Зображення сторінки

128. Cut-outs. (See p. 99, sec. 94.) 129. Fuses. (See p. 99, Sec. 95.) 130 switches. (See p. 99, Sec. 96.)

*śre Where no gas pipe or other support for the fixture exists, the special form of terminal box designed to furnish such support shall be employed and shall be Substantially fixed to a suitable founda

tion in the ceiling or wall.

18%.” All tubes shall be of sufficient size to allow the wires to be readily drawn in, withdrawn and reinserted at will.

isoton- Tubes, whether concealed or on the surface, should be held in place by the fastenings especially designed for use with this conduit.

184. Joints. The tubes shall be cut squarely, reamed Out Smoothly, and the ends joined by the use of the coupling designed for that purpose.

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avoidable an intersection box shall be inserted to relieve both the wires and the tubes of strain when the wires are being drawn in.

All tubes shall emerge at outlets in terminal boxes leaving the outlets so protected as not to be injured by the plasterers.

To guard against mechanical injury and the destructive action of cement all floor conduits shall be made of double tube, one telescoped within the other, and both the outer and inner tubes joined in the usual manner. The outer tube shall, in the case of contact with cement, be alkali proof. As a further protection floor tubes shall be covered, during construction, with a light board. Such other precautions shall be taken to insure the safety of the tubes as the character of the building and work require.

Each side of circuits carrying more than 3...of

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— amperes shall be run in a separate tube. Wires forming parts of two distinct circuits shall in no case be inclosed in the same tube.

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Interior Wiring for Central Station Plants.

This specification contemplates the *or complete installation of —, -c. p., incandescent lamps located in blocks as designated on the plans hereto attached and made a part of this specification.

(See p. 91, sec. 79.) 149. Fixtures. (See D. 91 , SeC. 80.) 150. Lamps. (See p. 92, sec. 81.) * - 151. Sockets.

(Note.—Specify whether bids for two- 152, system. wire direct-current systems only, for three-wire direct-current, for two-wire alternating current, or for any system will be considered.)

The fall of potential between the serv- ". ." ice cut-out and the most distant lamp in any building shall not exceed — per cent.

*u.” All wires used inside of buildings shall

be insulated with —.

open cleat

oś. All wiring shall be | . (vo. COIn Olul

neat in its mechanical appearance and arrangement.

156. Circuits. No distributing circuit shall carry more than — amperes. In buildings requiring a greater supply of current the lights shall be divided into circuits; these circuits shall be brought together at convenient and accessible centres of distribution where all branch cut-outs shall be placed.

à so. Each branch circuit shall be provided with a double-pole cut-out. The switches specified below shall be furnished and installed All cut-outs and switches shall be mounted on incombustible bases. (List of numbers and sizes of switches.)

158. Meters. (See p. 92, sec. 82.)

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