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High price of coals of minor importance . - - -

Manufacture of flax more slowly adapted itself to the factory
system than that of either wool or cotton . - -

Number of persons employed in flax mills . - - -

Combinations of workmen have had more effect in Ireland than

in England - -

Difference between wages of skilled and unskilled labour
Limiting the number of apprentices a principal means of main-
taining the rate of wages - - -
Reference to the shipwrights of Dublin
Question of apprenticeship considered . - - -
An increase of manufactures would be very valuable to Ireland
The removal of restrictions, if such exist, is all that can be looked
for from the Government - - -
Want of a sufficient home-demand has an injurious influence
The linen manufacture and the cultivation of flax of the greatest
importance - - - -

Soil and climate favourable to the growth of flax - -

Flax may be made more valuable to Ireland than cotton is to

England - - - - - -

Great extent of imports of flax, flax-seed, and oil-cake

Increased cultivation of flax and exports of limen would compen-

sate for the present deficient export of agricultural products



















made by themselves . - - - -

Difficulties of giving them a legal right to compensation

Extract from “Digest of Evidence on the Occupation of Land in

Ireland,” as to the necessity of security for the tenant's im-

Poor laws - - - - - - - -

Great deficiency of employment for labourers in Connaught

Statement of the very small proportion employed in the Union of

Milford, County of Donegal -

Great number of helpless poor, widows, orphans, &c.

Can the poor-law be worked throughout Ireland? - -

How is the unemployed population of the West to be supported?

Reference to Statistical Tables of the Annual Value of Property
liable to be rated for Poor-rate in England and Ireland
Great difference between the two countries, as respects their capa-
bility of supporting the poor - - - -
Nevertheless, the greater part of Ireland well able to support its

Very doubtful whether the unions along the Western coast can

do so - -

Mode of working the Poor-law Act

Difficulties in collecting the rates . - - - -

Immediate lessors liable for the poor-rate on holdings valued at
44 and under . - - - - - -

If arrears be re-assessed and stringently enforced, some districts

will be pauperized. - - - - -

Will the poor-law confiscate the estates of embarrassed proprietors?

Irish poor-law nearly similar to that of England in this respect .

The law might be altered so as effect a confiscation; but would this

be good policy? . - - - - - -

While assistance should be afforded to some places, payment of

rates should be enforced from all solvent parties - -

Some electoral divisions even in the West able to support their poo

Other electoral divisions unable to do so .

Union-rating a very questionable remedy

Reference to statistical tables on this subject

Great extent of some unions and electoral divisions

No board of guardians can manage them efficiently

Our feelings instinctively prompt us to relieve the distress around

us - - - - -

Christian morality takes the same direction -

English system of poor-laws based on this idea - - -

Information of a local committee essential for good management

of out-door relief - - - - - -

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cotton crop - - - -

Suggestion made by Professor Hancock

The collection of rates must be insisted on . - -

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