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(Continued from Vol. I. page 712.)

THE DUKE OF SUSSEX make his peace with the exaspeWas famous for having the finest rated hero. This, I believe, was with collection of old Bibles and tobacco

some difficulty effected. The Duke pipes in Europe. Sir Henry Ellis,

appears to have been the only one of the British Museum, was a great

of the sons of George III. who exavourite with him in general, but

tended anything like encourageI.R.H. would occasionally “take

ment to literary and scientific tiff,” and in these fits of pique

men, or cared to have them about always ignored Sir Henry's his person. Sir Henry always spoke christian name and called bim“ Sir

and called him “ Šir of him as a very kind man, Ed-dard.” Sir Henry once dined at the Duke's, meeting Captain

ROYAL VISITS TO THE Marryat, whom H.R.H. introduced

BRITISH MUSEUM. as “his friend who had been I am indebted to my friend Sir engaged in one hundred and twenty- Henry Ellis for these anecdotes, for eight actions(I am not quite sure the truth of which he was able to as to the number). In the course vouch. of the dinner the Duke, by way Queen Charlotte sent one of her of making conversation, asked household to arrange for her visit to Marryat where he got some curious this wonder of the world, and when article which he had presented to he had settled preliminaries, he the Duke. “Oh!" said the Captain, desired to be shown through the “I met a sailor with it, and gave rooms which Her Majesty would him a knock on the side of his head pass. When he was conducted and took it from him.” There was through the gallery of Greek and a quiet modest little clergyman at Roman antiquities, which the Queen table who was heard to say, “And specially desired to see, he exwas that, Captain Marryat, one of claimed “O, this will never do ! your hundred and twenty-eight Her Majesty will be shocked actions ?” Forgetful of the Royal beyond measure. Can nothing be presence the Captain flew into a done?The authorities, after a furious passion with the poor long consultation, sent for a tinman parson, who had no idea that his in Oxford-street, and gave him an mild joke would have produced order for the requisite number of such an explosion, and was really tin fig-leaves which were to be greatly distressed ; so much so, painted green. It unfortunately that when coffee was served in the happened that the Queen arrived gallery he begged the Duke to before the whole of the order was


executed, and the only resource in covered that the King was fast such a dilemma was to tie on the asleep, doubtless tired out by the fig leaves to as many statues on rapidity with which he was taken each side as there were leaves, and from sight to sight lest he should as Her Majesty passed a statue the miss any worth visiting. He might fig-leaf was detached and carried well exclaim in the words of the further down the line, and this was Haynes Bayley ballad so dexterously managed by persons

From place to place they hurry me. stationed behind each line of statues that Her Majesty's deli. eacy was preserved from the shock

JUSTICE HALIBURTONit would otherwise have sustained.

SAM SLICK. In later days her present Majesty Although I had often met him Queen Victoria and the Prince Con- on public occasions, and once was sort paid the existing building a in the unenviable position of having visit. While they were in the to speak after him at a grand department now presided over by dinner at Stationers' Hall, and that Professor Owen, the attention of on a toast to which I had supposed the Royal pair was directed to an he would have had to respond, I icthyosaurus; which, it will be first made his personal acquainremembered, was displayed on the tance at a large outdoor party in wall. Just at that moment Mr the lovely grounds of Mr W. S. König entered the room, when Sir Lindsay, of Shepperton Manor. Henry presented him, as the then Rural sports formed a part of the head of the department, to the programme for the edification of Queen and the Prince. The latter, the rustics, and I was greatly whose ear was struck by the German amused by the deep interest taken name, desired to know from whence by the Justice (who, with myself and in Germany he came, and asked Sir Fenwick Williams, of Kars, "From what part?” König, sup- were together on the spot), in the posing the inquiry to refer, not to contest for a pig, the prize of the himself but to the fossil, replied man who could cross an arm of " From the blue lias at Lyme Regis, the Thames, which ran into the in Dorsetshire, your Royal High grounds, on a soaped pole. I think ness." Sir Henry said that the I hear him say “Now that fellow's Queen was especially diverted going to do it.” at the mal apropos reply, and He told me that he was at the laughed heartily.

hotel at the Falls at Niagara at the Some years ago the King of time when Blondin was about to Saxony came on a visit to Queen cross them on a rope with a man Victoria, and was of course shown on his back. The Prince of Wales all the lions, among which was in was there at the time, but with cluded, of course, the British right good taste and feeling refused Museum. There was one object, to witness the exhibition. A tall I forget which, though Sir Henry lanky American was pointed out mentioned it at the time, which the to Haliburton as the man who was King wished to examine, and a to be carried, and who was loungchair was brought to him that he ing in front of the hotel evidently might do so more conveniently. under the influence of drink. The His Majesty appeared to be an Justice ventured to suggest to the unusually long time examining the man that he was scarcely in a fit object, and at last one of the gentle state for the experiment, to which men approached him, and dis- the other said that he had screwed

up his courage to the sticking point He sat in Parliament for some and it was very unfair in the other time for a Cornish borough, but he to damp his spirits. Haliburton used to complain to me of the late turned away, and strolled away hours which his duties obliged him from the hotel; and about half an to keep. He was a fine genial hour afterwards a turn in the road specimen of an English gentleman, brought Blondin and his living and had a warm heart. I was burthen full upon his view. The speaking to him of a common justice told me that, although he acquaintance, and mentioned that would not on any account have he was an old friend: “Cherish gone to witness the exploit, he was him then," said the Justice; “for so fascinated by the sudden spec- there are no new friends like old tacle that he could not withdraw ones.” his gaze, but continued to watch His after-dinner speeches were their progress with the most pain. remarkable for their raciness and fully absorbing interest. Once one rich humour. I remember his of the gyesthe small ropes ex- returning thanks at a dinner in tended from the great one across Stationers' Hall, in his character as the river to the shore-gave way, “the Clockmaker.” He was the and produced a visible vibration. strongest Tory of my acquainBlondin knelt down on the rope, tance, and made no secret of his under his load, until the vibration politics. ceased, and then successfully completed his perilous task.

Haliburton was once persuaded A QUARTER OF AN HOUR to take a Turkish bath, and his

TOO LATE. description to me of his sufferings I was on the point of quitting while under the manipulations of my office to keep a dinner engagethe attendant was very rich. He ment with my friend Admiral (then was always, in my recollection, Lieutenant) Allen, when a gentlestout, and latterly he grew so man mentioned the death of a litecorpulent that he was induced to rary man of some eminence, by try the Banting system ; and I which a rather valuable and impornever met him that he did not tell tant editorship became vacant. I me of the success of the experi. knew that many competitors would ment, informing me how much he be in the field; but, on the mere had diminished in girth; and on chance, I immediately wrote a the last occasion he mentioned to letter to the publishers, offering me in great triumph that he could myself for the post. It then pick up his spectacles.

occurred to me, it being Saturday, He was dining one day with the that they would not get my letter Leander Club at the Star and until Monday; and, therefore, Garter at Putney. It was a fine although it would make me late day in summer, and the window for dinner, I trusted to the indultowards the river immediately over gence of my gallant friend, and the towpath was open. The Justice took my letter to the publishers was returning thanks for the toast myself. They were both out, but to his health; and, being inter- I saw their managing man; and, rupted by the loud barking of a explaining to him the purport of dog, paused, and said that when my letter, asked him to tell me if the member for Bark-shire had the appointment had been made. finished his speech, he (the Justice) He assured me it had not. I then would finish his.

repaired to my friend's, and arrived

a quarter of an hour too late. I of his country in a remarkable explained the cause, and he drank degree. We were walking by the success to my application. On Wey one day when an Oxford Monday I had a note from the graduate, a Mr. White, who had a publishers requesting to see me, taste for botany, plucked a flower and stating that they would explain (Balsamum impatiens) from the to me how they were circumstanced river, remarking that “it was a with regard to the editorship. I rare plant.” “It is an out of the went, and, to my great surprise, Wey one, at any rate," was the they put the papers of the deceased instantaneous reply. Speaking of editor into my hands, and gave me Charles Dickens, he remarked, the appointment, which I held for “He is more intolerant than the six years.

Puritanism he denounces. He sees only the scum thrown by the

system to the surface, and which ON THE HOME CIRCUIT.

is bitter to the taste and unpleaSome of the brightest hours of sant to look at; and does not see my life were spent on the Circuit, the under-current of good which it either at Guildford or Croydon, hides.” We were talking of Louis whither, for many years, at the Napoleon, some of us agreeing that Summer Assizes I was invited by it was not to his interest to invade my dear and fast friend Patrick England, and that it would be his Colquhoun, and where I had a last card. “True," said O'Connell; hearty welcome from the brother “but, as we do in Ireland somebarristers with whom he set up times, he may play his last card housekeeping on these occasions, first.He told us a story of a and very nice housekeeping it was. duel, premising, what I knew I shall always remember, with the already, that duels in Ireland in profoundest gratitude, the care and former years were commonly atdevoted attention I experienced tended by a crowd of spectators, from these young men, on whom I the affair to come off being no secret, can pronounce no higher eulogy and the police, if any existed, never than adducing the fact that, with thinking of interference. The but one or two exceptions, they result was fatal, and the survivor were all raised to the bench either was, of course, brought to trial for at home or in the colonies. Our his life, and the judge in summing breakfasts were not late ones, as my up concluded by saying, “Gentlefriends had to attend the courts. men of the Jury, I am bound in Luncheon was laid about one justice to the prisoner to say that o'clock, and remained on the table it was the fairest duel I ever saw for an hour or two; but at seven in my life.” we were all expected to assemble He quoted a story from Sir at dinner. I should mention, how. Frank Barrington which is worth ever, that we were early risers, the repeating, if it be only as a speci. whole party bathing before break- men of the style of that renowned fast, except myself; nevertheless, racconteur. Two Irishmen were reI always went with them, and was turning from mowing, with their called, in consequence, the “ Com. scythes on their shoulders, when panion of the Bath.” Among the one of them saw a salmon in the party one summer was Morgan river. “That's an illigant salmon John O'Connell, the nephew of under the bank there,” said he. the agitator, and son of John “ That's true for you, Mick," said O'Connell. He had the ready wit the other; wouldn't we spare him

with our scythe handles ?” Pat impracticable character I ever met made the experiment, and in doing with: so cut off his own head and his Counsel: The horse which was comrade's ear, both of which taken from the common was afterfloated down the stream until they wards sold to the plaintiff ? were stopped by the mill dam. Witness: Was it? (With the Tare an 'ouns, Masther !” ex. minutest possible note of interroclaimed the miller's man, “here's gation after the word.) a poor man has been kelt and Counsel : And this occurred in murthered — who can he be ?” the month of August, 1857 ? “Oh," replied the miller, “sure Witness: You say so. I didn't. 'twill be aisy enough to identify a Counsel : When the horse was man with three ears!”.

taken back to his companion, did At the commencement of the they know each other? (A laugh.) assize the bathers borrowed a Adverse Counsel : My learned ladder, which they let down into friend means–Did they kiss and the river, by the bank, for the con- hug each other ? venience of landing, the part of The Counsel, Montagu Chamthe river in which they bathed bers, gave up the Dorking Boniface being nearly a mile from the town. as impracticable. On the last morning of the assize. The following was reported to the ladder was withdrawn, placed me as having occurred in another on two sticks, and thus borne by court: four of the party ; while one, which Counsel : And when, do you say, on the occasion referred to was did this happen? myself, stalked in front of the Witness : Three years since. procession with a towel, by way of Counsel: Why, you told me just tabard, in the character of herald, now that it was only a year and a O'Connell bringing up the rear and half. enacting the chief mourner, while Witness : Did I? Then I'll another of the party chanted a stick to it. solemn dirge, which he did in a Judge : Could the horse, which remarkably rich bass. As we is the subject of this action, draw: neared the town the tabard was Witness (A bucolic but shrewd discarded, but the order of proces one): Draa? Bless your heart, sion was otherwise preserved, and my lord, he wouldn't draa a sprat the dirge continued sotto voce. off a gridiron. Much eloquence was wasted in the Edwin James was inapproachendeavour to persuade me to“ take able at an operation on a roguish a header," backed by the assurance or refractory witness. Hawkins that if I got into difficulty they was a great ally of his; and, there. would have me out in a moment; from had acquired the title of indeed, one of them requested me as James the Second. They were a personal favour to take the plunge, bathing one morning, and while in in order that he might save me and the water a rampant bull came get the Humane Society's medal. from the other end of the meadow

Much of my time was spent in the and mounted guard over their court, and I was much interested clothes, which they were unable to by occasional passages of arms regain until some rustics came to between counsel and witness. Here the rescue. is an instance in which the former Among the privileges I owed to endeavoured to elicit a fact from a the kindness of my forensic friends Dorking innkeeper, the most coolly was admission to the hospitalities

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