The Records of the Borough of Northampton, Том 1

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Сторінка 283 - Henry, by the grace of God, King of England and France, and Lord of Ireland, To all to whom these present Letters shall come greeting...
Сторінка 148 - Anne, by the grace of God, of England, Scotland, France, and Ireland, queen, defender of the faith, &c.
Сторінка 107 - Hugh, and others our liegemen have, in the first place, granted to God, and by this our present charter confirmed, for us and our heirs for ever: 1.
Сторінка 193 - Know ye that We have assigned you jointly and severally, and every one of you. Our justices to keep Our peace in Our county of '¿, and to keep and cause to be kept all ordinances and statutes for the good of the peace and for the preservation of the same, and for the quiet rule and government of Our people...
Сторінка 99 - Know ye that we, of our special grace and of our certain knowledge and mere motion, have given and granted, and by these presents for us, our heirs, and successors do...
Сторінка 443 - An Act to settle and describe the divisions of counties and the limits of cities and boroughs in England and Wales, in so far as respects the election of members to serve in Parliament...
Сторінка 114 - Restraint, to the contrary hereof had, made, ordained, or any other Thing, Cause, or Matter whatsoever, in any wise notwithstanding. In Witness whereof, we have caused these our Letters to be made Patent; Witness Ourself at Westminster, the tenth Day of April, in the fourth Year of our Reign of England, France, and Ireland, and of Scotland the nine and thirtieth. Lukin Per breve de privato Sigillo.
Сторінка 189 - London, the town council of any borough for the time being subject to the act of the session of the fifth and sixth years of the reign of King William the Fourth, chapter seventy-six, intituled " An Act to provide for the Regulation of Municipal Corporations in England and Wales...
Сторінка 242 - At a court of hustings held there on the Monday next after the feast of S Peter ad vincula in the second year of the reign of King Henry the fifth after the Conquest John Gregory Mayor of the town of Northampton by the assent of 24 burgesses of the * Or persons who excused themselves from attending on summons.

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