismember their victims, 80-year-old hit men, patriotic gangsters burying their victims alive and porno animals who fear the sexually transmitted diseases of their human co-stars.

Dr. Declan Hayes has looked into modern Japan's moral heart of darkness and he recounts what he sees. From the child sex hookers of Shibuya and Ikebukuro, to the gang rapists of Japan's top universities, from the killer cults to the classy women whose top of the range mobile phones double as sexual vibrators, this is a book on Japan like no other. If you buy only one book this year, this is the book to buy.

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Hayes is a journalist and commentator. He is al a Professor of business and economics at Sophia University in Tokyo.

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