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all necessary and proper piping to pipe the entire plant. From each boiler a branch pipe shall be carried to a main header located —, and from this header a branch pipe shall be carried to each engine; all branch pipes from boilers and to engines shall be provided with a — valve so that any boiler or any engine may be cut out without interfering with the operation of the remainder. The valve in the engine branch shall be in addition to the throttle at the engine. The engine exhausts shall be connected to an exhaust header and each exhaust branch shall be provided with a — valve; the exhaust header shall be connected with the heater and from the heater shall be carried—. (For non-condensingengines carry to atmosphere; for condensing engines to the condenser.) The exhaust from the (condenser and) feed pumps shall be carried —. (For non-condensing engines carry to exhaust header or atmosphere; for condensing engines carry to the condenser or to an auxiliary heater.) Feed ( and condensing) water will be brought to — by the purchaser). Drip (and condenser discharge) connections shall be made at —. All piping— and larger shall be flanged. (Add specification as to hot-well, exhaust head, back-pressure valve, automatic atmospheric relief valve, connections for auxiliary heater, etc., if required; also the disposal of drips from live steam pipes, separator, engine jackets, receiver, etc.) All live steam piping — and larger, (and also the following sections of exhaust piping — —) shall be neatly covered with a substantial, non-heat-conducting pipe covering.

218 Cundensers. independent steam driven driven

| jet
| surface
— pump(s) and all connections; .

| condenser(s) complete with

} * condenser to have a capacity of

— pounds of steam condensed per hour

with condensing water at — degrees


—, - feed pump(s) of standard ro e o injector(S), manufacture (each) having ample capacity J to feed — h.p. in boilers.

—feed-water heater(s) [and puri- *.* fier(s)) of standard manufacture (each) 'oïo" having ample capacity for —h. p. in boil€I’S.

(Specify character of water to be used, and whether exhaust steam is to be used for any other purpose than heating feedwater.)

— separator(s) of standard manufact- *...*

A gauge board of — shall be erected of

in —, and the following instruments

mounted thereon: —. Connections

shall be made between these instruments and—in the following manner —.

**inting. (As required.)

*owal Suchrenewal parts as it is advisable to have on hand shall be furnished, a list of same to be added hereto.

225 summary. (See Note: p. 52, sec. 27.)
Each bidder shall fill out completely

the following summary:
Number of boilers
Rated horse-power . e e -
Diameter of shell
Length of shell
Number of tubes
Diameter of tubes
Heating surface -
Tensile strength of steel
Working pressure
Testing pressure . -
Outside dimensions of setting .
Number of condensers
Kind e o o e o ---
Capacity of each d
Number of pumps . o


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