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"List of members of the American Medical Association, by states, from its formation in 1846 to and including 1880. Compiled from the annual published minutes. By J. M. Toner, M.D.:, 131 p. at end of v. 31.

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Сторінка 32 - Stewart laid upon the table the following resolution : — Resolved, That a committee of one from each State be appointed to report to...
Сторінка 336 - All drugs, medicines, medicinal preparations, including medicinal essential oils and chemical preparations, used wholly or in part as medicine, imported from abroad, shall, before passing the custom-house, be examined and appraised, as well in reference to their quality, purity, and fitness for medical purposes, as to their value and identity specified in the invoice.
Сторінка 159 - States generally, during the term of their service. " The Committee on Surgery shall prepare an annual report on all the important improvements in the management of surgical diseases effected in America during the year.
Сторінка 112 - Sarnia, and along the borders of our magnificent river ; upon the shores of Lakes Ontario and Erie — wherever the tide of emigration has extended, are to be found the final resting-places of the sons and daughters of Erin ; one unbroken chain of graves, where repose fathers and mothers, sisters and brothers, in one commingled heap, without a tear bedewing the soil, or a stone marking the \ spot. Twenty thousand and upwards have thus gone down to their graves.
Сторінка 337 - Secretary to give such instructions to the Collectors of the Customs in the other Collection Districts, as he may deem necessary to prevent the importation of adulterated and spurious drugs and medicines.
Сторінка 297 - Services to the Public. Pharmacy has for its primary object the service which it can render to the public in safeguarding the handling, sale, compounding and dispensing of medicinal substances. The practice of pharmacy demands knowledge, skill and integrity on the part of those engaged in it. Pharmacists are required to pass certain educational tests in order to qualify under the laws of our states. The states thus restrict the practice of pharmacy to those...
Сторінка 7 - The profession to which we belong, once venerated on account of its antiquity, — its various and profound science — its elegant literature — its polite accomplishments — its virtues, — has become corrupt, and degenerate, to the forfeiture of its social position, and with it, of the homage it formerly received spontaneously and universally.
Сторінка 336 - Be it enacted by the Senate and Souse of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That this Act may be cited as the "Arms Control and Disarmament Act Amendments in 1975".
Сторінка 337 - ... procure some competent analytical chemist possessing the confidence of the medical profession, as well as of the colleges of medicine and pharmacy...
Сторінка 299 - ... those cases when the poisons are intended for the destruction of animals or vermin — and in these instances only with the guarantee of a responsible person. And we hold that when there is good reason to believe that the purchaser is habitually using opiates or stimulants to excess, every conscientious apothecary should discourage such practice. 9th. No apprentice to the business of apothecary should be taken for a less term than four years, unless he has already served a portion of that time...

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