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M. But Wo unto the wicked, it hall be ill with him, for the Reward of his Hands shall be given him. (Ifai. iii. 11.)

P. God will judge the wicked according to his Deeds, and will recompence him according to all his Abominations.

M. Now unto the blessed and only Potentate, the King of Kings, and Lord of Lords, bc Honor and Power everlasting.

P. Amen.

Instead of the Foregoing, may be said the Following, on

the Days, abovementioned, or any other. M. Ye that stand in the House of the Lord, in the Courts of the House of our God, praise ye the Lord i for the Lord is good, fing Praises unto his Name, for it is pleasant. (P), cxxxy. 2, 3.)

P. My Soul doth magnifie the Lord, and my Spirit rejoiceth in God my Savior. (Luke i. 46.)

M. For He hath regarded Us in our low Eftate: He that is mighty hath done great things for us, and holy is his Name.

P. His Goodness and Mercy is ever on All them that fear Him, throughout all Generations.

M. He feweth his Wisdom and Power in their Protection, and in defeating the wicked Imaginations of the proud Oppreffors.

P. He pulleth down the Mighty, if wicked, from their Seats, reserving them to his future Judgement;

M. But exalteth the Humble and Meek, if not in this Life, in Life eternal.

P. He filleth the hungry Souls, that cry unto Him with good Things, and bringęth the rich Oppressors to Want and Disgrace.

M. In the Abundance of his Mercy He hath pro. tected and relieved his Servants, as He promised to righteous Abraham, who is the Father of all the faithful; Galat. iii. 7, 8.)

. In whofe Seed in Christ all Nations on Earth shall be blessed. Amen. (Gen, xii. 3.- xviii. 18. - xxii: '18. --xxvi. 4.)


Or instead. of Either of these two laft Hymns, the TE DEUM (inserted after Morning Service pag. 47:) may be

read sometimes. Then fall follow one of the HYMNS, Composed from the Psalms

and other Parts of Scripture, (inferted afterwards,) in the Order as they are divided for each Day of the Month, the Minifler first naming the Day of the Month and the Hymn; a Verse of which is to be alternately recited by the Minister

and People. When that is done, the People All fitting down, the Minister (or

Affiftant) Mall read the Second Lesson out of the New Tertament as appointed for the Day, unless on some extraordinary Occafion He see fit to alter it; and if He judge it expedient, may add a fhort Comment as before recommended : but let him be careful herein to advance Nothing but what is clearly contained in the sacred Scriptures, and may tend to Edification, avoiding every Thing that may engender Strife br Debate. 2014 After this, an fanding, let the following be faid;

M. Lord, grant to thy Servants Grace Mercy and Peacej according to thy Promise in Christ Jesus our Lord. si

Þ. Blessed be God, that we now see, by Faith, in the Gospel of Christ, the Savior of the World,

M. Whom Thou haft ordained to be feen and known by all People in due time,

P. To be the Light to lighten the Gentiles, and to be the Glory of thine Israel, in whom Thou art well-pleased.

M.O Lord, graciously aflift Us to live to thine Honor, that we may continue in thy. Favor, and depart this Life at thy good time in Peace, and may praise thy Name in Heaven eternally..

P. Amen.

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T Then, while the Congregation all fit down, lèt a sublime Tune

be played on the Organ; or (if there be none) let a Psalm or

Hymn in Metre be sung. After which, the following ADMONITION may be read by the Minister for his Afiftant) and the People alternately, on every Sonday or other extraordinary Occasion, Ail Nanding or fitting, as most agreeable.

is ;

M. Y Fellow Chriftians, We are required by

our Religion, in the first Place, to believe in God; but at the same Time We mult remember, that Faith without good Works is dead; and if we regard Iniquity in our Hearts, God will not hear our Prayers. (a)

Þ. He that cometh to God, must believe that He

and that He is the Rewarder of Them that diligently feek Him. (b): sito

M. Let Us therefore add to our Faith, Virtue, to Virtue, Knowledge; to Knowledge, Temperance; to Temperance, Patience; and to Patience, Godliness, Brotherly Kindness, and Charity, that We may not be barren nor unfruitful in the Knowledge of our Lord Jeo fus Chrift. (c

P. If any Man have not the Spirit of Christ, the Same is none of His: Let Us therefore give all Dili. gence to make our Calling and Election fure. (d)

M. Let us worship the Lord our God in Spirit and in Truth, and turn not to Idols, which peither can see, nor hear, nor walk: Let us Aee from all Idolatry, and serve the living and true God with a willing Mind. (e)

P. For no Idolater shall inherit the Kingdom of God, 0

M. Let us fear the Lord, and stand in Awe of him; *for the Fear of the Lord is the Beginning of Wisdom, And let None of us (wear falsely, or take his Name in vain; but let us Terve Him with Reverence and godly Fear, for None can deliver out of his Hand.

(8) P. Let us 'thin fear to offend Him, who is able to destroy both Soul and Body in Hell. fb)

M. Let us seek the Lord with our whole Heart, walk humbly before Him, and put our Trust in Him, ac knowledging Him in all our Ways, and patiently fubmitung Ourselves to Him in all Things. (i)

P. Yea, let us trust in the Lord at all Times, for in the Lord Jéhovah is everlasting Strength. (k)

M. Let

(a) z Chrono xx. 20.-Pf. lxvi. 18.-Jam, ii. 18, 20. . (6) Heb. xi. 6. (-)

2 Pet. i. 5-8.- 10 (d) Rom. viii. 9. (e) John iv. 24.-Lev. xix. 4. --Pi.cxv. 5, 6, 7.-- Cor. x. 14. (f) r Cor. vi. 9. (g! Pl. cxi. 10.--Levit. xix. 12. (b) Matt. x. 28. 11) Micah vi. 8. Pf. lxii. S.Prov. iii. 6.- Jam. iv. 7. (4) Isai, xxvi. 4.

M. Let us diligently hearken to the Voice of our God, to walk in the Ways which He hath commanded us: Let us be Daers of the Word, and not Hearers only, deceiving ourselves: For Whosoever obeyeth not the Word of the Lord, fhall be destroyed. (1)

P. For not the Hearers of the Law are just before God, but the Doers of the Law shall be justified. (m):

M. Let us also love the Lord our God, with all our Heart, and Soul and Strength; for the Ways of the Lord are Mercy and Truth, to such as keep his Commandments. (n). Let us therefore be thankful unto Him, glorifie Him in all Things, and praile Him for his Goodness, and his wonderful Works to the Children of Men.

P. For the Lord is just and good ; his Ways are Ways of Pleasantnefs, and all his Paths are Peace: (0)

4 M. THE HOLY GOSPEL commands us to love our Neighbor as Ourselves to be just and upright in all Things, to do no Wrong, nor to oppress any one; yea, to love even our Enemies, to do Good to them which hate us, to bless them that curfe us, and to pray for them that despitefully use and perfecute us :--Be Yc therefore merciful, as your Father also in Heaven is mercifulo (P)

P. For in so doing, our Reward shall be great, and We shall be the Children of the Highest. 19)

M. Let us put on Love, which is the Bond of Perfec-. tion; for if We love one another, God dwelleth in Us: But He that loveth not his Brother, knoweth not God, for God is Love. And by this shall all Men know that ye are the Disciples of Christ, if ye have Love one to another. I beseech you therefore, that ye walk worthy of the Vocation wherewith ye are called, in all Lowliness and Meekness, with Long Suffering, for bearing and forgiving one another. (r)

P. Hereby we know that He abideth in us, by the Spirit which He haih given us. (1) I 4

M. Let

Deut. xxviii. 1.-Jam. i. 22. fm) Rom. ii. 13. (n) Matt. xxii. 37. (0) Prov. iii. 17. () Matt. v. 44, 48.—Luke vi. 27, 36. (9) Luke vi. 35., 6) John xli. 35.--Coloss, iii. 12, 14. Ephes, iv. 2.-i Juhn iv, 8. 32. (s) 1 Joha iii. 24.

is Tongue, he deceiveth his own Heart, and his

M. Let there be no Divisions amongst us, but let us endeavor, as much as in us lieth, to live peaceably with all Men. And let us put away Envy and Strife, with all Bitterness and Wrath, Hatred and Evil (peaking. (+) 2. P. For They, who do such Things, are unfit for the Kingdom of Peace in Heaven,

M. Let us therefore remove far from Us a froward Heart, and perverse Lips; neither let us be too ready to judge another. But more especially, let none of us bear falle Witness against our Neighbor, neither lię one to another, but speak the Truth always, and lay aside all Hypocrify and Deceit. (u)

P. For lying Lips are Abomination to the Lord, but They that deal truly are his Delight." (u)

M. Let us also be flow to Anger, neither let the Sun. go down upon our Wrath; for He, that is flow to Anger, is better than the mighty, and He, that ruleth his Spirit, better than he that taketh a City. (w). And if Any One among us seemeth to be religious, and bridleth Religion is vain. (*)

P. And Whosoever is angry with his Brother without a Cause, is in danger of the Judgement. (y)

M. He that nameth the Name of Christ, muft depart from all Iniquity.--Knowing therefore these Things, my Brethren, happy thall We be, if we do them. (2)

P. Amen.


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Then, after a short Pause, let the Minister thus address an

EXHORTATION to the People. Hos
ET us now offer up our earnest Prayers and Supplica-

tions to God our heavenly Father, for the Pardon of all our Sins, for the Supply of all our Wants, and for Protection and Deliverance from every Evil and Danger that may threaten us, beseeching Him to grant us the Afiftance of his Grace and Spirit, with every Blessing that We stand in need of. Let us also pray for the whole

Race of Mankind, that bis Ways may be known upon Earth, and his saving 1939


(1) 1 Cox, is 10.-Rom. xii. 18.-Ephef. iv. 31. ''(x) Matt. vii. '1, 2.-Coloss. i, 9, (v) Prov, xii. 22. (w), Ephel. iv. 26.--Brov. xvi. 32. Jam. 1. 26. (y) Matth. v. 22. (%) 2 Tim. ii. 19.-John xii. 17,

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