Views of nature: or, Contemplations on the sublime phenomena of creation; with scientific illustrations

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Сторінка 465 - MURPHY'S ARABIAN ANTIQUITIES OF SPAIN ; Representing, in 100 very highly finished line Engravings, by Ln Kxux, FINDEN, LANDSEEE, G. COOEE, &c., the most remarkable Remains of the Architecture, Sculpture, Paintings, and Mosaics of the Spanish Arabs, now existing...
Сторінка 475 - ... HISTORICAL RESEARCHES INTO THE POLITICS, INTERCOURSE, AND TRADES OF THE ANCIENT NATIONS OF AFRICA ; including the Carthaginians, Ethiopians, and Egyptians.
Сторінка 465 - The author appears to us to have neglected no sources of information, and to have exhausted them, as far as regards the general scope and purpose of the inquiry. The graphical illustrations are such as become a work of this character upon such a subject ; at, of course, a lavish cost.
Сторінка 469 - This, though a complete Work In itself, forms an almost Indispensable Supplement to the thirty-six volumes of Sowerby's English Botany, which does not comprehend Cryptogamous Plants.
Сторінка 424 - El camino de las sierras es cosa de ver, porque en verdad en tierra tan fragosa en la cristiandad no se ban visto tan hermosos caminos, toda la mayor parte de calzada.
Сторінка 172 - Raudal other graves of the same character are met with ; indeed it is probable that the last descendants of the Atures did not become extinct until a much more recent period. There still lives and it is a singular fact, an old parrot in Maypures which cannot be understood, because, as the natives assert, it speaks the language of the Atures...
Сторінка 469 - GREVILLE'S CRYPTOGAMIC FLORA, Comprising the Principal Species found In Great Britain, Inclusive of all the New Species recently discovered in Scotland; 6 vols. royal Svo, 360 beautifully coloured Plates, (pub.
Сторінка 465 - NICOLAS'S (SIR HARRIS) HISTORY OF THE ORDERS OF KNIGHTHOOD OF THE BRITISH EMPIRE : with an Account of the Medals, Crosses, and Clasps which have been conferred for Naval and Military Services } together with a History of the Order of the Guelpha of Hanover.
Сторінка 473 - It contains not only every scrap which Burns ever wrote, whether prose or verse, but also a considerable number of Scotch national airs, collected and illustrated by him (not given elsewhere) and full and interesting accounts of the occasions and circumstances of his various writings.

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