Зображення сторінки

appearance and arrangement. All exterior wires shall be run —.

In the interior of (the) building(s) the #oo. lamps specified shall be suspended from — securely fastened to the ceiling (and provided with a suitable device for raising and lowering). On the exterior of (the) building(s) the lamps specified shall be suspended from —, securely attached to —, (and provided with a suitable device for raising and lowering).

(Add details concerning any posts, pole-steps, ornamental treatment desired, etc.)

Conduit System. Two- Wire. *w;”* The building shall be wired according to the system of — and using the – conduit manufactured by — —. *not* All appliances employed shall be such as are especially adapted for use in conjunction with the conduit system.

oo::::::::: All conduits shall be placed in position

| before

after | the plastering is done, and

shall be firmly secured | within | walls
and ceilings.

or After the tubes are installed all openings in walls and floors shall be sealed so that it shall be impossible, in the event of fire, for smoke or flame to pass from one floor to another or from one room to an

other about the tubes.


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All single conductors shall be insulated *u.”

with —. All duplex conductors shall be insulated with —. Duplex conductors and all single conductors larger than — }: *: 6. shall be stranded.

(See D. 95, Sec. 87.) 122. Insula

tion Resistance.

From the switchboard (or centre of dis- so

division of risers {{...}. tribution) — - groups of risers shall feeders

be carried to the following points:

Riser riser
Group No. 1 to —, - group No.

Feeder feeder 2 to —, etc.

Every conductor in each

riser, groups of risers, X- and main shall be feeder, provided with an independent tube. Riser Group - No. 1 shall feed all lights (loFeeder - riser cation), group - No. 2 shall feed, etc. feeder Cation switchboard "... ti From the | centre of distribution | the

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thence upward in (channels, elevator shaft, etc., with location) to their respective junction boxes.

(shall be carried to — and

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(Note.—In certain cases it is advisable to run the circuits in such a manner that no room shall be dependent on one circuit only; if so desired, it should be added under this heading.)

riser From the | feeder (nown boxes disIIla IIl tributing circuits shall be run to the various outlets as specified in the schedule and located on the plans. For all taps duplex conductor requiring but one tube may be employed provided the current required does not exceed — amperes.

- risers The terminals of all the) feeders |

mains and taps shall be brought together in junction boxes at the points designated in this specification and on the plans [and connected with their respective cut-outs and switches; (unless the wiring contractor does not furnish cut-outs and switches, in which case add, in such a way as to permit the easy and convenient insertion of the cut-outs and switches specified.)].

126. Taps.

127. Junction Boxes.

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