Official Records of the Union and Confederate Navies in the War of the Rebellion

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Сторінка 25 - I pray your lordship to accept the assurances of the highest consideration with which I have the honor to be, my lord, your most obedient servant, CHARLES FRANCIS ADAMS.
Сторінка 267 - Florida was an unauthorized, unlawful, and indefensible exercise of the naval force of the United States within a foreign country, in defiance of its established and duly recognized Government.
Сторінка 622 - The ship filled so rapidly, however, that before we had made much progress the fires were extinguished in the furnaces, and we were evidently on the point of sinking.
Сторінка 738 - SIR : By direction of his excellency the governor, I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt, this morning, of your letter of yesterday's .date, stating the supplies required for the officers and crew of the vessel under your command, and informing me that the prisoners alluded to in your previous communication have left the Shenandoah without your knowledge, in shore boats, soon after your arrival.
Сторінка 269 - In the meantime, it is assumed that the loss of the Florida was a consequence of some unforeseen accident, which cast no responsibility upon the United States.
Сторінка 75 - I became then fearful, lest after some fighting, he would again make for the shore. To defeat this, I determined to keep full speed on, and with a port helm to run under the stern of the Alabama and rake her, if he did not prevent it by sheering and keeping his broadside to us. He adopted this mode as a preventive, and, as a consequence, the Alabama was forced with a full head of steam into a circular track during the engagement.
Сторінка 638 - I am quite willing to leave the point of honor to be decided by my brother yachtsmen, and, indeed, by any tribunal of gentlemen. As to my legal right to take away Captain Semmes and his friends, I have been educated in the belief that an English ship is English territory, and I am, therefore, unable, even now, to discover why I was more bound to surrender the people of the Alabama whom I had on board my yacht, than the owner of a garden on the south coast of England would have been, if they had swum...
Сторінка 268 - Florida, and to have continued the chase of the offender beyond the waters of Brazil, out upon the high seas. Thus, in the affair at Bahia, subordinate agents, without the knowledge of their respective governments, mutually inaugurated an unauthorized, irregular, and unlawful war. In desisting from that war on her part, and in appealing to this Government for redress, Brazil rightly appreciated the character of the United States, and set an example worthy of emulation.
Сторінка 621 - June, for the purpose of engaging the enemy's steamer Kearsarge, which had been lying off, and on the port, for several days previously. After clearing the harbor, we descried the enemy, with his head off shore, at the distance of about seven miles.
Сторінка 621 - When within about a mile and a quarter of the enemy he suddenly wheeled, and bringing his head in-shore, presented his starboard battery to me. By this time we were distant about one mile from each other, when I opened on him with solid shot, to which he replied in a few minutes, and the engagement became active on both sides.

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