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P. Thou, Lord, art not far from every one of us for in Thee we live and move and have our Being. M. All Things are naked and open to thy

omniscient, View, and there is no Creature that is not manifeft in thy Sight

P. Thou art a God who searchieft the Hearts, and trielt the Reins, and knowest the Thoughts of all the Childrea of Men.

M. Thou ruleft by thy Power for ever, and doest whatsoever pleaseth Thee in Hea- omnipotex ven, and on Earth, in the Sea, and in all deep Places.

P. Who is there, O Lord, in Heaven or on Earth, that can do aceording to thy Works, and according to thy Might?

MO Lord, how manifold are thy Works! molt goodand in-Wisdom haft Thou made them all: The

merciful, Earth is full of thy Goodness. Thou causeft thy Sue to shinë, and givest thy Rain from Heaven, and fruitful Seafons; Thou renewest the Face of the Earth; Thou crown-: est the Year with thy Goodness, and giveit Food to all Flesh.

P. Thou art good, and Thor doest Good; thy tenders Mercies are over all thy Works; yea, thy Goodaess, O Lord, endurėth continually.

M. O the Depth of the Riches both of thy Wisdom and Knowledge!?

P. To Thee, the only wise God, be Honor and Glory for ever and ever.

M. Thou art a God of Truth, and without
Iniquity; thy Covenant Thou wilt not break, faithful and
nor alter the Word which is gone out of thy

A Thou remembereft thy Promise unto a thousand Ge-oc:ations, and wilt not suffer thy Faithfulness. to fail 14. Wilio fhall not fear Thee, O Lord, and. I.

holy, glorine thy Name? For Thou only art holy.

P. Thou art the ever-blessed God, in whose Presence there is Fulnels of Joy, and at whole right Hand there are Pleafures for evermore.

M. Thou wilt finally judge the World with and the jaft "? Justice and Equity, and will then reward the judge of att Virtuous and Obcdient with Glory, Honor, and everlaft

ing Happiness; but wilt punish the Wicked and Disobedi ent with dreadful and unspeakable Misery. 1.

P. O that every Sinner would therefore repent, and amend this Ways; for None can deliver out of thy Hand, O God.

M. WE BLESS Thee, O Lord, for the Revelation both of thy Mercy and of thy Justice, that we may thereby learn not to offend Thee, but may serve Thee with Humility and Sincerity all our Days. But above all, BLESSED be thy Name, for thy Son Jesus Christ, through whom we have Redemption, even the Forgiveness of Sins, and the chearful Hopes of eternal Life.

P. Therefore will We bless Thee, O Lord, and magnifie thy Name; for thy Mercy is unspeakable to the Children of Men.

M. Glory be to God in the highest; on Earth Peace and Good-Will towards all Men: for of him, and through him, and to him are all Things.

P. As He ever was glorified from all Eternity, fo He is now, and ever will be glorified eternally. Amén.


Then let the Minister (after a short Pause) thus addrefs the

ET us now, my Fellow-Christians, give Thanks un-

to God for. those temporal and spiritual Mercies which we have each received at his Hands, but more especially for his great Love to Mankind in sending us a Savior from Heaven, the Lord Jesus Christ, Who, though He was the only begotten Son of God, was delivered for our Offences, and raised again from the dead, for our JuItification.

P. Thy loving Kindness, O Lord, is better than Life, therefore inall our Lips praise Thee. (PS. Ixiii. 3.)

The General THANKSGIVING, to be read by the Minister

alone, the rest either fanding or kneeling, as most approved. N. B. If Any desire to return Thanks to God for Mercies of

any kind particularly received, let their Names be now read

MOST glorious Lord God, the Author of all
Good. We thine unworthy Servants do most hum-

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bly offer unto Thee our Thanksgiving and Praises for thy gracious Favor to Us and to all Mankind: We blefs

Thee for our Creation, for thy continual Preservation of us, for the Use of our Reason and Understanding, for that Measure of Health and Strength we enjoy, and for every other Comfort or Conveniency of Life, public or personal: I*More particularly We do adore and praise Thee for thy late Mercies vouchsafed unto thy Servant (or Servants) who desires (or defire) now to offer up his (her or their) Thanks for the same in the public Afsembly.] Blessed be thy Name, O Lord, for every Instance of thy Goodness to us, especially that Thou giveft us ftill more Time to repent and amend our Lives, and haft yet Patience with us, notwithstanding our repeated Provocations. But above all, we would magnifie Thee, O God, who in Times past didst speak unto the Fathers by the Prophets, that under the Gospel Thou hast given us a more compleat Revelation of thy Will, by sending thine only Son Jesus Christ into the World, to declare to us clearly the Terms of thy Favor and Acceptance, to lead us in the Way of Righteousness and Truth, and to redeem us from all Iniquity; [who also offered Himself a Sacrifice for the Sins of the World, that All, who believe and obey Him, might receive the Forgiveness of their Iniquities, and inherit eternal Salvation.] We bless Thee for the perfect Pattern He hạth left us, of a holy unblameable Life and Conversation, that We may endeavor to imitate it: And we desire with all Thankfulness to acknowledge the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, who though He was rich, yet for our Sakes He became poor, and being found in Fashion as a Man, humbled Himself, and became obedient unto Death, even the Death of the Cross. We glorifie Thee, the God of Peace, who didît raise again from the Dead our Lord Jesus Christ, and hast appointed Him to be a Prince and a Savior, to give Repentance and Remiflion of Sins: And we finally praise Thee for the Alsurance Thou hast given us, that He, who was once offered to bear the Sins of Many, shall appear again unto them that look for Him, the second Time, without Sin unto I



* This is only to be faid, when Any defire to return Thanks for privaté Bles

fings, which as they are various, the Minister may, if He thinks This not fufficient, draw up a Form of his own more adapted to such Cafe, or read it after This

Salvation; and that by his Refurre&tion from the Dead, we have a lively Hope and Expectation of an Inheritance incorruptible and undefiled, that fadeth not away, reserved in Heaven for us. We farther blefs Thee for all the Means of Grace that we enjoy, for the Light of thy Gofpel ftill continued amongst us, and for our Deliverance from [Popery,] Superstition, and Slavery: Many a Time hath the Lord been on our Side, and rescued us, when no other Arm could save us. And we beseech Thee to give us such a grateful Sense of all thy Mercies, that our Hearts may be continually thankful, and we may shew forth thy Praise, not only with our Lips, but by living in Righteousness and true Obedience all our Days, that at length we may obtain eternal Life by Jesus Christ our Lord; to Whom, with Thee, through the Affiftance of the Holy Spirit, be all Honor and Praire, now and for ever. Amen.

P. Worthy is the Lamb that was slain, to receive Power and Riches and Wisdom and Strength and Honor and Glory and Blessing. Amen. N. B. If any of the particular Forms of Thanksgiving (in

serted after the Morning Service, pag. 42-46.) be thought necessary, let them now be read, of such other occasional

Ones as the Minister may provide. After which, While All sit down silently, let the Minister (or his Amftant,)

read a Chapter from the Old Testament for the First Lelling ás is appointed in the Table of Lessons for each Day in the Year, unless some particular Occasion should render any other Chapter seem more suitable, which is left to his Discretion to alter as He sees fit now and then.--Before reading the Chapter, let him always preface it as directed in the Morning, and conclude in like Manner : and if he thinks necessary, He may add a short Exposition or practical Improvement of the Chapter, in the manner of M. Ostervald, before recommended to be read at the End of every Lefon, as best suited to the Benefit of the poor and unlearned. Then All Branding up, fhall be said the following HYMN, except on the second, fourth, seventh, nineteenth or twenty ninth Days of :be Month, when Part of it will occur in the Hymns to be read in the course of the Month, and on these Days the One following it may better be used.

M. TT is a good Thing to give Thanks unto the Lord;

to sing Praises unto thy Name, I Thou moft High. (Pl. xcii.)

P. To Thew forth thy loving Kindness in the Morning, thy Faithfulness every Night.

M. Rejoice in the Lord, ye righteous; enter into his Courts with Praise ; be thankful unto Him, and speak good of his Name. (Ps c. 4, 5.)

P. For the Lord is good, his Mercy is exceeding great, his Crush and Faithfulness endure to all Generations,

M. Who shall abide in thy Tabernacle, O Lord? who fhalt dwell in thy holy Hill? (P), xv.)

P. He that walketh uprightly, and worketh Righteous, nefs, and fpe-keth the Truth in his Heart.

M. He that backbitech not with his Tongue, nor doeth Evil to his Neighbor, nor taketh up a Reproach against him.

P. He that hath clean Hands, and a pure Heart, who hath not lift up his Soul unto Vanity, nor sworn deceit. fully.

M. With my Soul have I desired Thec, O Lord, yea, with my Spirit within me will I seek The early. (Ijai xxvi..9.)

P. For I delight to do thy Will, yea, thy Law is within my Heart. (Pl. xl. 8 )

M. Search us, o God, and know our Hearts ; try us, and know our Thoughts ; see if there be any wicked Way in us, and lead us in the Way everlasting. (cxxxix. 23.)

P. Thou haft commanded us to keep thy Precepts dilia gently: O that our Ways were directed to keep all thy Statuies! (cxix. 4, 5.)

M. If 'Thou, Lord, shoudst mark every Iniquity, who could stand before Thee? But there is Forgiveness wiih Thee, that Thou mayeft be feared. (cxxx. 3.)

P. Teach us thy ways, O Lord, and we will walk in thy Truth: incline our Hearts to ferve Thee faithfully. (!xxxvi. 11.)

M. Say ye to the righteous, it fhall be well with ilem: for they

shall eat the Fruit of their Doings; they fhail receive the Blessing of the Lord, and Righteousness from the God of their Salvation. (Ijai. ii. 10-Pf. xxiv. 5.)

P. O how great is thy Goodness, O Lord, which Thou haft laid up for those that fear Thee !

M. But

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