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The same to the same, July 13.


William Beckford, Esq., to Mr. Pitt, January 7. — Returns thanks

to Mr. Pitt for standing sponsor to his son


The Reverend Laurence Sterne to Mr. Pitt, January. — Enclosing

Dedication to him of the Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy - 12
Andrew Mitchell, Esq. (ambassador at the court of the King

of Prussia) to Mr. Pitt, January 15. — Congratulations on the
successes of the British arms. Solicits to be appointed a pleni-
potentiary in case of a congress to treat of peace. [Lord Bar-
rington's picture of the state of affairs at the opening of the new
year, note.)

The Earl of Hardwicke to Mr. Pitt, January 15. — Returns the

draughts of Lord Kinnoul's instructions, with observations 16

The Earl of Kinnoul to Mr. Pitt, January 25.


Lord George Beauclerck to Mr. Pitt, Jan. 29. — Asks his opinion

of the contributions in Scotland for the French prisoners




Mr. Pitt to Lord George Beauclerck, in reply, February 20. 20

The Earl of Bristol (ambassador at the court of Madrid) to Mr.

Pitt, February 11. — The King of Spain complains of the want

of confidence in him

The Duke of Newcastle to Mr. Pitt, March 1.- Details proceed-

ings of the privy council relating to Lord George Sackville's



The Duke of Newcastle to Mr. Pitt, March 13. — Enclosing minute

of conference with the Prussian ministers. Colonel Pechlin's

extraordinary mission from the King of Prussia to St. Peters-

burgh, with a million of crowns. (King of Prussia's opinion of

Voltaire, note.)


Stanier Porten, Esq. to Mr. Pitt, April 28. -- Picture of the court

of Don Carlos, King of the Two Sicilies

Major Barré to Mr. Pitt, April 28. — Details his services, and

solicits promotion in the army


Andrew Mitchell, Esq. to Mr. Pitt, May 22.- Enclosing copy of

the King of Prussia's “ Poésies Diverses


Prince Ferdinand of Prussia to Mr. Pitt, May 23. Thanks for

reinforcements opportunely sent out


Mr. Pitt to Lady Hester Pitt, June. Felicitations on the raising

of the siege of Quebec


The Duke of Newcastle to Mr. Pitt, June 3. — The new Spanish

ambassador's first audience


Arthur Villettes, Esq. (minister to the Swiss cantons) to Mr.

Pitt, June 29. — Details a project of the Duc de Choiseul for

sending over an individual to England to treat of peace


Mr. Pitt to Lady Hester Pitt, July 28. — Congratulations on the

successes of Prince Charles of Brunswick and of the King of

Prussia. Death of Lady Lincoln


Andrew Mitchell, Esq., to Mr. Pitt, August 17. — Introducing

M. le Baron de Coccei. (Mr. Mitchell's conversation with the

King of Prussia, after the defeat of the Austrians at Leignitz,



Mr. Pitt to Andrew Mitchell, Esq., September 9. — Stupendous

successes of the King of Prussia. His volume of Poetry 58

The Archbishop of Armagh to Mr. Pitt, September 11.-Earnestly

soliciting him to grant the commission of colonel to the Earl of



Mr. Pitt to the Archbishop of Armagh, September. — States his

opinion concerning promotions of favour, and regrets that an

essential duty compels him to refuse the Archbishop's appli-

cation. Congratulations on the close of the war in North



The Earl of Hardwicke to Mr. Pitt, September 29. — Expresses

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cessity of a secret alliance between France and Spain against

England. Impatience of the English for peace. Embarrassments

of the ministry


The same to the same, March 17. -- Rise of the English stocks

upon the reports of France being desirous to make peace. Ne-

cessity of France pretending that she will not agree to a

congress. Retirement of Lord Holdernesse. Ferment on the

appointment of a Scotch secretary of state. Prospect of reducing

England to proper limits


The Count de Fuentes to M. Wall, March 20. - Effects of the

rumours of peace on the English stocks. Necessity of defer-

ring it, in order to produce a civil war in England. The pre-

sent the moment for reducing her to due limits


M. De Bougainville to Mr. Pitt, March 25.--Soliciting permission

to send a monument to the memory of the Marquis de Mont-

calm to Quebec

· 102

Mr. Pite to M. De Bougainville, April 10.- Expressing the King's
ready compliance with the request


The Count de Fuentes to M. Wall, March 27. – Progress of the

secret expedition. Discontent occasioned by Lord Bute's ap-

pointment. Complains that Mr. Pitt avoids seeing him


The King of Prussia to Mr. Pitt. — Instances the uniform fidelity

of Great Britain to her allies, and expresses confidence that his

interests will not be neglected in the approaching negotiations


Mr. Pitt to the King of Prussia, in reply


The Earl of Granville to Mr. Pitt, April 5. — Expresses his ap-

proval of the draughts of Mr. Pitt's letter and memorial to the

Duc de Choiseul


The Earl of Bute to Mr. Pitt, April 14. - Nomination of plenipo-

tentiaries at the expected congress


Hans Stanley, Esq. to Mr. Pitt, April 18. — Offering his services

in any negotiations for peace with France

- 116

Sir James Gray (British envoy at the court of Naples) to Mr. Pitt,

May 19. — Detailing a conversation with the Marquis Tenucci

concerning the matters in dispute between England and Spain 119

Mr. Pitt to Sir Richard Lyttelton, May. — Announcing the

King's wish to appoint him envoy-extraordinary to the court of



Sir Richard Lyttelton to Mr. Pitt, in reply, June 17.

- 123

for peace


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