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1. Forms of Water : a Familiar Exposition of_the Origin and

Phenomena of Glaciers. By J. Tyndall, LL.D., F.R.S. With

25 Illustrations. Eighth Edition. Crown 8vo, 5s. II. Physics and Politics, or, Thoughts on the Application of the

Principles of “Natural Selection ” and “ Inheritance" to Political

Society. By Walter Bagehot. Sixth Edition. Crown 8vo, 45. III. Foods. By Edward Smith, M.D., LL.B., F.R.S. With numerous

Illustrations. Seventh Edition. Crown 8vo, 5s. IV. Mind and Body: the Theories of their Relation. By Alexander

Bain, LL.D. With Four Illustrations. Seventh Edition. Crown

Svo, 4s. V. The Study of Sociology. By Herbert Spencer. Tenth Edition.

Crown 8vo, 55. VI. On the Conservation of Energy. By Balfour Stewart, M.A.,

LL.D., F.R.S. With 14 Illustrations. Sixth Edition. Crown

Svo, 55.

VII. Animal Locomoțion; or Walking, Swimming, and Flying. By

J. B. Pettigrew, M.D., F.R.S., etc. With 130 Illustrations.

Second Edition. Crown 8vo, 5s. VIII. Responsibility in Mental Disease. By Henry Maudsley,

M.D. Fourth Edition. Crown 8vo, 55. IX. The New Chemistry. By Professor J. P. Cooke. With 31

Illustrations. Sixth Edition. Crown 8vo, 5s. X. The Science of Law. By Professor Sheldon Amos. - Fifth Edition.

Crown 8vo, 55. XI. Animal Mechanism : a Treatise on Terrestrial and Aerial Loco.

motion. By Professor E. J. Marey. With 117 Illustrations. Second Edition.

Crown 8vo, 5s. XII. The Doctrine of Descent and Darwinism. By Professor

Oscar Schmidt. With 26 Illustrations. Fifth Edition. Crown

Svo, 55. XIII. The History of the Conflict between Religion and

Science. By J. W. Draper, M.D., LL.D. Seventeenth Edition.

Crown 8vo, 55. XIV. Fungi : their Nature, Influences, Uses, etc. By M. C. Cooke,

M.D., LL.D. Edited by the Rev. M. J. Berkeley, M.A., F.L.S.

With numerous Illustrations. Third Edition. Crown Svo, 55. XV. The Chemical Effects of Light and Photography. By

Dr. Hermann Vogel. Translation thoroughly revised. With 100

Illustrations. Third Edition. Crown 8vo, 5s. XVI. The Life and Growth of Language. By Professor William

Dwight Whitney. Third Edition. Crown 8vo, 5s.


A List of

XVII. Money and the Mechanism of Exchange. By W.

Stanley Jevons, M.A., F.R.S. Fifth Edition. Crown 8vo, 5s. XVIII. The Nature of Light. With a General Account of Physical

Optics. By Dr. Eugene Lommel. With 188 Illustrations and a
Table of Spectra in Chromo-lithography. Third Edition. Crown

Svo, 55.

XIX. Animal Parasites and Messmates. By Monsieur Van

Beneden. With 83 Illustrations. Second Edition. Crown 8vo, 55. XX. Fermentation. By Professor Schiitzenberger. With 28 Illus

trations. Third Edition. Crown 8vo, 5s. XXI. The Five Senses of Man By Professor Bernstein. With

91 Illustrations. Third Edition. Crown 8vo, 5s. XXII. The Theory of Sound in its Relation to Music. By Pro

fessor Pietro Blaserna. With numerous Illustrations. Second

Edition. Crown 8vo, 5s. XXIII. Studies in Spectrum Analysis. By J. Norman Lockyer,

F.R.S. With six photographic Illustrations of Spectra, and numerous engravings on WoodCrown 8vo. Second Edition.

6s. 6d. XXIV. A History of the Growth of the Steam Engine. By

Professor R. H. Thurston. With numerous Illustrations. Second

Edition. Crown 8vo, 6s. 6d. XXV. Education as a Science. By Alexander Bain, LL.D. Fourth

Edition. Crown Svo, 5s. XXVI. The Human Species. By Professor A. de Quatrefages. Third

Edition. Crown 8vo, 55. XXVII. Modern Chromatics. With Applications to Art and In

dustry. By Ogden N. Rood. With 130 original Illustrations.

Second Edition. Crown 8vo, 5s. XXVIII. The Crayfish: an Introduction to the Study of Zoology. By

Professor T. H. Huxley. With 82 Illustrations. Third Edition.

Crown 8vo, 55. XXIX, The Brain as an Organ of Mind. By H. Charlton Bastian,

M.D. With numerous Illustrations. Third Edition. Crown

8vo, 55. XXX. The Atomic Theory. By Prof. Wurtz. Translated by G.

Cleminshaw, F.C.S. Third Edition. Crown 8vo, 55. XXXI. The Natural Conditions of Existence as they affect

Animal Life. By Karl Semper. With 2 Maps and 106

Woodcuts. Second Edition. Crown 8vo, 5s. XXXII. General Physiology of Muscles and Nerves. By Prof.

J. Rosenthal. Second Edition. With IHustrations. Crown 8vo,


XXXIII. Sight: an Exposition of the Principles of Monocular and

Binocular Vision. By Joseph le Conte, LL.D. With 132

Illustrations. Crown 8vo, 5s. XXXIV. Illusions : a Psychological Study. By James Sully. Second

Edition. Crown 8vo, 5s. XXXV. Volcanoes : what they are and what they teach.

By Professor J. W. Judd, F.R.S. With 92 Illustrations on

Wood. Second Edition. Crown 8vo, 5s. XXXVI. Suicide : an Essay in Comparative Moral Statistics. By Prof.

E. Morselli. With Diagrams. Crown 8vo, 5s. XXXVII. The Brain and its Functions. By J. Luys. With

Illustrations. Second Edition. Crown 8vo, 5s. XXXVIII. Myth and Science : an Essay. By Tito Vignoli. Crown

8vo, 55. XXXIX. The Sun. By Professor Young. With Illustrations. Second

Edition. Crown 8vo, 55.
XL. Ants, Bees, and Wasps : a Record of Observations on the

Habits of the Social Hymenoptera. By Sir John Lubbock, Bart.,
M.P. With 5 Chromo-lithographic Illustrations. Fifth Edition.

Crown 8vo, 55.
XLI. Animal Intelligence. By G. J. ROMANES, LL.D., F.R.S.

Second Edition. Crown 8vo, 5s. XLII. The Concepts and Theories of Modern Physics. By

J. B. STALLO. Second Edition. Crown 8vo, 5s. XLIII. Diseases of the Memory ; An Essay in the Positive Psycho

logy. By Prof. Th. RIBOT. Second Edition. Crown 8vo,

cloth, 55. XLIV. Man before Metals. By N. JOLY, with 148 Illustrations.

Second Edition. Crown 8vo, 55. XLV. The Science of Politics. By Prof. SHELDON AMOs. Crown

8yo, cloth, 5s.


Army of the North German Confederation : a Brief Description

of its Organisation, of the Different Branches of the Service and their role in War, of its Mode of Fighting, etc. Translated from the Corrected Edition,

by permission of the Author, by Colonel Edward Newdigate. Demy Svo, 5s. BARRINGTON, Capt. 7. 7.-England on the Defensive; or, the

Problem of Invasion Critically Examined. Large crown 8vo, with Map, 75. 6d.


A List of

BLUME, Major W.–The Operations of the German Armies in

France, from Sedan to the end of the War of 1870–71. With Map. From the Journals of the Head-quarters Staff. Translated by the late E. M. Jones, Maj. 20th Foot, Prof. of Mil. Hist.,

Sandhurst. Demy Svo, gs.
BOGUSLAWSKI, Capt. A. von.-Tactical Deductions from the

War of 1870-1. Translated by Colonel Sir Lumley Graham,
Bart., late 18th (Royal Irish) Regiment. Third Edition, Revised

and Corrected. Demy Svo, 75. BRACKENBURY, Col. C. B., R.A., C.B.-Military Handbooks

for Regimental Officers. I. Military Sketching and Reconnaissance, by Col. F. J. Hutchison, and Major H. G. MacGregor. Fourth Edition. With 15 Plates. Small Svo, 6s. II. The Elements of Modern Tactics Practically applied to English Formations, by Lieut-Col. Wilkinson Shaw. Fourth Edition.

With 25 Plates and Maps. Small crown 8vo, 9s. BRIALMONT, Col. A.-Hasty Intrenchments. Translated by

Lieut. Charles A. Empson, R.A. With Nine Plates. Demy

Svo, 6s. CLERY, C., Lieut.-Col.—Minor Tactics. With 26 Maps and Plans.

Fifth and revised Edition. Demy 8vo, 16s. DU VERNOIS, Col. von Verdy. --Studies in Leading Troops.

An authorised and accurate Translation by Lieutenant H. J. T.

Hildyard, 71st Foot. Parts I. and II. Demy Svo, 7s. GOETZE, Capt. A. von.-Operations of the German Engineers

during the War of 1870-1. Published by Authority, and in accordance with Official Documents. Translated from the German by Colonel G. Graham, V.C., C.B., R.E. With 6 large

Maps. Demy Svo, 21s. HARRISON, Lieut.-Col. R.-The Officer's Memorandum Book

for Peace and War. Third Edition. Oblong 32mo, roan,

with pencil, 35. 6d. HELVIG, Capt. H.-The Operations of the Bavarian Army

Corps. Translated by Captain G. S. Schwabe. With 5 large

Maps. In 2 vols. Demy Svo, 245.
Tactical Examples : Vol. I. The Battalion, 155. Vol. II. The

Regiment and Brigade, ios. 6d. Translated from the German by

Col. Sir Lumley Graham. With nearly 300 Diagrams. Demy Svo. HOFFBAUER, Capt.—The German Artillery in the Battles

near Metz. Based on the Official Reports of the German Artillery. Translated by Captain E. O. Hollist. With Map and

Plans. Demy 8vo, 215. LAYMANN, Capt.—The Frontal Attack of Infantry, Translated

by Colonel Edward Newdigate. Crown 8vo, 25. 67. Notes on Cavalry Tactics, Organisation, etc. By a Cavalry

Officer. With Diagrams. Demy Svo, 125.

PARR, Capt. H. Hallam, C.M.G.–The Dress, Horses, and

Equipment of Infantry and Staff Officers. Crown

Svo, Is. SCHAW, Col. H.The Defence and Attack of Positions and

Localities. Second Edition, revised and corrected. Crown

8vo, 35. 6d. SCHELL, Maj. von.-The Operations of the First Army under

Gen. von Goeben. Translated by Col. C. H. von Wright.

Four Maps. Demy Svo, 9s.
The Operations of the First Army under Gen. von Stein-

metz. Translated by Captain E. 0. Hollist. Demy Svo, ios, 6d. SCHELLENDORF, Major-Gen. B. von.—The Duties of the

General Staff. Translated from the German by Lieutenant

Hare. Vol. I. Demy Svo, ios. 6d. SCHERFF, Maj. W. von.-Studies in the New Infantry

Tactics. Parts I. and II. Translated from the German by

Colonel Lumley Graham. Demy Svo, 75. 6d. SHADWELL, Maj.-Gen., C.B.-Mountain Warfare. Illustrated

by the Campaign of 1799 in Switzerland. Being a Translation of the Swiss Narrative ompiled from the Works of the Archduke Charles, Jomini, and others. Also of Notes by General H. Dufour on the Campaign of the Valtelline in 1635. With Appen

dix, Maps, and Introductory Remarks. Demy Svo, 16s. SHERMAN, Gen. W. T.-Memoirs of General W. T. Sherman,

Commander of the Federal Forces in the American Civil War.
By Himself. 2 vols With Map. Demy Svo, 245. Copyright

English Edition,
STUBBS, Lieut.-Col. F. W.-The Regiment of Bengal Artillery.

The History of its Organisation, Equipment, and War Services.
Compiled from Published Works, Official Records, and various
Private Sources. With numerous Maps and Illustrations. 2 vols.

Demy Svo, 325.
STUMM, Lieut. Hugo.-Russia's Advance Eastward. Based on

Official Reports. Translated by Capt. C. E, H. VINCENT. With

Map. Crown 8vo, 6s. VINCENT, Capt. C. E. H.-Elementary Military Geography,

Reconnoitring, and Sketching. Compiled for Noncommissioned Officers and Soldiers of all Arms. Square crown

8vo, 25. 6d. Volunteer, the Militiaman, and the Regular Soldier. Ву

a Public Schoolboy. Crown 8vo, 5s. WARTENSLEBEN, Count H. von.

:-The Operations of the South Army in January and February, 1871. Compiled from the Official War Documents of the Head-quarters of the Southern Army. Translated by Colonel C. H. von Wright. With Maps. Demy Svo, os,


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