Hansard's Parliamentary Debates

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Сторінка 129 - The Americans have not acted in all things with prudence and temper ; they have been wronged ; they have been driven to madness, by injustice. Will you punish them for the madness you have occasioned ? Rather let prudence and temper come first from this side.
Сторінка 75 - Your triumphant election on the 16th, and ejection from the Assembly on the llth, must hasten that crisis which is fast approaching in the affairs of the Canadas, and which will terminate in independence and freedom from the baneful domination of the mother country, and the tyrannical conduct of a small and despicable faction in the colony.
Сторінка 129 - I rejoice that America has resisted. Three millions of people, so dead to all the feelings of liberty as voluntarily to submit to be slaves, would have been fit instruments to make slaves of the rest.
Сторінка 331 - Union for mutual annoyance and defiance, and for mutual aid and support, which kept the word of promise to the ear and broke it to the hope, was hardly worth the having.
Сторінка 849 - I do hereby disclaim, disavow, and solemnly abjure, any intention to subvert the present church establishment as settled by law within this realm, and I do solemnly swear, that I never will exercise any privilege to which I am or may become entitled, to disturb or weaken the protestant religion or protestant government in the United Kingdom.
Сторінка 503 - Commissions, to be from time to time issued under the Great Seal of the United Kingdom, or by any instructions under Her Majesty's Signet and Sign Manual...
Сторінка 693 - Nothing can exceed the miserable appearance of the cottages in Donegal, or the desolate aspect of a cluster of these hovels, always teeming with an excessive population. Yet, if you enter their cabins, and converse with them frankly and kindly, you will find the people intelligent and communicative, quick to comprehend, and ready to impart what they know. They admitted that they were too numerous, "too thick upon the land...
Сторінка 159 - Majesty our satisfaction that their designs have been opposed no less by her Majesty's loyal subjects in North America than by her Majesty's forces ; and to assure her Majesty, that while this House is ever ready to afford relief to real grievances, we are fully determined to support the efforts of her Majesty for the suppression of revolt and the restoration of tranquillity.
Сторінка 699 - ... to the House of Correction, there to be kept to hard labour for any time not exceeding three calendar months...
Сторінка 419 - Nothing in the history of mankind is like their progress. For my part, I never cast an eye on their flourishing commerce and their cultivated and commodious life but they seem to me rather ancient nations grown to perfection through a long series of fortunate events and a train of successful industry accumulating wealth in many centuries than the colonies of yesterday.

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