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the tests, especially the final tests, must be determined for the most part by a consideration of each individual case. The purpose for which the plant is installed, unusual conditions to which any part may be subjected, necessary delays occurring during the process of construction, relation of one part of the installation to another, time intervening between the completion of the plant and its active Operation, operation before completion and like considerations, should be given careful attention.) All work shall be regularly and Sys

tematically tested while in process of con

struction and any defects found shall be immediately remedied. The final tests shall be made in the


sentative, and the right is reserved by (the purchaser) in case any doubt arises as to the fulfillment of the true spirit and intent of the specifications, to demand a test by expert engineers selected as is

presence of the | | or his 'repre

17. Inspection.

usual in matters of arbitration, whose decision shall be final on all disputed points, the expense of such test to be borne equally by both parties unless the apparatus or material shall prove defective, in which case the contractor shall bear the expense and shall also remedy the defects. He shall also be liable for any damage or loss to (the purchaser) resulting from conditions incident to the remedying of such defects.

During its progress the work shall be subject to the inspection of the engineer architect

Board of Fire Underwriters,
Board of Inspectors.

On its completion a | Board of Fire Underwriters | certificate

| or his representative, and of

Board of Inspectors shall be furnished (the purchaser) by the contractor stating that all the insurance rules and regulations under which the work was done have been complied with.

All costs of such inspection to be borne
by the contractor.
This inspection is a part of the test and
the work will not be considered ready for
acceptance until the certificate has been
delivered to

All work shall be done in accordance 18. Hosance

with the rules and regulations of

(Note.—The same considerations that 10 Aopt

determine the character of the tests will also enter largely into the conditions of the acceptance.)

(The purchaser) will assume no liability nor responsibility for any part of the installation until formally accepted in writing.

No part of the installation will be accepted until (the purchaser) is satisfied that it fully complies with the spirit and intent of the specifications.

The acceptance of any portion of the work shall not be construed as a final acceptance.

The final acceptance will be given only after the completion of the work contemplated under the specifications according to their true spirit and intent and after the final tests as specified. Such acceptance, however, shall not prejudice any claim which (the purchaser) may have for the replacement of defective material for the time specified.

The date of the completion of the final tests shall be taken as the date of such final acceptance provided such tests prove satisfactory.

*::::::" (To conform to individual cases.)


Low Potential, Direct Current System, TwoWire or Three- Wire.

This contractor shall furnish, and, unless otherwise specified, erect the following apparatus and material:

(Note.—The following specification is for belted dynamos; for direct-connected, or direct-driven dynamos it must be modified in several particulars, but there is such considerable difference in the methods adopted by different manufacturers for adapting their dynamos for direct-connecting that it is difficult to frame a single specification to cover them all, and at best it would be an awkward affair. The principal points to be covered are the method of connection, such as by slipping the armature over the extended

21. Dynamos,

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